Baby boomer dating statistics canada

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baby boomer dating statistics canada

their size is influenced by mortality and immigration trends between the date of Baby Boomers and Population Aging As can be observed in Figure , the baby boomers form a noticeable bulge in the population age structure of Canada. Basic Facts about Boomers and Millennials in Canada. Millennials were born between and , putting their date range between Date Published, August 7, Baby boomers caused a swelling in the demographic curve that has been constantly on the move -- likened to a rabbit.

Thus, the annual variation in the number of births can be used to define the post World War II baby boom in Canada.

baby boomer dating statistics canada

This marked the start of the baby boom period. The baby boom lasted 20 years in Canada. During that time, more than 8. In comparison, the number of births inwhen the population was twice as large as during the baby boom, was onlyThe average number of children per woman was 3. According to the Census, 9.

Besides the number of births between andthis generation has benefited from sustained immigration levels since the end of the s in Canada.

Generations in Canada

These people were aged between 46 and 65 in Figure 2. Portrait of generations, using the age pyramid, Canada, In the coming years, many of them will reach the age of 65, accelerating population aging in Canada. Parents of baby boomers to Using birth records, it is possible to identify, by birth year of mothers, the proportion of births that occurred during the baby boom period Figure 3.

Based on this demographic criterion, the parents of baby boomers generation can be defined as all individuals born during this year inter-war period. According to Census data, 3.

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The children of baby boomers generation can therefore be defined as all individuals born during this year period. According to Census data, 9.

baby boomer dating statistics canada

Baby boomers had fewer children than their parents. Fertility dropped from 3. Immigration still contributes to the increase in the size of the children of baby boomers generation, while it is less the case for the baby-boom generation.

Different cohorts among the age pyramid of the Canadian population in (Figure)

While growing up, many members of the children of baby boomers generation were influenced by changes that affected their parents. These include increases in separation and divorce rates, increases in female labour force participation, increases in institutional day care, and rapid technological change. The baby boomers — that massive bubble of people born in the two decades following the Second World War, perhaps the most important cohort for economic, technological and social development in human history — have begun the transition into old age and, inevitably, death.

baby boomer dating statistics canada

Who are the boomers? Baby boomers are the generation born in the two decades following the Second World War. Statistics Canada defines baby boomers as those born between andwhich means they currently range in age from 50 to This is the definition The Globe and Mail has used for stories in its boomer series to ensure data match the most commonly used national statistics.

baby boomer dating statistics canada

The result will be a dramatic greying of Canada's demography — one that has serious implications for the national economy, government policy and the well-being of its citizens. Without significant adjustments, we could be headed for decades of anemic economic growth, shrinking per capita incomes and eroding wealth.

Governments could face skyrocketing deficits and tough choices about what kinds of health care and social supports we can afford, as a smaller pool of taxpayers must fund the rising costs of the growing numbers of seniors. The gaps between the wealthy and poor may widen into gaping social wounds, as the adequacy of pensions and private savings are tested to their limits.


And the grey shift has already begun. As of this year, for the first time, Canada has more people over the age of 65 than under The age group that now encompasses the boomer generation — 50 to 69 — makes up 27 per cent of the population, compared with 18 per cent in that age group two decades ago.

The number of people over 65, the traditional retirement age in this country, make up 16 per cent of the population — double their proportion in Story continues below advertisement And that's set to grow much more, and quickly.

baby boomer dating statistics canada

So far, only 18 per cent of the boomer generation has reached 65; the peak of the baby boom won't reach that age for another decade. By then, more than 20 per cent of the national population will retirement-aged; by the mids, it will be closer to 25 per cent. While the baby boomers will retire with generally better health, a longer life expectancy and more wealth than any generation before them, the move of such a large population group from producers in the economy to consumers and, ultimately, dependents, will create a gaping hole in Canada's economic fabric.