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Final - 15/08/ Base of Antenna (BA). Computed using N Value AusGeoid N-Values. Status - Date. Final - 15/08/ N-Value AusGeoid DATE. VERSION AMENDMENTS. Dec Update to foreword. Copyright statement Chapter 9 – AUSGeoid09 update, example data updated, equation. Why is the epoch (or reference date) for the new GDA set at and not when the data .. What is the difference between AUSGeoid09 and AUSGeoid?.

However, with GDA becoming available from Januarythe Commonwealth, States and Territories will have access to the information needed to begin transition to GDA from that time. Jurisdictions will be undertaking extensive consultation during with a view to making a decision on when they will adopt GDA Do I have to change to GDA? Some work which is controlled by regulation, such as surveys or spatial data capture under Government contract, will be obliged to be completed based on GDA Changes to legislation, regulations, policies and contracts that enforce this requirement will be implemented after Januaryand the timeframe for these changes will be informed by consultation with relevant stakeholders and communicated well in advance of their occurrence.

Transition conditions will apply in some circumstances, and where appropriate guidelines will be developed to inform stakeholders of suggested practices. It is envisaged that the adoption of GDA as the operational datum will be primarily driven by practical considerations in relation to the changes in spatial technology and business requirements for use of this accurate location information.

Who will pay for the updates at both state and federal level? Or do I as a private business or individual have to pay a fee to access this new datum or service?

As with GDA94, there will be no cost to access this information, but some jurisdictions may ultimately charge for coordinate information provided from survey control databases for specific ground control marks, similar to the arrangements for GDA Organisations and individuals will be responsible for implementing the necessary changes to systems and practices to support the adoption of new datums.

Widespread availability of accurate positioning —a new spatial location paradigm - would have necessitated organisations and individuals undertaking training and software upgrade programs regardless of the modernisation of the national geodetic datum. How will this project be funded and over what timeline?

ausgeoid09 dating

GMIWG was formed in September to specifically address the practical aspects associated with datum modernisation, including determination of the date of adoption of GDA by Australian jurisdictions and development and delivery of the resources and information supporting the technical tools.

The majority of the cost to jurisdictions associated with the datum modernisation effort is being funded from normal operational budgets in relevant government agencies. Similarly ICSM has directed some of its general operation budget to fund aspects specifically associated with the datum modernisation initiative since The CRCSI received specific funding for investigation of the geodetic aspects associated with development of the modernised Australian and New Zealand datums under its Positioning Program.

The AUSGeoid09 model of the Australian Height Datum

Questions relating to the nature of changes required and the potential impacts Who will be affected by this change? At a technical level: All members of the spatial information community, including those who take measurements on the ground, surveyors and mappers, those who manage and deliver spatial information, distributors of spatial measurement equipment and those who are responsible for developing and updating geographic information software.

Members of this community will need to be clear about what processes are required to transform between different datums. For those that are involved in the measurement and exchange of spatial information they must ensure they know what datum spatial information has been captured on, and where appropriate, deliver and store spatial information with appropriate metadata to ensure that this knowledge is retained with the data.

At a general community level: As for many of the services available to us most members of the community who will use, and thus benefit, from GDA will probably not even be aware the update has occurred. The outcome from the change to GDA for everyone is access to the most accurate location information achievable when using their GNSS enabled devices, such as mobile phones.

The following products are available: Values supporting transformation of datasets between GDA and ITRF utilising either a plate motion model or 14 parameter similarity transformation will also be published. This information will be provided directly to the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry which is referred to by spatial software and hardware providers worldwide before incorporating transformation parameters into software and firmware. The major software developers and their Australian distributors will also be contacted directly by PCG and GMIWG representatives to alert them to the release of the defining parameters of the new Australian geocentric datum.

Differences between AUSGeoid09 and AUSGeoid2020

These measures are being taken with a view to fast—tracking the adoption of GDA into new releases of spatial software and hardware. What do I have to do and by when to be ready for the change? Members of the spatial information community should monitor the ICSM website and industry publications for updates on progress towards the adoption of GDA, and look out for opportunities for briefings on datum modernisation at industry events.

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