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Latino hip hop in the U. Cuban-American artist Mellow Man Ace was the first Latino artist to have a major bilingual single attached to his debut. Mellow Man, referred to as the "Godfather of Latin rap" and a Hip Hop Hall of Fame inductee, brought mainstream attention to Spanglish rhyming with his platinum single " Mentirosa ".


Cypress Hillof which Mellow Man Ace was a member before going solo, would become the first Latino rap group to reach platinum status in The group has since continued to release other Gold and Platinum albums.

Ecuadorian born rapper Gerardo received heavy rotation on video and radio for his single "Rico, Suave". While commercially watered-down, his album enjoyed a status of being one of the first mainstream Spanglish CDs on the market.

Johnny J was a multi-platinum songwriter, music producer, and rapper who was perhaps best known for his production on Tupac Shakur 's albums All Eyez on Me and Me Against the World. Pearl, became the first Spanish rap group signed to a major label Atlantic Records.

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The single exploded onto the underground club circuit to become an instant classic. Other Latin artists on the East Coast would follow and receive a great deal of support from Latino consumers including rappers such as Cuban Link and Immortal Technique. In Miami artists such as Don DineroA.

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Southwest and Chicano rap Latin rap as well as its subgenre of Chicano rap has thrived along the West Coast, Southwest and Midwestern states with little promotion due to the large Latino populations of those regions. More recently, Texas artists such as Chingo BlingJuan Gotti and South Park Mexican have enjoyed steady sales, and have headlined a number of successful Southwest tours.

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Schrödinger's cat in popular culture

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