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He is suffering from asthma since childhood. Singh is not the only child who has asthma. According to city-based doctors, asthma cases are on the rise among the children because of various factors like polluted environment, hereditary respiratory problems etc.

Dr Virendra Singh, director, Asthma Bhawan, said, "There is a need to identify the actual cause of asthma attack. The patient himself has to analyse what triggers asthma attack. There are blood and skin tests available which also help in identifying the factors that trigger asthma. It is a test to check body's pulmonary functions. In so far, 2, persons have undergone this test. Besides, the doctors claimed that among various factors, environmental pollution is a major cause of asthma.

Recent researches have shown that environment dust, which is high in Jaipur, also causes asthma," said Dr Adil Aziz, assistant professor medicineSawai Man Singh Hospital.

The theme of World Asthma Day, which will be observed on May 5, is 'you can control your asthma'. Doctors said the best treatment for control of asthma is inhalation therapy. I have observed that unmarried girls' parents don't prefer inhalation therapy because they think it will 'reveal' to people that their daughter is an asthmatic," Dr Aziz said.

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Proper medication is important for controlling asthma. Poor treatment could result in the death of an asthma patient," said Dr Deepak Yaduvanshi, chief consultant pulmonologist with a private hospital.

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