Ang dating daan basic beliefs of scientology

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In several ways, Ang Dating Daan (ADD) is like any other Christian church. . the Father: In our last lesson in Major Doctrines of the Faith, we will see that Christ, promise, the eternal life, through belief in Christ Jesus AND THE GOSPEL. Hinduism; Buddhism; Shintoism; Judaism; Islam; Agnosticism. Ang dating daan fundamental beliefs. Known in our website to Eli soriano of the church's beliefs and the identity of schools are interested in Apart from a. Islam · Buddhism · Hinduism Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path); Itanong Mo Kay Soriano (You Ask Soriano) due to an alleged “skirmish” with his acting school directress over a topic on religion. their non-essential doctrines like tithing and church appellations, as well as, personalities of a number of religious leaders.

Once you join the Ang Dating Daan, do not expect to improve your reasoning capacity. You will be expected to reason like a fool so that the Ang Dating Daan can play on your life. You will be expected to make statements and opinions that are utterly false and fallacious.

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Soriano and his cult incessantly pollute the minds of their followers with false reasoning-deceptively convincing their followers that those outside the cult do not have the truth and are elements from Satan. Mind control and mental illness Mind control is a prevalent practice in the Ang Dating Daan. Followers are not supposed to reason on their own.

Ang Dating Daan's (The Old Path) Humble History

You will also be expected to save as much time as possible to attend indoctrination services at the ADD Coordinating centers to listen to Soriano because the world might end soon and you might lose your salvation while engaged in worldly things. Yes, slavishly devoting their lives to a cult that cares more for their own financial gain than the mental welfare of their loyal followers is something which should enter the minds of ADD members as enforced by the Ang Dating Daan.

Hatred Hatred and religious attacks are an enforced policy in the Ang Dating Daan.

Ang dating daan basic beliefs of scientology

You will be expected to hate and loathe those who criticize or expose Soriano and the Ang Dating Daan for being false prophets. The two kinds of salvation that Jesus will do: Moses was also sent by the Father to become an instrument of salvation and savior to the Israelites Acts 7: The pillar and the ground of the truth. He is judged by God according to his conscience. It is difficult to document every doctrine that Soriano holds because they usually do not put everything into writing.

Doctrinal teachings of Soriano may vary from worker to worker. According to one Filipino pastor and author, Soriano is in the process of constructing his doctrine.

His beliefs are yet to be develop in the future. May I ask you something? From my many years of experience, a number of cultist tend to lend a listening ear when I tell them that I usually encounters inconsistencies in their groups doctrines when it does not square with the teachings of the Bible. This becomes my springboard to an open discussion. If possible, have someone intercede for you while you discuss with them or you can pray and listen at the same time while they are talking so the Holy Spirit would move on your behalf.

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