Ang dating daan 34 years young

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ang dating daan 34 years young

Eli Soriano and his three-decade religious show Ang Dating Daan(The Old Path) made Eli and a slew of talented young artists like Julie Anne San Jose, Kathryn MCGI Celebrates Ang Dating Daan's 31 Years in Broadcast Eli Soriano and ' Ang Dating Daan' Honored in 34th Dangal ng Bayan Awards. Ang Dating Daan's 34th Anniversary in New York: A Celebration of Good Works Dating Daan (The Old Path) celebrated the program's 34th year anniversary Youth ministry members of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) in. Eli Soriano's award-winning religious program continuously inspires a lot Throughout 36 years of broadcasting, the radio-TV religious program Ang Dating Daan Young as I was, I felt how blinded my soul was and how I was on the . Ang Dating Daan's 34th Anniversary: An example to a peaceful and.

At around 8 p. And after a day of airplane food, I devoured a plate of a home cooked meal prepared with love by our dear Bro.

Cooked and eaten with love. April ] After a few hours of meeting and greeting brethren of various nationalities, we were transported to our hotel rooms to rest.

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With smiles on our tired faces, we slept for the night. Chorale members from different countries met and practiced their songs, while the ever energetic Teatro Kristiano members, the Christian dance troupe of the Church, practiced their choreography nearby.

Ang Dating Daan Worldwide Bible Exposition (November 9, 2018 - 1st Batch)

April ] Meanwhile, an adorable Brazilian Teatro Kristiano member practiced his steps alone. Unfazed by the passers-by, the young Teatro Kristiano prodigy kept on with his choreography.

The small Brazilian dancer, now dressed in all white, danced with his fellow Teatro Kristiano brothers and sisters, to the delight of audiences. In my mind, I thanked God for this boy and his parents — I thanked God for their dedication and effort.

ang dating daan 34 years young

I thanked God for the humbling inspiration. April ] The brethren then sang trilingual songs of praise to God, often pausing to clap their hands after a song has ended, to show their appreciation for such hymns that give joy as well as spiritual reminders. The opening prayer was rendered in three languages, and was then succeeded by a very memorable topic. Simultaneously, the Filipino-based topic was translated to Portuguese and Spanish.

Daniel Razon and Bro.

Ang Dating Daan: 36 Years of Changing Lives | The Good News PH

The brethren need not wonder if the topic was clearly understood by all — joyful cheering and clapping can be heard almost at the same time, from the Filipino, Spanish and Portuguese delegates in attendance. A few hours more and the first day of the International Thanksgiving was about to begin. Then there came a time that I heard Bro. The path I was walking on was a road of confusion. Young as I was, I felt how blinded my soul was and how I was on the verge of totally ruining my life.

ang dating daan 34 years young

It was almost a stale mate. It was almost reaching a point of no return. Then in the midst of drowning in a dark pit, mercy was bestowed upon. There was light beyond the horizon.

Ang Dating Daan

I never thought it will be a guiding force that will change my life forever. That was when I met Bro. Or, he might be one of those who laugh with no reason after sniffing fumes of prohibited drugs.

Merriment is no exception. Houses of whores in Tondo sprout like mushrooms on fertile soil.

ang dating daan 34 years young

Every corner has not less than two beer houses where my uncle and his friends go when drinking beer is not enough to make them happy. Vices are at every corner.

ang dating daan 34 years young

Anywhere one turns to, temptation can overrule. Without the values inculcated in my mind from constantly listening to Bro.

ang dating daan 34 years young

Eli, I would have been lured to these filthy temptations — earthly temptations that bring nothing but spiritual sorrow. To entertain myself, I turned on the radio. There, at that moment, was my first time to hear Bro. While I was listening to Bro. I was doing it simultaneously. My two senses were taking different drugs at the same time: My nose was inhaling the shabu smoke, while my ears were tuned to the words of God in the Bible.

I continued on listening to Bro. Eli for quite a time.