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The Members Church of God International's (MCGI) will take part in celebrating its flagship radio-television broadcast Ang Dating Daan's A website banner for the ADD 31st Anniversary in celebration of 31 years and attacked inconsistencies in the doctrines of other religious groups. Ang Dating Daan's 34th Anniversary: A Global Celebration of Good Works. Eli Soriano's award-winning religious program continuously inspires a “With the teachings of Bro Eli, thanks be to God, great changes came into my life. Ang Dating Daan's 34th Anniversary: An example to a peaceful and.

Vices are at every corner. Anywhere one turns to, temptation can overrule. Without the values inculcated in my mind from constantly listening to Bro. Eli, I would have been lured to these filthy temptations — earthly temptations that bring nothing but spiritual sorrow. To entertain myself, I turned on the radio. There, at that moment, was my first time to hear Bro. While I was listening to Bro. I was doing it simultaneously.

My two senses were taking different drugs at the same time: My nose was inhaling the shabu smoke, while my ears were tuned to the words of God in the Bible. I continued on listening to Bro. Eli for quite a time. I kept tuning in to his program in the radio as I always longed for his voice. One day, I found myself more addicted to what Bro.

Eli, I was more addicted now to the teachings in the Bible. Listening to this preacher made me realize that I should change.

Members not living in accordance with the church's teachings may be excommunicated, or expelled, from the Church. Women are prohibited from cutting their hair and wearing expensive jewelry and denim pantsand men are prohibited from having long hair.

They are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, using drugs, and gambling. Worship and church gatherings The congregation meets at least three sessions each week.

Meetings are held at MCGI convention centers and monitoring centers, which are typically functional in character, and do not contain religious symbols except for the church logo and reminders for non-members that are prominently displayed. Gatherings are opened and closed with congregational singing of hymns led by the choir and brief prayers. Brethren kneel in prayer while guests are free to stay in their seats. Ina Bible-reading segment was added where a chapter or two of the Bible is being read.

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Meetings are devoted to the study of a Biblical topic, divided in portions, and will be continued in succeeding meetings. The prayer meeting has the same format with the worship service except that there are no voluntary contributions during prayer meetings.

Brethren who have prepared themselves to offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving will be singing songs of praises live on stage at the ADD Convention Center or at the nearest local church. A Biblical topic will be delivered in full by the Overall Servants followed by a consultation period during food breaks.

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It has a similar format with the weekly thanksgiving except it allows more time for the Biblical topic and the consultation. Other structures inside the compound include the baptistry, administration office, museum, transient home, orphanages, mini-hospital, dormitories for church officers and volunteers, houses for church ministers and workers and school buildings of La Verdad Christian College. MCGI has established more than a 1, local congregations. It is where the brethren meet to attend church gatherings and host indoctrination sessions.

Most of the sites are rented spaces in urban and rural communities in the Philippines and abroad. Equipped with C-band satellite dish antenna and high-speed broadband connection, these sites are able to receive real-time broadcast feeds emanating from the headquarters.

Assigned church workers and officers oversee activities at the locale and receive queries regarding membership in the church. However, the truth they imply is not the truth of the Bible-but the fabricated and false teachings of Soriano. You be expected to be part of a fabricated world of the ADD-which is not a world of reality but a world of deception and stupidity. You will be expected to avoid social life with your non-ADD friends, you will not be expected to participate in worldly things like Christmas, you will not be expected to purse higher education, you will not be expected to booze, attend a picnic, or even other pleasures of life.

Soriano is a deceptive business man using religion to enrich himself. One of the tricks he uses is the stance against tithes. Ignorant of the fact that Soriano uses this humble approach to amass wealth, his followers give him money on a large scale. You will be expected to offer money for the various contribution schemes in the cult.

Ang Dating Daan: 36 Years of Changing Lives

These schemes are the clever business mechanisms the Ang Dating Daan uses to fleeces loyal followers of their hard earned cash. In short, Soriano is a serial thug. Questions to ponder Now that you are conscious about what to expect from joining the Ang Dating Daan, what is your idea?