25 days of christmas dating divas 12

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25 days of christmas dating divas 12

I then sat down and numbered a piece of paper from to represent the 25 days in December leading up to Christmas and went to town. Then I thought that since "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is such a. of Christmas Countdown for your Sweetheart | The Dating Divas | Bloglovin' Christmas. for him or her? Our free 12 Sexy Days of Christmas Coupons printables are just the thing! 12 Days of Sexy Christmas | The Dating Divas Christmas Ideas For Wife, 12 Days The Spouse Christmas Countdown - 25 days of printables!.

Personalize your gifts to his personality Thang loves to tell corny jokes. Anyway, last year, on the 7th day, I gave him a card with seven new jokes to add to his repertoire.

That photo is on his desk today. On another gift, I bought a small recorder from Build-A-Bear, the kind meant to go inside a bear and recorded about 15 seconds of our favorite old song.

25 days of christmas dating divas 12

I put a note detailing the memory of this song for me. He tells me this one of his favorite gifts. Seven new jokes for his repertoire of jokes for Day 7. Activities are a great way to build on the spirit of the season. Plan an evening cruising the neighborhoods in your area to enjoy the Christmas decorations or, my favorite, plan for a cozy picnic beside your Christmas tree.

I turn the lights low, spread blankets and pillows on the floor by our tree, make his favorite picnic foods and enjoy! Another activity to get us moving we are in our 50s and exercise is important at this stage is planning a walk together.

Whether we walk down to our local downtown or a walk around the beach his favoritewe both enjoy spending this time focused on just us. By setting aside time like this, we put it on our calendar like any other plan, and away we go. I will usually correspond this to the number of the day. One year, I scouted out a four-mile route on Day Four, for example.

Another year, I planned a movie date for Furious 7 on Day 7. I purposely chose a movie that he wanted to see since this was supposed to be his gift. Any activity that you both enjoy can be turned into a date for this gift.

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Finding time for activities can be difficult so there are short activity ideas that promote intimacy between you and your partner that can take just a few minutes out of your schedules. Ideas in this area have included nine minutes of dancing to our favorite music or six minutes under the mistletoe.

These are short interludes, which give you two an opportunity to connect. All kinds of token gifts can be inexpensive that will help you fill in your 12 days. You can pair these with small, quick notes that are cute and convey your affection. Give the gift of giving A couple of times, I have set us up to do a service type of activity.

The possibilities are endless. The title of each memory is written on the front and then the details of the memory were typed on the back. Make it meaningful Last year, for the 12th day, I wrote up 12 memories in commemoration our 38 Christmases together counting from when we first started dating.

Twelve Days of Christmas for Hubby

Presentation You can present these Days any way you like. As I noted before, for our first year, I just hung a ribbon on the wall in his office at home and used clothespins to attach the love notes. Ah… I see that I caught your attention! Hold on a sec, before we get started, Kristyn asked that I answer a few questions for all of you.

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That is SO easy! I love everything about it! One of the neatest things my family did every Christmas Eve was gather around the Christmas tree and we would either act out the Christmas Story or my dad would read it to us out of the Bible. Oh no, they were ornaments that represented an accomplishment that you had achieved that year.

In fact, my mom actually found a few ornament companies that specialized in creating original ornaments — those were some of my favorites! My senior year in high school, I was involved in a LOT at school. It was a cute little bear standing in front of a podium with a mike on it. There was something to represent each activity I was into that year! After all the kids opened our ornaments, we would place them on the tree and sing a few Christmas songs. You can imagine what that tree looked like after a few years!

Gosh, that question is WAY too hard! I am more of a sentimental person. I would rather receive a hand-written love note from my sweetheart than a diamond necklace. I know, I know, call me crazy! I would have to say it was the last homemade card my sweetheart gave me. I still have it in our Master bathroom where I can see it when I get ready in the mornings. Twenty-five days of L. They are pretty cheap and you can purchase them anywhere — I got mine at Walmart.

I then sat down, numbered a piece of paper from to represent the 25 days in December leading up to Christmas and went to town planning my countdown!

Next to each number I wrote one of three things: Also — HE might secretly be planning fun things for you, so make sure to keep some of your weekend nights open. Yep, I was crazy… in love! I know, I know….

25 days of christmas dating divas 12