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past their evolutionary "sell-by date," legitimate targets for genocide or slavery. first teacher Colenso employed at his school at Ekukhanyeni, Walter Baugh. Check Full Background Report to see Walter's social media activity. This may contain online profiles, dating websites, forgotten social media accounts, and other. Results 1 - 20 of All Family Trees results for W L Baugh Walter L Baugh. Birth. Walter Baugh. Birth date date year city, Wilson, Tennessee, USA.

The right type of clay was important and that from the Liguanea Plains was ideal. He was about 25 years old in when an incident occurred bringing a new dimension to his work and changing the face of ceramics in this country.

Not wanting the temperature to drop he quickly grabbed the nearest thing he could find to cover it.

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It was a sheet of copper. As the copper became increasingly hot, he saw a flame coming from it. It was not orange-red as he was used to, but turquoise. As it licked at the night Cecil Baugh thought it was the prettiest colour he had ever seen, and he thought about capturing that colour in his work.

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Having no formal education in chemistry he quite often did not get the colours he tried for, but whatever came out was new to Jamaicans and he sold all he could make. He kept in close touch with his art, but because of World War II, work in ceramics was at a minimum. He claimed that in his Division was sent to Cairo and it was there that he saw the Persian Blue, a colour quite similar to what he had got using copper oxide and glass in Jamaica. He was greatly encouraged.

Cecil wanted to know everything there was to know about ceramics to enhance his teaching skills upon returning to Jamaica. When he returned to Jamaica in he was not satisfied with the extent of his knowledge. He wanted to return to England to study under the most respected figure in ceramics in the Western world, Bernard Leach, however, no scholarships were available and when contacted, Leach said he had no time for beginners.

So I asked Mr. Later I felt like a robber when I found out what Cliff Battles and some of those other good players were making.

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During the game, Baugh suffered a concussion while tackling Bears quarterback Sid Luckman and had to leave. The one-point margin of victory came under scrutiny because of a safety that occurred early in the game. In the first quarter, the Redskins had the ball at their own 5-yard line. Dropping back into the end zoneBaugh threw to an open receiver, but the ball hit the goal post which at the time was on the goal line instead of at the back of the end zone and bounced back to the ground in the end zone.

Under the rules at the time, this was ruled as a safety and thus gave the Rams a 2—0 lead. It was that safety that proved to be the margin of victory.

Owner Marshall was so angry at the outcome that he became a major force in passing the following major rule change after the season: A forward pass that strikes the goal posts is automatically ruled incomplete. He could not only throw the ball, he could play defense, he could punt the football, he ran it when he had to. He and I roomed together, and he was a football man. He knew football, played it, and everybody had a lot of confidence in him.

That day, the Washington D. Touchdown Club honored him at Griffith Stadium and gave him a station wagon.

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He then retired after the season. He completed 1, of 2, passes for 21, yards. He is considered one of the all-time great football players.