Tv stories about prison inmates and dating sites

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tv stories about prison inmates and dating sites

Ear Hustle: an incredible podcast from San Quentin prison's inmates “You got all these TV shows, like Prison Break, Orange Is the New Black. and, in a discussion about finding the perfect cellie, she compares it to dating. and often witty insight into prison life, and tells stories without preaching. The official site of the SHOWTIME Original Series Escape At Dannemora. Globe Award: Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Limited Series The prisoners were aided in their escape by a married female prison date of birth. Couples finally meet their fiancé upon prison release. Will their love survive after lockup on the rocky road to the altar?.

In present-day San Francisco, the "63s" as the missing inmates and guards are called begin returning, one by one. Strangely, they have not aged at all, and they have no clues about their missing time or their whereabouts during their missing years; however, they appear to be returning with compulsions to find certain objects and to continue their criminal habits. Even more strangely, the government has been expecting their return, and Hauser now runs a secret government unit dedicated to finding the returning prisoners; this unit was set up long ago in anticipation of the prisoners' returns.

The cellblock at this unit has the same configuration as Alcatraz' distinctive two-level layout.

tv stories about prison inmates and dating sites

To help track down the returning prisoners and capture them, Hauser enlists police detective Rebecca Madsen Sarah Jones and Dr. Diego Soto Jorge Garciaa published expert on the history of Alcatraz and its inmates. All the prisoners were transferred off the island.

tv stories about prison inmates and dating sites

Only, that's not what happened. She was raised by her great-uncle — a former Alcatraz guard and, later, cop — after the death of her parents, occasionally helping him look over his case files as she was growing up and offering useful insight into his cases, inspiring her own career.

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Jorge Garcia as Dr. He claims that he received the PhDs to satisfy his parents, subsequently deliberately disgracing himself in the industry by writing a crime evaluation report using Gotham City as his example so that he could open the store.

He went through an unspecified traumatic experience at age eleven involving being abducted, which affected him deeply. Although he lacks field training, Doc's detailed knowledge of the missing Alcatraz prisoners has proven invaluable in helping the task force identify and track the returning inmates. Sam Neill as Emerson Hauser, an FBI agent and former police officer who arrived on the dock at Alcatraz to find the prisoners gone in Currently heads the Alcatraz Task Force.

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Although his priority is generally to capture and contain the inmates to find out where they went and why they are coming back, he has shown that he is willing to put innocent lives over the lives of the inmates when the situation directly requires him to make a choice.

He studied Philosophy at Yale University before he began working at Alcatraz. Parminder Nagra as Dr. Inshe was known as Dr. Sucre develops a friendship with Michael during time at Fox River State Penitentiary, where he was his cell-mate.

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Upon receiving the pilot script, Nolasco's first thought was that it was "one of those failed pilots that the network did not really want" since most of the series pilots would have started production by that time. Admitting that he does not like to read, Nolasco was amazed that the script was a "huge page-turner".

Prior to his last audition for the role, Nolasco recalled his nervousness, which grew when Paul Scheuring told him that he was their favorite choice. Subsequently, he was cast in the role. He is forced into hiding after he becomes the target of the people who want Lincoln dead. Wade Williams as Brad Bellick seasons 1—4: Bellick is introduced as the captain of Fox River's correctional officers.

After reading the pilot script, Williams initially did not want to portray the role of Bellick because the character was "horrible and despicable". His reluctance stemmed from being the father of a four-year-old daughter. However, his manager persuaded him to audition for the role and Williams landed the role of Bellick.

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She takes a liking to Michael and eventually aids his escape. She ultimately joins them on the run. Callies was the first actress the producers saw at the audition for the role of Sara Tancredi and was also the first to become a principal cast member. Kellerman was introduced as a Secret Service agent working for the Vice President to make sure that the execution of Lincoln Burrows goes smoothly.

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He appears as a major character in the first and second seasons. T-Bag appears in all five seasons of the series as a cunning, violent, and manipulative psychopath, consistently underestimated by those around him. T-Bag will stop at nothing to get what he wants and lets nothing stand in his way. He appears in the series as a major character in the first and second seasons.

William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone seasons 2—4: Introduced as an FBI agent in the second season, Mahone's assignment was to locate the fugitives. Mahone is intellectually matched with Michael and his background unfolds as the series progresses. In the third season he finds himself incarcerated with Michael in Sona and is eventually forced to become his ally through the fourth season.

tv stories about prison inmates and dating sites

Chris Vance as James Whistler seasons 3—4: Whistler is incarcerated in Sona for the murder of the Mayor's son and appears as a major character in the third season. He also stars in the first episode of the fourth season. Robert Wisdom as Norman "Lechero" St. Appearing as a major character in the third season, Lechero is a prisoner at Sona who rules the prison as a dictator and a Panamanian drug kingpin.

Danay Garcia as Sofia Lugo seasons 3—4: Sofia was introduced in the third season as Whistler's girlfriend. At the beginning of the fourth season, she begins dating Lincoln Burrows. Introduced as "Susan B. Anthony", Gretchen is an operative for The Company who is in charge of ensuring the escape of James Whistler.

Michael Rapaport as Donald Self season 4: Introduced in the fourth season, Self is a Department of Homeland Security special agent who teams up with the gang to take down The Company. Mark Feuerstein as Jacob Anton Ness season 5: Sara's husband in season 5. He is an economics professor. Inbar Lavi as Sheba season 5: Augustus Prew as David "Whip" Martin season 5: Michael's cellmate and partner in the fifth season, as well as T-Bag's illegitimate son.