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sailing singles dating sites

A solo sailor will sail alone either because they like it that way or they have little I love sailing, swimming, snorkeling and traveling the seas to distant places. “ Ok I will just get my own boat as I have had no luck here, (Single Singles. The Best Online Sailor Dating site and Singles Social Network for Sailors world wide. Be sure to check us out for all your crew searches, tips and advive and. Sailing club for singles and sailors on the Chesapeake Bay. SOS Instagragram Page · SOS Meetup Site. Singles On Sailboats Inc. • P.O. Box • Annapolis.

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My goal is to live on the sea and get off this crowded land. But just didn't connect. But who and where???

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That's the eternal question, ha ha ha My roommate said she would go with me. So that's the plan. I figure we will meet people along the way on our journey.


I am not waiting either. Too many places to go things to do and people to see!!! They ask me why you want to do that! This is what I tell them: No more lawn maintenance, you can leave and take your house and belongings with you when your sick of your neighbours, no more knocks on the door at 3am to "crash" at your pad, no traffic jamsstop lights etc; You get to see places you would never otherwise see unless you sailed.

Then they look at me and ask" So when are you getting that sailboat and when are we leaving"!

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Most guys I know like the idea. And yes it is hard to find that certain someone, but they do exist! Most people can't take off because of their job or kids etc; I am going to be retired by the end of the year. So you never know!

sailing singles dating sites

And here I am in one of the most beautiful sailing grounds on the planet, and where was I today, out solo sailing. I did not feel like asking around!

sailing singles dating sites

Wanted to go on my terms For the time I wanted, wanted to have some quiet time! But in spite of all of that it would be the icing on the cake to have a compatible partner to sail with! With one thing on their minds I often meet the guys with yachts who want someone to sail on theirs Are we all getting too fussy? What are some comments and experiences? It is really is hard to crew up as they are always full. And I co-own a sailboat with my husband. Our first sailboat was a MacGregor 27 that was moored in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, about a twenty-minute drive from our home in Newport.

That boat was Still, we were besotted. Both of us loved spending summer nights on that sailboat, listening to fish jump and watching bioluminescent jellyfish float through the tiny cove. It was like a little haven, a space for us to get away from our jobs, our families, our responsibilities. The solitude that it offered felt special, for the most part; but sometimes, it felt like isolation. It was just me, Garrett, and a boat.

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When we moved to San Francisco, we started asking our non-sailing friends if they knew any sailors. Let me connect you. A week later, Garrett was sailing crew for Marc on a sailboat for the Blue Water Foundationa non-profit organization that gets Bay Area kids on the water.

What he lacked in skill he made up for in strength, smarts, and the willingness to help. His name is Nick. Nick connected us to people like Artem, who we temporarily went in on a Ranger 27 with, until we found our own boat a few months later.

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All of the sudden, before we even had our own sailboat, we had a sailing community. And then something wonderfully unexpected started to happen: We were connecting with other Rafiki 35 owners by email and Facebook, with traveling sailors through Instagram.

sailing singles dating sites

We found a cluster of Facebook groups to further connect with people on common threads. Until a few years ago, I felt as though sailing was reserved for the few who were born into it, could afford it, or both.

sailing singles dating sites

So much of that is owed to the movement of sailors getting online and sharing their experiences through pictures, videos, and blogs. This social revolution has rendered the sport inclusive of all types of people from all types of backgrounds, and I hope it never stops. Join a sailing crew pool for the race season.