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Gilles and Poirier roar back from sixth place to win bronze at Skate Canada

Ice dancers Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier represent Canada. Gilles was Join Date : Nov ; Posts: 6,; Country: Poland. 4 Not allowed!. Piper Gilles is a spunky, style savvy skater who with her handsome partner Paul Poirier is intent on wowing the judges at Canadian figure. Date of birth: , Piper GILLES CAN. Place of birth: Rockford USA. Height: cm. Home town: Toronto, ON. Profession: athlete.

The short dance last season was interesting in that the entire program was choreographed while I was off the ice. Usually, during choreography, Piper and I try things out to see how they feel, but we did not have that luxury this year. I think what was key for us last season is that for both programs we spent a lot of time working on acting, style, and the characters, since that was all we could do while I was injured. Because of this I feel like we gained valuable insight into how important these aspects of the program are.

It is something we will continue to focus on in upcoming seasons. What does he bring to your dancing? Chris has this amazing ability to know exactly what kind of character he would like to see when he hears a certain type of music, so, the last couple times we have come to work with him, he has really been trying to play up the character aspect.

We have worked with Christopher in the past, and it is a process we enjoy.

Gilles and Poirier roar back from sixth place to win bronze at Skate Canada

As I said earlier, it is always best to have as many different visions as possible. Chris keeps us interested and very challenged by introducing to movements and styles that we are perhaps less familiar with, as well as providing another critical eye to all the programs we perform. Last season he choreographed a new exhibition number for us. We would like to keep him on our team in the coming years. How was this season for you?

You seem to have started it pretty well, with a fifth and a sixth place at the Grand Prix Events you attended NHK Trophy and Rostelecom Cupbut then failed to be named into the Canadian Olympic team, being fourth at the Canadian Nationals; and only a few weeks later, you won silver at Four Continents… Piper: This past season was an up and down roller coaster kind of a year.

With Paul breaking his ankle last May, it really set our training back. Luckily, we already had our free dance done, but that left us choreographing our short dance with Paul on the side lines, watching as our coach Juris skated with me and choreographed it. He was able to put his skate on at the beginning of August, but was only able to do 5 minutes at a time. As the weeks began to pass, he slowly was able to do a little more and a little more, until we were able to start doing some program stuff.

We were so proud of ourselves at how much we had overcome, but we still felt like we were behind.

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The rest of the season we really felt like we were playing catch up with all of the other teams. As for the Worlds, we really showed how much we could improve with the little extra training time we had on not making the Olympic team. It was a thrilling experience to be in the top 10 at Worlds and knowing that we jumped 10 places from our 18th place finish from the last year was a huge accomplishment and we could not be more proud.

This season was, to simply put it, a roller coaster. The Grand Prix did not go as we would have wished given the expectations we gave ourselves at the beginning of the seasonbut considering our circumstances, and having only trained the programs for about a month, we were fairly pleased with how the events turned out. After the Grand Prix, we had our first good bout of training, as well as some feedback, which we could use to help us improve. We knew all our competitors had a head start.

Once we got to Canadians, it was most certainly a devastating result.

2017 Worlds Dance SD Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier Oh What A Night For Dancing, Disco Inferno

But again, given the circumstances, we had to be content with showing two very strong performances without mistakes. The programs were still slow and tentative. How could they not be? The turn-around to Four Continents was quick, and a blessing, since we had no time to dwell on our defeat.

We were exhausted so was everyone and I remember being so grateful for the intense practice leading up to Canadians and the muscle memory it had provided me with. The Olympics were constantly in all forms of media, a persistent reminder of failure.

Unionville's Poirier, partner Piper dance on for date in South Korea

However, we also knew that we might be competing at Worlds. We did the kind of work we normally would have done in the fall in a normal season, reassessing the programs, tweaking bits here and there to increase speed, flow, quality. It was the first chance we had to do so last season. In retrospect, not being in Sochi was a sort of blessing. Worlds were the first event last season we truly felt on top of our programs. We will still keep our difficult and innovative lifts, but we are definitely trying to grow our relationship between one another.

We have not finalized music choices yet for this year. I can tell you at this point in time that the free this year will be very different: What about the Paso Doble for the short program?

Does it suit you — or you have to try harder in order to appropriate it, to make it yours? So far, our Paso already seems to be very strong. The Paso Doble will be a challenge in that it requires a very strong presence from both the male and the female, something on which we are still working. On the other hand, our power and dynamic skating lends itself much better to the Paso than other softer dances such as a waltz, so we will have an advantage there.

On top of this, we do not necessarily need to perform a Paso Doble for our SD, but we can choose from a variety of Spanish dances such as flamenco, fandango etc.

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It gives us a lot of options and we can choose based on what suits us best. Pipper Gilles wears Sam Edelman booties, a red skirt and camouflage shirt from Zara, and Betsey Johnson heart-shaped earrings.

Jeanne Beker photo Piper, who turned 21 this week, now resides in Toronto, but grew up in Colorado, going to competitions, and enjoying the art of dressing up. Nowadays, she manages to squeeze her beloved shopping trips into an ultra hectic, intense training schedule, which includes 30 hours a week on the ice and about 7 hours off ice, doing cardio and Pilates. Article Continued Below The dynamic Gilles and Poirier, the Canadian Ice Dance bronze medallists, both understand how the right costumes can give you confidence on the ice.

She adores accessories from Swarovski, L. When it comes to makeup, she swears by M. Gilles also confides that she fantasizes about one day buying a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutin pumps. After all, for skaters, it is often about the footwear. You never know what international podium they could end up on. I defiantly believe there should be a good balance between style and comfort but if I had to choice one is would be Style Style Icon?