Dsq 40 online dating sites

dsq 40 online dating sites

Mature singles who aren't finding much luck when it comes to traditional dating try online dating and what they discover is incredible. Meet your soulmate on one of these top online dating websites. Although commonly used, the DSQ has not been validated in early adolescent populations. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Participants completed the Greek version of DSQ, adapted for use by . Up to date, the concept dominates mainly in psychopathology and.

Dsq 40 online dating

Given that previous research has confirmed that defense mechanisms are associated with individual characteristics and psychological adjustment, perceived parenting as well as experiences with bullying and victimization and perceived psychological well being, these constructs have also been used in the present study to investigate the convergent and divergent validity of the DSQ.

Fonagy links defensive patterns of behavior with bullying, making links to attachment theory and Youell fits bullying into the psychological account of splitting and projection.

dsq 40 online dating sites

Lastly, studies have linked immature defense mechanisms with the development of various psychological difficulties such as anxiety and depression Blaya et al.

The shortage of studies using the DSQ in early adolescents indicate the need for further exploration of the appropriateness of the use of DSQ for this age group Cramer, However, no study has explored the psychometric properties of the DSQ in younger populations i.

The aim of the present study is to explore a the factorial structure of DSQ b to identify the internal consistency of the factors sub-scales emerged from the exploration of the factor structure of the questionnaire, as well as its convergent validity and c to test whether the defensive styles emerged from the factor analysis could differentiate individuals according to their gender and age as well as to the extent they get involved in bullying and victimization and the level of their self-reported well-being.

Method Participants Two hundred and sixty-five children and early adolescents took part in this study, of which The sample includes The students come from different schools of Athens, Crete and Ioannina, Greece.

DSQ comprises of 40 items in a 9-point Likert format that derive scores for 20 defense mechanisms, two items for each.

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These mechanisms are organized in four sub-factors Immature, Mature, Image-distorting and Neuroticoften referred to as defense styles. Scores for defense mechanisms and defense styles are formed by averaging the ratings for relevant items.

Higher scores in these scales indicate higher perceived parental acceptance. Victimization of Self VS e.

dsq 40 online dating sites

In the present study internal consistency estimates for individual subscales were: The Psychological Well-Being scale PWB consists of eight items describing important aspects of human functioning ranging from positive relationships, to feelings of competence, to having meaning and purpose in life. High scores signify that respondents view themselves in very positive terms in diverse areas of functioning.

Issues of anonymity and confidentiality were particularly highlighted, along with the voluntary participation in the study.

dsq 40 online dating sites

Permission to conduct the research was granted by the Greek Ministry of Education. There was no payment or other incentive to participate in the study.

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After the completion of the questionnaires, children were debriefed and thanked for their participation. The data were collected during the spring semester.

dsq 40 online dating sites

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dsq 40 online dating sites