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wod index devotions for dating

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They seek to do everything they can to enjoy themselves during their shortening Requiems, with some even committing suicide by sunlight - just to see how it feels. The ultra-elite royal family of the Invictus, around whom the entire covenant is situated to protect. Luckily, they never ask for much that couldn't already be provided, because there's only seven of them and they could be wiped out in the span of a single night if the Invictus really felt like it.

Vampire Perfumers who can use scent as a medium for their vampire powers. A rare bloodline from Eastern Europe. Known as the Gluttons because of their curse of needing unnaturally large amounts of vitae to sate their thirst, and notorious for their strange behavior and love of using "hauntings" to terrify mortals.

A homage to the Toreador clan of the previous game. Arrogantly fashionable, this bloodline takes the clan's hedonism and narcissism Up to Eleven. Two different bloodlines of emotion manipulators; California Xiao are sociopathic cult leaders who siphon the emotions of others, while Tianpan Xiao are overly emotional psychos who inspire wild mood swings in others.

Gangrel The Savages Nicknamed Savages by the others and stereotyped as barbaric and stupidbut in their own way more noble than any other clan, meaning they are probably the nicest vampires around. You should note, however, that taking their niceness for granted is not a very wise decision since they are just as likely as any vampire to turn evil, have an intense connection with the Beastvery sharp claws and go berserk with little hesitation.

They loathe the weak of mindbut value those with a strong sense of survival. In Mexico, indigenous Gangrel were cousins of and allied with actual Werewolves a Shout-Out to the clan's inspiration in Masquerade ; they were also proud warriors and law enforcers, furthering the good guy thing. This clan invokes the vampire archetype of "the vampire as a predator". Protean can grant them the ability to grow claws in both editions. In the original version, they were so sharp, in fact, they could cut through a vampire, inflicting Aggravated damages.

The Blood and Smoke variant is slightly less powerful, inflicting merely lethal instead, but is accessible sooner and can be upgraded to Aggravated with the proper merit this lethal damage is also not downgraded to bashing, as vampires normally do. Another part of Protean. They can take the form of almost any animal, but wolves and bats are the most common.

Animalism, one of their core disciplines. Gangrel are by far the most bestial of the Clans, and Protean allows them to assume both the shape of an animal and a half beast half human form. They are closer to the Beast than any other Clan and this proximity clouds their intellect and makes them more feral.

However they compensate this with wisdom and insight. Averted as of Blood and Smoke — their new weakness is a Hair-Trigger Temper that doesn't actually affect their reasoning abilities, and it's mentioned in the book they can actually be intellectual as much as the others one of the sample Gangrel of the book is a businessman.

wod index devotions for dating

Red and brown, according to the Florentine Kindred dress code. Probably a nod to their beastly streak and earthy personalities. To the Mexican Kindred it's yellow. Animalism allows them to possess animals. Played with; they are stereotyped as this in vampire society due to being the most animalistic and feral of the vampires, as well as being the best-fitted for fighting, making them ideal thugs.

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While this had some basis in 1E, where they were indeed Book Dumbeven then there were plenty of Gangrel who were smart and cunning.

Completely subverted in 2E, where they no longer even have the Book Dumb aspect, and it's actually quite possible to see them in high positions. The Red Surrender, when they loose their grip on Humanity and give in to the whims of the Beastfeels really good. The Defiance, a rumored process that allows Savages to shackle the beast such that they can never touch the Red Surrender again, also allows them to be intellectual and empathetic and in general more humane.

And it feels awful, like denying part of who you are.

wod index devotions for dating

Quite possible with the Blood and Smoke revisions. And not regarded as strange at all, there are predators and survivors who work with their wits. They have little interest in human needs or morality, and almost no compassion, when they are under Red Surrender.

Protean's entire hat is that it allows them to let the Beast warp their body in a variety of ways. In particular, they can use it to grow wings and turn their hands into hooks. The clan as a whole but specially the Mexican Gangrel.

wod index devotions for dating

Their signature DisciplineProtean, grants them the ability to shapeshift into animalsassume a Beast Man form and turn into mist. They can speak to animals thanks to Animalism. Theoretically speaking, thanks to Resilence. Less so than Ventrue, though, as Protean gives them plenty of ways to tear their opponents apart with their bare hands, so they hardly are low on attack.

Another part of Protean is the Gaseous Form power. They have an affinity for Resilience, so they tend to be particularly tough to kill. This Is Your Brain on Evil: Once again the Red Surrender. Totally Not a Werewolf: Despite having beast-like features and the ability to shapeshift into various animals, including wolves, Gangrel are a separate species from Werewolves and other shapeshifters. They are typically the vampires who stay the most in touch with their Beast, and because of this the most animalistic ones.

Gamblers with the power to manipulate chance. The members of this bloodline style themselves as Magnificent Bastards or as lucky simple souls, while Kindred society treat them all as Jerk Sues who are dependant on their supernatural power of cheating to achieve success.

Devotions (1st Edition)

A possible Spiritual Successor to the Ravnos. A darker re-imaging of the Brujah Clan from Masquerade. Wolf men mostly located in Northern Mexico, these were mortals who had potential to become Werewolves but were embraced before they could undergo their first Change.

Have access to subtle powers that are affected by the moon. The bloodline is intended to serve as a bridge between the Vampire and Werewolf gamelines. The Evil Poacher of the Vampire world. Vampire Bikers, that use traps. An unusually intellectual group of Gangrel who seek enlightenment through spiritual communion with their inner Beast. Monstrous, degenerate, inbred rednecks that lurk around rural towns, will only embrace their close family members and do not hesitate to kill city dwellers.

Altruistic vampires that protect mortals from the excess of less disciplined vampires. Moorish vampires who see themselves as the defenders of Islamic culture. They have an ongoing blood feud with the Toreador bloodline over who is more artistic and cultured.

Mekhet The Shadows The Mekhet, as their nickname implies, are silent vampires that gather forbidden secrets while lurking in the darkness which, by the way, are so entangled into their being that they can be considered one.

If there something nobody should know you can be sure that sooner or later most likely sooner the Mekhet will discover and make use of it. Unlike the other clans they have nothing in particular that distinguishes their existence so to make up for this they can assume a variety of roles, from deadly spies to the enlightened scholars.

They also have a tendency to pass themselves as wizards. It also introduces the possibility of Mekhet being able to embrace mortals after a few days of their actual deathbut these individuals, have a higher chance of being raised as Hollow Mekhet, the clan's original form when they arose in Ancient Egypt.

Instead of extra flammability, a Hollow lacks a Kameaning he doesn't cast a reflection This can be a bit of a double-edged sword. By the way, the Ka? In fact, that's the reason why they don't have a reflection-because the Reflection is usually somewhere else. And it never likes the vampire. This clan invokes the vampire archetype of "the vampire as shadowy watcher". Anatomy of the Soul: The Egyptian variety, of course. All over the clan, starting with its name and the fact they trace their origin to Ancient Egypt.

A Wizard Did It: The clan was allegedly created by a magic spell involving a woman and her witch-pharaoh husband, Akhenaten. Back from the Dead: Vampires in general are all back from the dead, but Mekhets can embrace corpses even if they have been dead for days. Although some of them are not necessarily bookworms, Mekhet do have an affinity for knowledge thanks to Auspex. The Occultation Merit designed especially for Shadows and Mages.

It makes them very difficult to notice. It is so powerful that some start forgetting who themselves are.

wod index devotions for dating

The Norvegi bloodline actively cultivates this image. They are so socially ostracized that nobody ever stops up and examines them too closely, which leads to most kindred grossly underestimating them. Indigo and silver, according to the Florentine Kindred dress code. Black to the Mexican Kindred. Mekhet are the only vampire clan in Requiem that lacks a clear counterpart in Masqueradeinstead incorporating aspects from various old clans.

These include the Settites' Ancient Egypt roots, the Tremere's "scheming mystics mage" edge, and the Lasombra's connection to shadows and darkness. They also inherit the Knowledge Broker aspect that was associated with Masquerade's Nosferatus, and to a lesser extent, the Mad Oracle archetype of some Malkavians.

Dark Is Not Evil: No more evil than the average, though. The Mekhet, along with the Nosferatu, are tenebrous vampires, but they are also less prone to the whims of the Beast.

You can take this even further with the Khabit bloodline and the Cult of Set. The first are monster hunters par-excellant, specializing in spirits and ghosts. The cult tries to promote chaos to throw off the plans of vampiric elders and other monsters and prevent social stagnation in mortal society. So you can be a Darkness manipulating monster hunter who needs to drink blood The Reflections of Hollow Mekhet.

They universally resent their respective vampires for getting what they see as a lesser version of the curse, and thus enjoy making their counterparts miserable. At least compared to other vampires; they have easy access to Super Speed and Invisibilitymaking them great at being fast and unnoticed, but they lack affinity for both Super Strength and Super Toughnessand burn faster than their peers when exposed to fire.

Note that much like with Daeva, this only applies compared to other vampires; they are still way tougher than humanly possible, and do possess a degree of enhanced strength. Because of this they have no reflection nor shadow and their voices and images cannot be recorded by any mortal technology. Obfuscate, one of the core Disciplines.

And they know just how to use it to make your life hell. Kill It with Fire: All vampires are weak to fire and sun light, but the Mekhet are even worse off due their affinity with darkness. The Man in the Mirror Talks Back: How Reflections interact with the world without Materializing.

wod index devotions for dating

Downplayed with the Blood and Smoke version of Obsfucate-all it can do is play with invisibility If a Mekhet does not want you to know, say, a table is there, you will not know. The pinnacle of the art, Oubliette, causes the vampire's surroundings, no matter how out of sight they are, to come under the influence of Obsfucate.

A clever Mekhet and there likely isn't any other kind can quickly become Paranoia Fuel without any trace of the actual Nightmare Discipline and if the activating vampire is a Nosferatu They have the abilities to be great Ninjas, so much the "Mekhet ninja" became a cliched concept in the VTR community.

Our Ghosts Are Different: The key to creating a Hollow Mekhet is Embracing someone who was going to leave a ghost in the normal course of events ie, traumatic death, connection to life, all that jazz. For their parts, Reflections are similar to ghosts who have been sent to the Underworld perfectly aware they're dead, able to grow and change in small waysare mostly stuck inside mirrors or as living echoes or shadows, and eat carrion and stagnant water to regain their Essence.

In-universe, they are regarded as this by other Kindred; there are no reliable ways for a vampire to notice when a Mekhet is using Auspex on him, meaning they are capable of discovering everybody's dirty secrets; which you won't know it until they actually start using them.

And given how corrupt vampire society is, it's really easy for them to get dirt on everyone. Auspex, their signature Discipline. The first two levels allow them to see the aura of people and get informations from it. A more subtle version than Dominate or Majesty, but the fourth level of Auspex can be used to influence a person's state of mind and emotional reactions by resurfacing the right memories or projecting the right thought.

Using the right Aura Vision from the first three levels, it's possible to anticipate people's actions and reactions or to acquire informations from objects.

Beforethe judge occupying this position was known as the Vice-Chancellor, the Lord Chancellor being the nominal head of the Division. Judges who sit on those courts are called chancellors. Other[ edit ] In Denmark, the office of chancellor or royal chancellor seems to have appeared in the 12th century, and until it was the title of the leader of the state administration a kind of a "Home Office" but often with foreign political duties.

Often he appeared to be the real leader of the government. From untilthe title continued as "Grand Chancellor" or "President of the Danish Chancellery", and was replaced in by the title "Minister of Domestic Affairs". A ministry can also have one or several Vice-Chancellors Asekantslerwho fulfill the duties of the Chancellor, when he is absent. Chancellor of the Exchequerthe minister with overall responsibility for the Exchequer or Treasury. This is an ancient title dating back to the Kingdom of England.

It is roughly the equivalent of the Minister of Finance or Secretary of the Treasury in other governmental systems. In recent years, when the term chancellor is used in British politics, it is taken as referring to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Consistory courts of the Church of England are each presided over by a Chancellor of the Diocese: In a county palatine or libertywhere a local lord exercised personal jurisdiction that elsewhere was reserved to the Crownthe head of the lord's administration was often titled "chancellor".

Where the lord was a bishop as with the Bishop of Ely in Isle of Ely or the Archbishop of York in Hexhamshire then this officer was called the temporal chancellor to distinguish him from the bishop's ecclesiastical chancellor.

While palatine and liberty jurisdictions are practically obsolete, the ceremonial title chancellor remains in use: In the United States, the only "chancellor" established by the federal government is the Chancellor of the Smithsonian Institutiona largely ceremonial office held by the Chief Justice of the United States.

As the Smithsonian is a research and museum system, its use of the title is perhaps best thought of as akin to a university's chancellor. Chancellor ecclesiastical The chancellor is the principal record-keeper of a diocese or eparchyor their equivalent. The chancellor is a notary, so that he may certify official documents, and often has other duties at the discretion of the bishop of the diocese: His office is within the " chancery ".

Vice-chancellors may be appointed to assist the chancellor in busy chanceries. Normally, the chancellor is a priest or deacon, although in some circumstances a layperson may be appointed to the post.

While the Annual Conference usually hires outside professional counsel in matters that require legal representation, that hiring and representation is done under the supervision, and with the consent, of the Conference Chancellor. Chancellor education A Chancellor is the leader either ceremonial or executive of many public and private universities and related institutions. The heads of the New York City Department of Education and the District of Columbia Public Schoolswho run the municipally-operated public schools in those jurisdictions, carry the title of Chancellor.

New York State also has a Chancellor of the University of the State of New Yorkthe body that licenses and regulates all educational and research institutions in the state and many professions not to be confused with the State University of New Yorkan actual institution of higher learning. In a few instances, the term chancellor applies to a student or faculty member in a high school or an institution of higher learning who is either appointed or elected as chancellor to preside on the highest ranking judicial board or tribunal.

They handle non-academic matters such as violations of behavior. In Germany many heads of university administration carry the title Kanzler Chancellor while the academical heads carry the title Rektor Rector. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, the head of the German Federal Government is therefore usually called by his official title Bundeskanzler Federal Chancellor. There are two ancient Egyptian titles sometimes translated as chancellor.

The chancelier was responsible for some judicial proceedings. In the Kingdom of Poland from the 14th century, there was a royal chancellor Kanclerz. In the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth —the four chancellors were among the ten highest officials of the state.

Poland and Lithuania each had a Grand Chancellor and a Deputy Chancellor, each entitled to a senatorial seat, responsible for the affairs of the whole Kingdom, each with his own chancery. See Offices in the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth. In the Russian Empirethe chancellor was the highest rank of civil service as defined by the Table of Ranks and on the same grade as field marshal and General Admiral. Only the most distinguished government officials were promoted to this grade, such as foreign ministers Alexander Gorchakov and Alexey Bestuzhev-Ryumin.

In Norway the Chancellor of Norway modern Norwegian: