Online dating for wow players info

Debunking the "WoW is better for online dating than dating sites" story

online dating for wow players info

I doubt there's a dating service solely for WoW players. My opinion of online dating is that it's rather silly and sad, however, it's up to you. Regrann from lucas cranach, - 22, - sep 29, beste-online-dating-portale/ attention. Beauty at the online game like him over. Nov 2, Although one can choose to play against friends in WoW, players often is sometimes more successful for finding love than online dating sites.

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online dating for wow players info

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Dating wow players

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online dating for wow players info

Share Save A story is making the rounds that WoW is a better for dating then established sites such as Match. It's a feel-good story for those looking for love that warms the hearts of nerds everywhere reading about it on their favorite gaming sites. The only problem is that the story really doesn't hold up. The source of the story is an infographic that lauds the lovely pleasures of WoW and online gaming.

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But the makers of the infographic itself, the facts that are presented, and the sources of those facts are not very reliable. Let's debunk this idea. It sounds like a reputable place, right? A place where one could go to, say, get a higher education and learn something The site has some infographics and some articles.

Many are links to other resources on the internet including real universities where people can go to get more information.

online dating for wow players info

This Online University really isn't a university. It doesn't have any accreditation or any semblance of being an institution of higher learning. Not that the site claims to -- but it certainly doesn't say anywhere that it's not, either, something that would be important to do when using such a word as "university. The whois record for the domain notes it was registered via GoDaddy's proxy service.

No other sites supporting the accuracy onlineuniversity.