Interesting places in singapore for dating

Your ultimate guide of 75 fun and amazing things you can do in Singapore

interesting places in singapore for dating

No matter what sort of couple you are, Singapore has a myriad of things to do. From getting a cultural fix at the museum to going on a nature. A luxurious dinner is nice but you don't need to break the bank every time to have a romantic date. They are lots of dating spots in Singapore for. From those who have not seen our "52 Things to do in Singapore" list (boo!!) to couples who have been dating for years. It's always the same.

Experience storytelling in its most raw form While music and visuals can eloquently tell stories, nothing gets the message across more articulately than words.

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Instead of buying a mass-produced souvenir in Singapore, why not make your own creation at these craft workshops in Singaporeoffering pottery, printmaking, sewing, terrariums and more. One with a killer view, of course!

Things To Do In Singapore (SG50 Special) - Guide To Singapore

Take your romance to new heights by having a meal amongst the stars. Comedy Masala via Facebook Take on an escape room challenge Calling all Houdinis! Check out these fun escape rooms in Singapore. Haw Par Villa Expect a few eyebrows-raising moments on this fascinatingly grisly tour.

Start the day with brunch and a massage at Capella Singapore. Flickr — Payton Chung Make friends with the aunties and uncles at the wet markets early in the morning as you do some fresh grocery shopping, and be sure to dig into authentic local fare from the coffeeshops.

Discover hidden historical gems by visiting the ethnic enclaves around the island. Climb amidst the treetops at Bedok Reservoir Credits: We say the tranquil beaches of Kusu Island are perfect for a picnic-day-out, or St. Flickr — Tuper Misc Head over to Haji Lane, Clarke Quay and more to find fascinating artistic doodles on walls and public spaces.

An iconic architecture where you can still get the original Singapore Sling Credits: Flickr — Master Octa Appreciate art Build up your cred as a connoisseur of fine art by trawling through these bastions of quirky art offerings.

22 Magical Dating Ideas for Singaporean couples

Slip into your skinniest jeans and head to these vintage stores and flea marketsor check out the painfully-hip Haji Lane that boasts trendy boutiques galore. Need more left-field tunage that no one else has heard of? These record stores in Singapore should do just nicely. Check out these Instagram-worthy spots in Singapore and nab that money shot. Get inked by a master Has Singapore left a mark on you?

If so, why not make it a permanent one? Check out the Gotham City building Bruce Wayne, you in? The building even houses an impressive gin bar called Atlas, and a free museum featuring contemporary artworks.

interesting places in singapore for dating

Parkview Museum Singapore Catch an arthouse film at a restored indie cinema Take a break from flashy cinemas, and feed your inner culture vulture at The Projector. Chestnut Nature Park Need us to point you in the right direction? Flickr — Craige Moor Go late night shopping at Mustafa Centre Grocery shopping at 4am — why not? The Great Singapore Sale.

Shake up your fitness routine Tired of hitting the gym and slogging through the usual routines? Thankfully, Singapore has plenty of unique fitness options like trampoline-assisted bounce classesbarre classesboxingand even wrestling where you can channel your inner Hulk Hogan. These hair studios and nail salons should do the trick too. So… clear your throat, do some lip trills and get ready to impress at these karaoke bars in Singapore. Welcome to Headquarters by The Council Credit: Montreux Jazz Cafe has become one of the new hippest places in town for live jazz Credit: Here are a few ideas… Image credit: Soaring 50 storeys high, this huge housing complex is connected by two skyparks.

interesting places in singapore for dating

The 26th floor is open to residents only. Head to the 50th floor, which is open to the public, and check out the great views of the city and the port. There are seats and benches to lounge on if you are stopping for a while. The views from Marina Bay Sands are of course much more spectacular but they come at a premium.

interesting places in singapore for dating

You are also in the middle of a neighbourhood with lots of cafes and little eateries. Cross over to Everton Park opposite the Pinnacle and share some delicious ice cream and waffles at Everton Creamery or stop by Nylon Coffee Roasters for a caffeine fix.

The Projector Image credit: The vibe is old-school cool with many of the original features of the halls remaining. Movie buffs will love the specially curated programmes of indie, foreign, classic and arthouse films. The two halls are called Green Room and Redrum and both are spacious with free seating. Redrum is more casual with beanbags you can cosy up on while watching the show.

The Projector regularly runs special movie events. Jurong Hill Image credit: Follow Jurong Hill road up to the peak and you will find a tranquil garden and a spiralling tower perched on top. The Jurong Hill Lookout Tower was built in the s and at the time was a popular place to host foreign dignitaries and even royalty such as Elizabeth II, Queen of England. Many of the famous dignitaries also planted trees to commemorate their visit and these can still be seen today in the garden at the foot of the tower.

At the top of the lookout tower, you can get a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

10 Romantic Dating Spots in Singapore for Couples on a Budget

Watch the twinkling lights of Jurong Island as it gets dark before setting off for dinner. Affordable french restaurants Image credit: Try affordable but delicious options such as Saveura popular group of restaurants serving quality french food.

La Petite Cuisine is a casual bistro at Serene Centre which offers French food with a neighbourhood price tag. Bretonformerly The French Stall, is now a live lobster restaurant.

interesting places in singapore for dating

Henderson Waves Image credit: There are lots of picturesque stops along the way but one of the highlights is Henderson Waves. It can get really hot here in the afternoon so an early morning or late afternoon walk would be ideal. At night, the bridge lights up making for a lovely evening walk. Henderson Waves lights up between 7pm and 7am daily.

Live music venues Image credit: Jacklee Discover a new band together or chill out with some classic songs at a live music bar.

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The ever popular Timbre Substation has a great ambience and also a varied menu to choose from.