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Organize your forms according to which projects you use them in. You can save any completed forms in your own systems for instance Quality Management Systems. All forms are available electronically. Counties can print PDFs according to the needs of the inhabitants of the county. In winter, it is predominantly coastal, frequenting estuaries, saltmarshes, bays, coastlines and coastal lagoons as well as marine waters up to km offshore Urban et al.

Diet Breeding Its breeding diet consists predominantly of insects e. Non-breeding On passage and during the winter, the species's diet consists largely of marine fish, although insects and crustaceans may also be taken Snow and Perrins Breeding site The nest may be a low compressed mound of plant matter placed in very shallow water or on a floating mat of aquatic vegetation over water more than 50 cm deep Flint et al.

The nest may also be a shallow scrape on the ground amongst marsh vegetation Snow and Perrins The species breeds in small colonies and may forage up to km from breeding sites del Hoyo et al. Threats As Black Terns breed in wetlands on floating rafts of plant matter, the reduction of water level due to droughts and water abstraction for domestic and agricultural use represents a significant threat to the species due to loss of breeding habitat.

The loss of rafts used for breeding represents a source of lost reproductive success, as shown by increases in breeding populations on the provisioning of artificial rafts Gochfeld et al.

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Drought also has the potential to reduce reproductive success, as lower water levels allow the access of chicks by predators such as pigs. Encroachment of agriculture on wetlands has resulted in further loss and degradation of habitat. Introduction of the peacock bass to Lake Gutan in Panama resulted in the elimination of the Silverside, Meleniris chagresi, a significant prey species of the Black Tern, causing abandonment of this wintering site Gochfeld et al. Conservation actions Conservation Actions Underway The following information refers to the species's European range only: The following information refers to the species's European range only: Bern Convention Appendix II.

In the Netherlands the provision of anchored artificial nesting rafts has been partly successful as a conservation measure van der Winden et al.

In the Netherlands there have also been successful programmes to reduce disturbance and improve habitat quality in agricultural areas, which has benefited the species van der Winden Conservation Actions Proposed The following information refers to the species's European range only: The application of glyphosate-based herbicides to combat and prevent the overgrowth of Typha spp.