Dating site trolling for walleye

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dating site trolling for walleye

If you're convinced that cold-water walleyes and crankbaits don't mix, a change "Nearly 30 years ago, I was working as a fishing manager in a Gander Mountain To date, he's racked up 47 top finishes in major events, including three PWT championships. .. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the changes. More walleye information than you can handle. for this block to set up a custom location. Start Date: (mm/dd/yyyy). End Date: Ten Pound Club Main Page. The ultimate example of depth control fishing. PTD's apps and PTD stickers contain invaluable dive curve data to control depth of your lures.

I normally set up a large capacity trolling reel with cheap monofilament backing, followed by a few hundred feet of 30 pound test braided line the section of line that the planer board will attach toleadcore line, and then finally 50 feet of high quality monofilament or fluorocarbon line generally around 15 pound test.

dating site trolling for walleye

At each junction, I tie a double uni-knot, which is very reliable for line-to-line connections. Shallow diving stick baits work very well with leadcore. I also like to experiment with tipping baits with nightcrawlers to change their action and profile.

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Sufix Advanced leadcore sinks a little deeper than other leadcore lines. Rapala The standard rule for depth achieved is about 5 feet of depth per color of lead at 2 mph.

dating site trolling for walleye

Newer leadcore lines that use thin braided sheaths achieve 6 to 7 feet per color due to the smaller diameter. Most walleye anglers use 18 pound test leadcore.

dating site trolling for walleye

I personally use Sufix Advanced leadcore. You always want to run as little leadcore as possible, because every additional color of lead is 30 more feet of line that you have to reel in. When fishing leadcore in open water I usually run from 1. If the waves are 2 to 4 feet or bigger, I will start up-wind of the school and troll straight with the wind through the fish. With calmer conditions the leadcore line depends on the boat to impart action.

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Trolling in an S-curve pattern or making drastic speed changes will accomplish some of the same rising and falling action in the absence of waves. Experiment with different combinations of curves and speed changes to see what the fish prefer on that day.

dating site trolling for walleye

They never move into the shallows or onto the reefs, they just cruise around all day long in over feet of water. These roamer walleyes actually take on a look all their own, Boissonneault explained, because they live in such deep water.

During the day, these roamer walleyes tend to follow baitfish at or near the thermocline, and range anywhere from to feet deep. At night, the ciscos move up to the surface to feed on insets and the walleye follow them up and prey on them like sharks from beneath.

dating site trolling for walleye

These fish live in the depths year-round, but summer through fall tends to be the best time to engage this unique tactic. While 2mph tends to be the magic number, some nights higher speeds trigger more strikes while other evenings find a slower pace more productive.

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During our night of open-water trolling, we had our first two strikes at closer to 2. The successful hook-ups we had took place between 1. Imagine catching up to a dozen or more walleyes as the sun is setting, the smallest of which is 3 or 4 ponds. I have to admit, I was excited reeling in that first open-water walleye.

Sure, we had already caught a lot of nice walleyes that afternoon, but this was a new way to catch an old fish, it was a cool concept, and I was curious to see the different coloring of these roamer fish.