Dating site photo tips for canon

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dating site photo tips for canon

During the 's Cindy Sherman produced a series of self-portraits in that has unmistakably littered social media and dating websites over the . a grid or working with your background, positioning and camera settings to. Find out how to photograph fireworks, whatever device you are shooting on. To photograph fireworks without the need for much equipment try the quick tips. I rename the files to a date/time code in the format of yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss". Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP - included with current Canon Digital SLR's) . These settings can also be made the default in-camera settings. . 5 complete sets of backup drives - with at least 2 at a distant off-site location at all times.

dating site photo tips for canon

This is also a good time to grip the camera, taking in the new-camera grippyness that is right up there with new car smell. Download and install the latest Canon EOS Solution Disk software on your computer to get support for the latest camera s. Attach the neck strap.

dating site photo tips for canon

Insert the battery after charging completes. Power the camera on.

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The date and time setup screen will show at startup the first time. Use the Rear Control dial and the Set button to update this information. Insert a memory card don't forget to format the card via the tools menu option before taking pictures.

dating site photo tips for canon

Scroll through all of the menu tabs to configure the cameras as follows: Shooting Menu, Tab 1: Disable Shooting Menu, Tab 1: Off Shooting Menu, Tab 2: White priority Shooting Menu, Tab 3: Neutral with Sharpness Strength set to "1" Note: Shooting Menu, Tab 3: Long exposure noise reduction: I usually have this option set to "Auto", but my choice varies for the situation. Three options will then appear at the bottom of the image: Save to phone, favorite staror trash.


All the controls can be adjusted and activated using touch screen control. There are a few shortcomings to the remote control settings as listed below, but off the bat the app provides quite a few options for remote shooting.

Camera settings The third and final main menu option in Canon Camera Connect app is probably the most useless: Will read JPG files taken from any camera If you have JPG files taken from any other devices, the Canon Camera Connect will likely be able to read, and transfer them to your phone or tablet.

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What the app does not do These are shortcomings, specific to using the app with the Canon 6D; some of these issues may not be points of contention when using the app with other compatible camera models. Adjust to portrait mode while remote shooting If the app does allow this, the user interface needs to be adjusted to make this feature more obvious.

dating site photo tips for canon

Remote shoot video Whenever the Wi-Fi function on your Canon 6D is enabled, you cannot simultaneously activate video recording, so unfortunately remote video shooting cannot be achieved.

Time lapse While you can set your camera to shoot in continuous or self timer mode with the app, there is not the option to shoot time lapses. This is a feature that Canon will hopefully implement in future iterations of the app.

Hopefully this overview will help you see if this app is useful for you.

dating site photo tips for canon