Dating clay pipes for sale

Clay Tobacco Pipes

dating clay pipes for sale

Posts about dating clay pipes written by david neat. emblems which pilgrims could buy; the many and various tools, including weapons, used. Clay pipes have been used for smoking tobacco from the 17th century onward. Trying to identify and date clay pipe fragments can be both difficult and fun. Antique Pipes, Heritage Pipes, Collectible Tobacco Pipes, Clay Pipe, Reed Trade British Georgian 18th Century Style Clay Pipe Exact Age Unknown SALE.

Pipes are in the book because of the wooden pipe cases, tobacco rasps and snuff boxes that are treenware woodenware. There is an 18th Century pipe pictured that is clay with sterling fittings and a goose quill mouth piece. This pipe is Dutch and it can be found on pages and All of tobacco is wholesome. The first clay pipes were introduced to Europeans along with tobacco smoking by the Native Americans of South and North America.

dating clay pipes for sale

It was not long before clay pipemaking became an established trade. Follow the links to learn more history of the Clay in the New World. Later mass produced European and American clay pipes became a trade item and were bartered back to Native American tribes!

Its history dates back to the Appomatucks Indians and their cottage industry of clay pipes. Established inthis factory manufactured clay pipes for over 70 years before closing in The existing Pamplin Pipe Factory was built in It houses the original clay kiln which once produced one million clay pipes per month.

The site now includes a museum. Ohio with its rich clay deposits also had a number of kilns producing this type of pipe. The most famous being the Merrill Pottery of Akron, Ohio. Merrill Pottery occupied the site of the M. Merrill also produced ceramic beer bottles.

Many Clay pipes can still be collected or dug that were made by the Merrill Pottery better known under its latter name as the Akron Smoking Pipe Co. The Akron Smoking Pipe Co.

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It started out as the E. It controlled the clay smoking pipe business of five other companies with directors who owned the other companies. One of those Companies was the Pamplin Co. More often just the bowl end of pipes like this are found so having this much more displays well. Note the date written on the stem is not correct - the person who found it back in the late 50's did not have access to the best information on pipe styles and dates as we do now.

There is a flower design on each side of the heel of the pipe. The pipe does have a glued join about 4 inches from the bowl end as you can see in the image. Note the date written on the stem is broad - the person who found it back in the late 50's did not have access to the best information on pipe styles and dates as we do now. Sadly it appears that the surface had suffered over the centuries with a lot of flaking, likely due to frost action or the expansion of natural salts or gypsum in the soil.

This does make the appearance a lot less than perfect but due to its rarity still desirable to a serious collector. The smoking chamber is about 1cm across at the rim - really tiny. Four pipe bowls which are from the c. The style of bowl represented by the shapes in this group is typical for that area at that time so these are a good typology group.

Condition varies with a little rust on the bowls, however, this can be cleaned up using acid if you have a mind to do that which would improve them dramatically, or I could do that for you takes about 4 days.

These vary in date from the mid 17th century to mid 19th century. Some of the heel fragments have a makers mark stamped on the base as shown in the images here. A couple of bowls are complete.

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Everything in the photos is included in this purchase. Postage and packing included in the price. The surfaces of Dutch pipes are lovely and smooth due to being carefully burnished when made which was all done by hand in a labour intensive process.

dating clay pipes for sale

This purchase includes all shown in the photo as well as postage and packing. No clay pipe collection should be without one of these show pipes. They were originally produced c. The face on this pipe is very striking and displays well and originally they were made as show pipes though occasionally they are found smoked.

Approx 9cm tall and 6cm wide The price includes postage and packing. Three Basket Design clay pipes Three complete pipes with a basket design on the bowl and twirls on the stems. I believe these are fairly recent productions from Germany.

They are fine for smoking and you get all three pipes as shown in the image for the price. Made from old clay pipe stems dating c. This one has some old silver-plated beads. Armorial design and the word Edward or Ward on the stem, perhaps the Ward family of Doncaster, Inn design with a basket of flowers and a beer barrel on the other side, Coiled Rope design. These date from about Some chips on these. Miniature Flower Basket Pipe A pipe dating from the 's which is a miniature with the bowl shaped like a basket of flowers.

This design was produced by R. Key as marked on the stem on one side. It is suitable for a small smoke or ideal for display. I made it by shaping the bowl on the potters wheel then added a heel and a portion of stem. Originally my aim had been to make a stem for it also but I only ever completed the bowl part.

This item might appeal as an ornament for a shelf or decorative clay pipe feature in the garden for use as a plant pot perhaps. Note it is heavy so only available for mainland UK but if you are not in the UK and want to enquire then please write so that I can quote you for postage for non-UK locations.

Please do not purchase it if you are a non-UK resident but do ask first.

Clay pipes found on the River Thames foreshore, London

The coffee mug not included but also made by myself shows the scale of this item. These display well and date from c.

The thorn design was popular on clay pipes back then and popular with collectors today as they come in many shapes and sizes. Clay Pipe Stem Necklace 6 Clay pipe stem necklace. Coat of Arms with Unicorn and Crowned Lion c.