Ye jin and kim jong kook dating

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ye jin and kim jong kook dating

Kim Jong Kook has dated quite a while and he surprised his mother and connections with other celebrities like Song Ji Hyo, Yoon Eun Hye. Frequent viewers of the hit variety show, Family Outing, may recall the infamous love triangle involving Kim Jong Kook, Park Ye Jin and Lee. The following is a list of episodes of Family Outing (패밀리가 떴다). Family Outing was a South singer Kim Jong-kook, actor Park Hae-jin, actress Park Si-yeon, actress Park Ye-jin and actor Lee Chun-hee. The Family gather at the village, teasing Jongkook and Hyori over their movie "date" and Jongshin's hair perm.

Kim Ji Min Thinks Kim Jong Kook Is Suspiciously Secretive About His Dating Life?

But you could take a neutral stand, watch and decide for yourself. Once again, have to give thanks to Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye supporters for compiling and creating all these information and pictures as evidence of proof of their romance.

ye jin and kim jong kook dating

They look ultra compatible in their matching outfits, seating together and being continually teased by the hosts and guests on the show. The role later went to Park Shin Hye. Radio transcript Radio interview The highlight of the interview was Jong Kook pretending not to know the actual age gap between him and Eun Hye to cover his tracks.

ye jin and kim jong kook dating

But Tae Hyun ruined it for him again by saying the actual age gap even though he is not that close to Eun Hye, yet he knows that their gap is only 8 years.

Also, Tae Hyun was also pretending to be single as well because he made it seem like he was single. This even though he has been with the same woman for 10 years and married her this year. Denial is the name of the game in the showbiz industry. Sure they did damage control saying that he just gave it to her because she participated in his MV but the diamond ring he gave her was bigger than the couple ring that he once gave to his ex-girlfriend. And who ever gives such expensive stuff just because they were in your music video?

ye jin and kim jong kook dating

They were then stitched together by fans to show the stark similarities between her and Jong Kook. See and decide for yourself. They even have the same pose, just look at their hands…how sweet 7.

Hong Jin Young and Song Ji Hyo Hang Out And Dance At HaHa And Kim Jong Kook's Restaurant

It was a private reception so no media was allowed in. Although after this, Jong Kook has been avoiding the media very smartly in future weddings he went to. However, he had to leave the team after receiving an enlistment notice.

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As delusional shipper of them, I saw that JH feed JK in romantic way when they had a mission, eat very spicy octopus. When linking arm is unnecessary Jihyo: They look like a cute couple with Kookie protecting her all the way. After the duo disbanded a few years later, he became a solo singer inmostly concentrating on ballads.

The five are known as the "Dragon Brothers" because they were all born inthe year yejin kim jong kook dating the dragon. It was announced in late April that the singer would end his military service on May 23, Kim Jong Kook had a big slump after Turbo; however, he made a huge comeback with his second album. Kim enlisted in March Just two of us She was reported to have a crush on Kim Jong Kook since her teenage days and has been a fan of his. It showed that their moments looks natural and unscripted.

After watching episode 79 then I watched episode 21 and also was amazed by their teamwork and how they eliminated all other members easily. Although they look good together, Lee Hyori has a boyfriend now so both of them remains as the most awkward couple in Family Outing.

ye jin and kim jong kook dating

Turbo[ edit ] Kim Jong-kook first entered the Korean music industry in as a member of the duo, Turbowhich became immensely popular for their catchy music. Kim Jong Kooks management company, Entertainment, stated, Kim Jong Kook carried on with his daily activities without knowing that he had a ruptured disk. Once, JH said that she wanted go the aquarium with her boyfriend.

These scenes were not showed on air. It seemed that they did it naturally.

Yejin Kim Jong Kook Dating

They ate and laughed together. Acting debut, Chinese debut, Turbo reunion[ edit ] InKim made his official acting debut with a supporting role in the KBS drama, The Producersand was praised for his "solid acting chops".

Kim Jong-kook was a public confession to Yoon Eun-hye in the variety program, but refused.