Wooyoung and seyoung dating really short

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Oct 7, 2Young Couple. A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 10 Let's get you to eat,” Seyoung said while forcing Wooyoung to sit in front of the table. “ Your manager I wonder when we can do that again, it's going to be really difficult now.” .. “On location, filming; taking a short break. So you. Dec 12, About her experience working on variety shows, Park Se Young I still stay in touch with my virtual husband Wooyoung every now and then.” She means she tries to be herself, but its not like they are actually dating. Sep 25, Now I have an idea how much I really missed her this past weeks, “Okay, Hayoung-ah, you can sit with Uncle Wooyoung,”Seyoung can't help.

This guy really amazes me to no ends sometimes, she thought. Do you want to eat some cookies too? I guess I have what it takes to charm a kid, that or this movie is really good. I need to thank Chansung for this one, he was thinking to himself. How about you baby, what you want to eat? Before she can answer though, Hayoung spoke. Wooyoung in turn really looks cool in her eyes right now, holding his own against a kid that he was so scared of initially.

I guess we found another thing that he can do well, she thought.

2PM's Wooyoung reveals he lost contact with Park Se Young + recalls a painful parting experience

I think I can. You want me to copy that? She nods profusely, clearly enthusiastic about the whole thing. He lets go of her hand and stretch his arm, wanting her to use it as a pillow and she complied.

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As they got engrossed with the movie, she started playing with his hair, touching the part that has been shaved off. How about the deer kissed the owl? She moved to sit which was not a good idea because he let himself fall to the bed with her, him on top mischievous eyes looking directly into hers. She can feel her heart beating faster than it ever had that she feels she might have a heart failure any minute soon.

While he was at the kitchen, Seyoung finally got herself to calm down. She was thankful and reassured at the same time by the way Wooyoung behaved. She felt his sincerity and the message that came across to her is he would wait for her — he love and respect her that much. He came back after some time with 2 cold glasses of water, one glass he handed to her carefully.

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He after all came from a performance out of the country and has been really busy for the past week. Fatigue has caught up with him plus the comfort of the bed. I love you that much. She took a deep breath then planted a quick kiss on his lips. Other WGM endings are To sum it up.

Love them to bits!

A YY Couple Fan Fiction: We Are Dating, Chapter 6

It having to end their journey in we got married just like that is heartbreaking and really unexpected. I hope fans will support and not bother their relationship too much. However, the later episodes proved me wrong. Sad but happy the same time. Search This Blog Their chemistry was so great that we can feel their feeling toward each other.

And I am really in love with Se Young because she's totally gorgeous in an out. It was so sad to hear they were ending because the chemistry, the love was just there, everyone could see it even they knew what they felt was totally real. You can see them going through all the natural stages of dating and the feelings that they give off. She's not trying to build image but shows her real personalities. Just like a normal people who are in love.

This is the couple that I rooted for the most on WGM to become a real couple. Like 2Young very much and hope them to be a real couple! At the end they compliment each other Divorced or virtual marriage ended or guys walked away from girls or girls cry their eyes out, but not like them.

Wiping someone sweat not an easy They both complete each other apart from both of them so good looking.

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Comfortable and enjoyable to watch them. There were times when I feel like Wooyoung was acting.