Tim and marie amazing race dating couple

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tim and marie amazing race dating couple

This season of The Amazing Race has been less about picking a rooting and Jason and Amy, the dating couple from Boston who might well be the Tim and Marie also opt for this mission, while the other couples don tiny. 'The Amazing Race' Finale Recap: Jason And Amy Beat Out Marie And Tim the dating couple from Boston defeated Tim and Marie and Nicole and Travis to. Had Tim and partner Marie won “The Amazing Race”? No. Marie completed the They don't get why we're not dating. And then the other half.

We see each other every once in awhile. It's weird because I'm from New York and she's from Los Angeles and the show was going on, so like I said, I didn't want it to distract me from the show either. But we still see each other from time to time.

It was good to spend this past weekend altogether. I got to spend some time with her. Do you think the show edited Leo and Jamal's Race pretty accurately or do you think they got a fairly good edit considering some of the controversial moves they pulled this season?

tim and marie amazing race dating couple

We think that Leo and Jamal are great Racers. We totally have respect for the way that they race. We think they were one of the strongest teams there. We were shocked and we were upset that they weren't in the Final 3 with us, and I think from the beginning, they kind of got a bad edit as far as looking like they were liars and everything. And we can understand that because we think we kind of got a bad edit from the beginning. But there was nothing that they did that was truly unacceptable or anything like that.

They're good guys and they just had a really strategic way of racing, and you know, they got under people's skin a little bit, but I think that's what they intended to do.

Off the Race, they're great guys and on the Race, they were super competitive, and I don't think it was anything more than that. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way that they raced.

You just mentioned you guys don't think you got a great edit in the beginning either. I'm sure you know, Marie, some Racers have called you just plain "mean" and one of them even referred to you as "the devil" once.

I just want to get your reaction to those comments and do you think people thought you were far worse than you really were or do you think you maybe took things a little too far sometimes? I think people just kind of have a little bit of a problem with complete and utter honesty. I mean, I was straight-forward. A lot of things I said or did, I just outright did, and I make no apology for it. I don't filter anything. A lot of the other teams behaved the same way and said some of the same things and did some of the same things, but it was all behind each other's backs -- smile to people's faces and then screw them when they're not looking.

I didn't go on the Race to have people like me and I wasn't shocked at the edit that I got. I just think a lot of people at home don't really take the edit with a grain of salt.

It is a reality TV show and everybody's kind of there because they all fit these different roles. Was there anything nice that I did that was edited out? Of course, you know. They didn't show us getting along. They didn't show me helping the other teams.

They didn't show any of that, and that did happen, but I'm not mad about it. I knew what I signed up for and it's just the way that I raced. So was it accurate when, Marie, you seemed to make most of the decisions and basically would just compliment Tim if something worked out after he listened to you, laughs or did you have a little bit of a different dynamic than what was often shown? There was a little more team work involved than they showed. I think they kind of ran with the whole "bossing Tim around" thing.

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But that is the nature of our relationship and that's why we get along. I'm a control freak and he gets me and figures out a way to make that work for both of us. Had he not been like that, we probably would have self-destructed in the second leg of the Race. We just both have that outward personality, and in order for that to work as a team, you know, somebody has to be in control.

So he kind of just let me be in control, and when he thought I was wrong, he'd voice his opinion and say, "We're not doing this. We're doing it this way! You two had obviously dated before the show and you mentioned something like you just fought and couldn't get along so you broke up.

Would you mind elaborating on your relationship a little bit? If your relationship volatile, I know viewers are surprised you've been able to uphold such a strong friendship because you know how that tends to go after breakups. So do you ever get the urge to get back together or is that just not an option? Our relationship is unique, definitely unique. Marie and I both kind of have the ability to compartmentalize how we're feeling at the moment, and we were able to get over a lot of those things that "Exes" would inevitably be ruined by.

And I don't know, I think we just enjoy each other's company more than what's the other option?

tim and marie amazing race dating couple

Sacrifice and just never speak to each other again? And that's why we have this relationship where we feel like we've known each other for like 20 years and I'm kind of predicting what she's doing and she's going to predict what I do and we can work together. And nothing blocks the way of communication. Instead, Marie took 12 tries, and the bickering exes came in second. Why did she have so much trouble with the drop?

And does their split contract still stand? Did you think you still had a chance or were you resigned to second? When we left the totem poles, we knew they were already at the Pit Stop. We were at the final task together doing it side-by-side. That took a really long time.

It probably took us about an hour and a half. We were right there with them. The whole leg hinged on that flour drop because they didn't make any mistakes afterward. It was a linear leg, and that was frustrating. There was such a gap in between how long we took to do it that you couldn't pass another team or change the order later. The editing made it look like it was closer when we were in the kayak, but we did not see another team at any of the tasks between the flour drop and the totem poles.

Why did it take you 12 tries? We honestly were hoping that a finale task would be based on something that was in the racers' control. My very first drop was literally two inches outside the target.

tim and marie amazing race dating couple

The second I got in the plane, I knew it was all physics and where you had to drop it and how fast you were going. So after my first drop, all I did was adjust when I dropped it. The second time I was a little shocked that it dropped like 10 feet left of the target.

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There was a lot of me screaming in the plane [to the pilot], "Why are you doing slower? Why are you going faster? Had she finished before me, I probably would've freaked out.

Luckily it didn't change the placement of Nicole and me, but it was frustrating that that was partially in the hands of the pilot. Why did you decide to do it? Did you think there would be another Roadblock later that maybe was more physical that Tim would do? We got there third, and Amy was in the plane and Nicole was in the plane, so it only made sense for Marie to do it. We didn't even discuss it. If there was going to be another Roadblock — like we incorrectly assumed because we thought they'd want an evaluation of how complete a team we were — I didn't want her to be against two guys later.

And I always feel confident in her being able to beat Nicole and Amy.

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Like in Tokyo, she beat them when they worked together on the robot. All-Stars That was one of the best performances I've seen on the show. That was an awesome feeling. We got there and we were like, "Crap, we're in last. I have boxes from Ikea from two years ago of stuff I couldn't put together.

Well, no one can. There's no way I can do this. I get it, but it pissed me off since [Nicole] asked us to work together at the beginning of the leg to get the Afghanimals out. It made me want to beat them more.

tim and marie amazing race dating couple

I just thought, "I have to build this before anyone else does.