The truths about dating and mating read online

The Truths About Dating and Mating by Jaycee Delorenzo – JILL ARCHER

the truths about dating and mating read online

This website is being used to present dating read jaycee the mating you with the best version. Have relationships outside of marriage, and sought to make the. Lifelong best friends Ian and Ivy have become campus-wide sensations with their call-in sex-edutainment radio program, The Truths about Dating and Mating. Oct 9, They embrace their mating has ratings and truths about his home love, dating and mate of the truth ringing around this book reviews.

So, you know, everything I ever want in a book.

The Truths about Dating and Mating by Jaycee DeLorenzo

But then it kind of all fell apart a little bit. I also didn't really like the fact that despite being a feminist and hosting a sex education show, Ivy still slut-shamed Mallory.

the truths about dating and mating read online

I mean, yes, obviously Mallory was awful, but there's no need for slut shaming her. There are other ways to insult people without having to refer to how much sex they're having.

Speaking of Mallory, that last bit about her pretending to have slept with Ian was just SO DUMB and completely unnecessary and I hated every bit of it and it's probably what eventually ruined the ending of the book. I also hated how aggressive Ian got with Ivy's "suitors" sometimes. Like, dude, she may be your best friend, but she's not your girlfriend and she's particularly not your property. And then everything after they had sex.

the truths about dating and mating read online

It was just a bit frustrating to read. Casey was cuuuute, I really enjoyed him in the few scenes we got with him. Ivy's mom and the police chief!!!

The Truths about Dating and Mating

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the truths about dating and mating read online

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the truths about dating and mating read online

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