The lion witch and wardrobe 1988 online dating

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the lion witch and wardrobe 1988 online dating

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a British children's television drama first broadcast by the BBC in It was the first series of The Chronicles of Narnia. The Chronicles of Narnia: BBC TV Series . of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe to date, the BBC's interpretation is the most faithful. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is an animated television film that was broadcast on CBS in , based on the novel of the same name by C. S. Lewis.

She also makes him the offer of becoming a prince and then king of Narnia. Edmund is delighted by the Queen's offers. After the Queen leaves, Edmund heads back to the lamp post and is approached by an excited Lucy, who reveals that she has been with Mr. Tumnus, who has not been caught by the White Witch. When Lucy describes the White Witch, Edmund shockingly realises that she is none other than the lady he had just befriended - however, he does not tell Lucy of his encounter with her at this stage.

Lucy is too excited to be alarmed by Edmund's facial expressions when he realises who the White Witch is, and does not question him when he asks what the White Witch looks like - which could be seen as a likely hint that he has met or at least seen the White Witch. Back in their own country, Lucy tells Peter and Susan that Edmund has also got into Narnia, but Edmund lies saying that he and Lucy were only pretending that Narnia existed.

Peter is furious with Edmund for setting Lucy off, especially after Edmund had been treating Lucy cruelly over her 'false' stories of Narnia.

the lion witch and wardrobe 1988 online dating

Peter and Susan seek advice from Professor Kirke who is completely convinced that logically, Lucy is telling the truth - as she clearly isn't a liar and is obviously not "mad". A few days pass and the four children are on the run from the Professor's housekeeper who is hosting a tour of the house.

They end up hiding in the wardrobe and all find themselves in Narnia, realising that Lucy was indeed right.

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Lucy guides them to Mr. Tumnus's cave, but find him gone and his cave ransacked. They discover a note, signed by Maugrim - captain of the secret police - saying that Mr.

the lion witch and wardrobe 1988 online dating

Tumnus has been arrested for high treason against the Queen of Narnia, which includes fraternising with humans. Episode 3[ edit ] Lucy tells the others that the Queen is really the White Witch and convinces them to do something to save Mr.

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Tumnus, as she feels responsible for him being arrested. They travel on and soon encounter Mr. Beaver, who proves to be a friend by showing them a handkerchief which Lucy had given to Mr. Beaver informs the children that Aslan is on the move - the name Aslan invokes an odd feeling in all four children.

Beaver takes the children to his home. There, he and his wife Mrs. Beaver reveal that Mr. Tumnus was taken to the Witch's house and that he would have been turned into stone, as are most Narnians who go there. The children are given more information on Aslan, who is the Great Lion and the true king of Narnia who will save Mr. The Beavers also reveal that the children are part of a prophecy that states that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve will be crowned as Kings and Queens of Narnia, thus ending the reign of the White Witch - it is for this reason that the White Witch is always looking out for humans in Narnia.

They eventually realise that Edmund has disappeared - Mr.

the lion witch and wardrobe 1988 online dating

Beaver instantly realises that he has betrayed them to the White Witch. He is more convinced of this when he learns that Edmund had previously been to Narnia alone and not told his siblings what he had done or who he had met. He first had his suspicions about Edmund when first seeing him, as he "had the look of one who had been with the witch".

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The Beavers realise that the Witch will soon come after them and prepare for their journey to meet Aslan at the Stone Table. Edmund arrives at the Witch's house - the Witch is furious that he came alone and even more furious when he tells her that Aslan has come to Narnia.

When Maugrim and another wolf arrive at the Beaver's house, they discover it empty and on the Witch's orders, make their way to the Stone Table, with the harsh weather meaning that they have no tracks or scent to follow. The Witch, Edmund and her dwarf head for the Stone Table on her sledge, while the beavers and the other three children set off on foot and eventually reach a cave.

Beaver explains that it is an old hiding place for beavers in bad times, and that they need to stop for a few hours of sleep. The next morning, the Beavers and the children hear sleigh bells and think it is the Witch. However, to their delight, it is not the Witch but Father Christmas who gives gifts to the children - for Peter, a sword and shield, for Susan a horn and bow and arrow and for Lucy a cordial and a dagger.

Meanwhile, the Witch come across a group of animals sharing a Christmas feast and demands to know where they got it.

the lion witch and wardrobe 1988 online dating

A fox reveals that Father Christmas gave it to them for which they are turned into stone. Signs of the Witch's magic being weakened are evident when the snow melts, turning into spring. The spring forces the Witch to travel on foot with Edmund to the stone table. Episode 5[ edit ] The children and the Beavers arrive safely at the Stone Table and are greeted warmly by Aslan and his followers.

They inform Aslan of Edmund's betrayal and Aslan promises to do all he can to save Edmund. Peter is shown a far-off sight of Cair Paravel, the castle where he and his siblings will be crowned. Susan soon blows her horn something Father Christmas advised her to do when she is in danger.

Maugrim has arrived and scares the followers of Aslan and engages Peter in a battle, which the latter wins, being crowned Sir Peter Wolf's Bane by Aslan.

the lion witch and wardrobe 1988 online dating

Aslan also sends many of his followers to rescue Edmund when he sees one of Maugrim's wolves running to inform the White Witch. They manage to rescue Edmund, just as the Witch is about to kill him. Edmund is safely returned where he patches up with his siblings. The Witch approaches the Stone Table, demanding right over Edmund's life, as according to the deep magic all traitors belong to her. The one, however, almost has close to none, and you don't really care for the characters because of it.

In fact, I kind of wanted the White Witch to kill off the main characters in the one.

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In this version however, you'll see why the White Witch is so bad. I also love the subtle dark tone in this version. The other one tries to be dark, but fails miserably. You understand the pain and the suffering of the people in Narnia in this version, but in the version, the reason isn't cared about enough.

Instead, the filmmakers of the one care about making big bucks at the box office by making ground breaking action scenes. Truth be told, the action scenes aren't very good in the one, but trust me, if you sit down and watch the one instead of complaining about the special effects and stuffing popcorn into your mouth, you'll love the film.

IF you haven't seen this version yet, watch it, compare the two, and you'll see how by your own eyes. No explanation is needed for that once you see. The one actually had a decent White Witch, but this one is by far, the best. So is the version of Lucy in this one, she is adorable, always smiles in this one and behaves exactly like the one in the book.

The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe

The Lucy may as well be renamed, as her personality is completely different. I thought the actor for Lucy in the one wasn't too good at her job, either. To be honest, I liked the bad special effects in this version.