Taecyeon and yoona still dating

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taecyeon and yoona still dating

Article: 'Ent Relay' Ok Taecyeon, "I'm not jealous of Nichkhun and Tiffany [+, ] I doubt Soshi and 2PM are still dating each other ㅋ They already . Yoona & Sooyoung were asked about their bfs non-stop during Mr Mr. I watched the episode myself and the Taecyeon and Yoona things bored . Besides friends I dated when I was still a trainee, I have no dating. Characters Taecyeon | Yoona | Seunggi | Suzy | SNSD | 2PM to Korea - only to find out that the love of his life was dating another man.

This time, it is Sooyoung dating Jung Kyung-Ho!!!

taecyeon and yoona still dating

The girls are really growing up and starting off the new year with huge issues. So how did this two love-birds meet? Sooyoung is only twenty-four and Jung Kyung-Ho is thirty-one years old and is an actor. So, this two are really busy and has tight schedules. How will they ever find time to meet? So once again, news media ignited and sparks came out regarding about this two. Previous months, Sooyoung made headlines back in the month of February and then again for the month of October back in There were information revealed that this two were just "church buddies" who are "sunbae and hoobae" that went to the "same school" together.

taecyeon and yoona still dating

School sweethearts that caught each others eye by love at first sight, truly one woman and man's dream. This is like a fairytale between Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-Ho right now.

Well looks like this year, the rumors ignited yet again and this time the news media that found out is "Sports Seoul's" by stating that Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-Ho has been going out for a "year. But updates from "SM Entertainment" as well a representative for Jung regarding about the pair dating has been revealed. The photos does tell it all and this two are more than just close friends.

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Then again, maybe they are just really close friends and are not dating. We will just have to see regarding about this two. Can they just come out and tell us directly and not the agency or representative? This will make things much more clearer. Sooyoung and Jung were spotted by snapping a photo of them having a great time at a "Christmas Eve party" at her house which is located in Nonhyeondong, Seoul.

Then after the party, another photo was taken that shows Jung going into a Chanel store which is located at Apgujeong to "pick out a present" for her. Maybe this is a Christmas present, I mean it is Christmas you know and friends loves to buy gifts for their close friends.

Now that YoonGi is over, does Taecyeon have a shot?

Though Chanel is really a great store for couples, so maybe this two are indeed really dating. SM brought up that they do not have an exact date on when Sooyoung and Jung initiated their relationship though did state that "The dating rumors are true.

While they were close as sunbae and hoobae last year, their relationship progressed into that of a couple It wasn't just that the two seemed an odd couple. What made the allegations worse was the fact that the Gangnam Style sensation, 34, is a married man with twin daughters. According to a magazine report, Yoona made the first move.

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The two reportedly first met when Psy was helping out with the album production of another artiste. Yoona, sitting in a corner across the room, was "smitten by Psy's energy and ability to create a lively mood". The sweet-faced singer-actress, who won rave reviews last year for herleading performance in drama series Love Rain, then took the initiative to organise another outing, after which the two allegedly began a six-month fling.

At a fashion event in Hong Kong on Nov 2, Yoonawas quizzed by reporters about the alleged affair, but she declined to reply. Both artistes' companies then sent out official statements dismissing the rumours. Said Yoona's agency SM Entertainment: We think it is quite regretful to hear.

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Many wrote "LOL", one called it "the funniest joke I've ever heard", another said it made him "want to laugh so hard", while others slammed it as "weird and nasty". Eunhyuk and IU Be careful with what you upload, especially if you are a K-pop idol. Super Junior's Eunhyuk, 26, made headlines when year-old Korean singer-actress IU accidentally uploaded an intimate photo of them on her Twitter account last Saturday.

They were sitting so close in the photo that their heads were touching.

Daily NEWS[02.10.10]SNSD Yoona: The truth behind Yoona and Taecyeon about the "dating" is?

It was taken down in about twominutes, but that was still twominutes too late. Netizens and the media had a field day speculating on the photo, calling it a scandal. Oh my gosh, she's wearing her pyjamas and is he shirtless?

  • Daily NEWS[02.10.10]SNSD Yoona: The truth behind Yoona and Taecyeon about the "dating" is?
  • Taecyeon and Yoona are secretly dating?

Eunhyuk's management company, SM Entertainment, declined to comment. Loen Entertainment, which manages IU, released a statement the same day saying the photo was taken in summer when IU was very ill and Eunhyuk had visited her at her home. It said the photo was taken on a sofa.