Rainie yang and show luo dating 2013

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rainie yang and show luo dating 2013

So which co-star does Rainie look best with, since she's the queen of scandals with all of them. Rainie and Mike? Rainie and Show Luo?. 30 Jul - PM UPDATED 30 Jul - PM Show Luo and Rainie Yang had so much natural chemistry on the set of Hi My Sweetheart everyone assumed they were dating before the rumours surfaced. They are so super cute. Posted on July 5, by ockoala. No one can ever accuse Rainie Yang of being unable to act because she has the same one facial expression. She did an Australian tourism online drama with Show Luo followed by an online long drama . Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are Rumored to be Dating, Both Sides Deny Reports.

Summary[ edit ] Xue Hai Show Lo is a certifiable dork who comes from a wealthy family and had been protected by his oldest sister, Xue Bo for most of his life. One day, at age 20, he decided to move out of his comfort zone and study abroad in HangzhouChina.

To protect his identity as the heir of his family's wealth, Xue Bo, gave him an alias "Lin Da Lang," who is supposed to be a poor student. Lin Da Lang becomes unconditionally persistent for her friendship and endlessly delivers a peaceful and constant variable of support and acceptance to her neglected life. Unaware of Lin Da Lang's background, Bao Zhu teaches him the norms and social baby steps of everyday life.

As she begins to drop her guard, Da Lang vows to always be with her, and they fall in love.

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During this time, Chen Bao Zhu's father goes bankrupt and flees, leaving her and her mother behind. Using Bao Zhu's father as an example of poverty and failure, Bao Zhu's mother refuses to accept Lin Da Lang's relationship with her daughter and orders her to break up with Da Lang or she will prevent his graduation. Out of fear for Da Lang, Bao Zhu lies to her mother in a note, and agrees to an arranged marriage.

Secretly, however, Bao Zhu plans to elope with Da Lang. At the same time, Da Lang — unaware of the conflict — wishes to propose and confess his true identity and wealth to Chen Bao Zhu. Da Lang purchases an engagement ring and heads to the meeting spot; but as Chen Bao Zhu leaves to meet Lin Da Lang, she is hit by a car and knocked unconscious for months.

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Da Lang continues to wait, but she never shows. Worried, Da Lang later visits her home, and Chen Bao Zhu's mother lies to him and reports she is in Europe and will soon marry someone else for money, showing him the note Bao Zhu left. Unaware of Bao Zhu's true intentions, Da Lang comes to the conclusion he was recklessly abandoned by his first love. Xue Hai drops his alias of Da Lang, loses his simplistic innocent take on life, and vows not to ever commit to a relationship again.

Three years later, back in KaohsiungXue Hai has transformed himself into an egocentric playboy who openly flaunts his wealth.

rainie yang and show luo dating 2013

Xue Hai overhears Bao Zhu's familiar voice on the radio as a local DJ, and feeling he is now unrecognizable, buys the radio station in order to seek revenge on Bao Zhu. Hiding his identity as Da Lang, Xue Hai plans to coerce Bao Zhu into falling in love with his new self, only to then dump her harshly in revenge.

rainie yang and show luo dating 2013

Xue Hai then sets his mind on destroying the relationship of Bao Zhu and her "boyfriend", while he continually pursues her, often forgetting whether it's out of love or revenge. Xue Hai, knowing that he cannot begin a relationship with Bao Zhu unless she gets over Da Lang, lies and tells her that he has found Da Lang and that Da Lang is now happily married.

rainie yang and show luo dating 2013

Back in Kaohsiung, college classmate Mo Lee visits the station. During the summer break of his first year in middle school, Show swam and played basketball everyday, shedding weight and reaching 80 kilograms within two months.

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Show picked up street dance when he was in middle school and was a member of a street dance group, participating in many dancing competitions in Taiwan. He auditioned successfully for Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School, but was only enrolled there for one school term as his family was unable to afford the school fees.

He returned to Keelung and enrolled in Pei De high school's media production course. Debut — [ edit ] InShow entered and won a singing and dancing competition, impersonating Aaron Kwok. The boy group disbanded in as two members left for compulsory military servicewhich Show was exempted from because he has Gluteal Fibrotic Contracture.

They released two albums, but the group soon disbanded too. From toShow's singing career was stalled by a lawsuit with his former management company. He was forced to transit from a teen idol to a variety show entertainer, performing gags on variety shows.

His transition into hosting comedy game shows was successful, and he earned the "Triple Crown" title for hosting the three most popular variety shows at one point in time.

The sudden cancellation of these variety shows left him jobless for three months, which he refers to as the bleakest moment in his career. During this time period, he also played the male leading role in the idol drama Hi Working Girlco-starring with Jolin Tsai. The two formed a lasting friendship from this collaboration.

Avex Taiwan — [ edit ] InShow signed with Avex Taiwan and launched his solo career with the release of his first album Show Time, selling over 80, copies. His second album, Expert Showwas released in Show released his third album Hypnosis Show in For the album, he sang a full length English song for the first time, "Twinkle", with Japanese singer Koda Kumi.

rainie yang and show luo dating 2013

His first Japanese single "Dante" was released on February 15,