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Ishizuka, Mayumi Izuka. When a town is terrorized by a school of Tentacool and one giant Tentacruel, it's up to our heroes to bring balance between humans and Pokémon. Release Date: 1 October (USA) See more Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video Unlimited Streaming. Pokémon General. Join Date: Dec Tentacool actually evolves at Level 30, so just level your's up one level and it should evolve. Tentacool & Tentacruel (Japanese: メノクラゲドククラゲ Menokurage Dokukurage) is the 19th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on.

Before she catches the Horsea, however, there is an explosion and a boat is destroyed. Brock grabs a nearby boat and heads out to assist in the rescue effort. The sailors are paralyzed and mumble about what caused their ship to explode. Later, Ash and his friends meet Nastinawho is the spitting image of Brutella from the previous episode.

She explains her plans of building an exclusive hotel on the ocean literally, perched on a coral reef for wealthy tourists. However, her building plans are upsetting the local Tentacool and Tentacruelwho've been attacking her construction site. Misty angrily rejects Nastina's offer. The trio make their way to Horsea, now healed by a Super Potionand Pikachu, who are enjoying a swim in a small pool.

Misty finally understands Horsea's earlier ink drawings: Nastina then makes a public announcement offering the million dollars to anyone who exterminates the Tentacool and Tentacruel. The gang are nearly run over by the town's citizens, rushing to the beach to carry out Nastina's orders, and Nastina makes her way over to her loyal followers in a tank.

Team Rocket eagerly offers to help Nastina and set out on their boat. However, their boat is soon surrounded by thousands of angry Tentacool, one of whom blasts the stun sauce with a ray gun-type attack and destroys the boat. The sauce lands on that same Tentacool, but instead of being stunned, it evolves into a Tentacruel hundreds of times the normal size of the breed, and promptly begins a citywide rampage.

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Tentacool overwhelm the land, while the giant Tentacruel causes a giant tidal wave that floods Porta Vista.

Meowth is captured by the large Tentacruel and is used as its mouthpiece.

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It explains that it is destroying the city in much the same way Nastina has been destroying its home, the coral reef. Before she can, an explosion happens and a boat is destroyed. Misty sends out StaryuStarmieand Goldeen to rescue the sailors that were flung into the ocean. Brock gets a nearby boat and helps rescue them.

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The sailors mumble about what made their ship blow up and must report it to their boss. Unbeknownst to anyone, strange shadows lurk beneath the surface. Later, Ash and his friends meet Nastinawho looks just like Brutella from the previous episode.

She thanks them for saving her workers but when Ash says they have to leave, she tells them they can't not without staying at her new resort. She tells them about her plan to build a hotel on the ocean it is literally sitting on a coral reef for wealthy tourists. When finished it will have an undersea view surrounded by beautiful coral reef, but only if some Tentacool stop interfering.

She states that because of the Tentacool nothing can get done and wonders why such despicable creatures exist. Misty becomes offended when Nastina says that they are disgusting, no one can eat them and they're hurting her profits. Ash was excited however Nastina tells them that they have to exterminate the Tentacool first, then she'll pay them. Brock and Ash want the money, but Misty yells at her turning down her offer.

Nastina is not pleased. Sometime later, Misty is still angry about how Nastina bad-mouthed the Tentacool and says that they are cute. Misty states that if the Tentacool are bothering humans there has to be a reason for it.

Ash asks if she thinks so and Misty says of course. She also says that Tentacool are wonderful and the red spot on their forehead is called the "Ruby of the Sea".

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Ash and Brock wonder who calls it that and Misty says she does since it's her name for it. Soon they find that Horsea is all better thanks to the potion Brock administered.

Horsea then tries to warn Misty again. Ash wonders if the ink painting in the water looked like a Tentacool and Brock surmises that it may have something to do with the Tentacool. Misty asks Horsea if it's true and Horsea confirms it. Just then, Nastina makes an announcement to the public and offers a reward to anyone that gets rid of the Tentacool, which offends Misty. When she says it's ridiculous for her to expect the people to get rid of Tentacool for money, Ash says it's not ridiculous for the townspeople and they are almost run over by the residents as they run to the beach.

Nastina appears in a tank and asks who's ready to destroy the Tentacool. The tank is struck by a rose and who should appear but Team Rocket. They offer to help Nastina and she says if they do a good job they'll have the reward.

As Team Rocket heads out to the sea, Misty is worried because they are disrespecting the ocean. But their fantasy is interrupted when their fishing boat is stopped by angry Tentacool. Considering the numbers, They don't have enough sauce to stun them all. One Tentacool fires a red beam at the boat and the entire barrel lands on it, but instead of being stunned, it evolves into a Tentacruel times larger than normal size and it starts destroying the city.