Phineas and ferb excaliferb online dating

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phineas and ferb excaliferb online dating

Phineas and Ferbalot set out to quest for the legendary sword, Excaliferb. TV-G Subtitles and Closed Captions Language: English Runtime: 22 minutes Release date: February 10, Format, Prime Video (streaming online video). The third season of Phineas and Ferb first aired on Disney Channel on March 4, , and on Disney XD on March 5, . back then! Major Monogram: Stay off the Internet, Carl! .. Ferb-a-lot (Ferb): Behold evil wizard Millifishmirtz, I hold the sword Excaliferb. . I used to make it for her all the time when we were dating . Phineas · Ferbalot. Friends: Stachelda (mentioned). Love interests: Jeremiad is Candace Flynn's counterpart that takes her place in the fictional story of " Excaliferb". writing a letter to her friend, Stachelda about her big date with Jeremiad. Your Biggest Questions About 'Ralph Breaks the Internet,' Answered FANDOM.

What do you think I'm doing? Am I on speaker phone? Get me off speaker phone!!! The Mom Attractor[ edit ] Candace: What are you guys doing?

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Well you know how we do something new everyday? Oh, well, we build a big project or do something-- Candace: I'm aware of the concept Phineas, I was just being sarcastic.

Hey, that was pretty good. I totally fell for it. Hey Ferb, I totally fell for it. I'm trying to think of things that Mom likes. Oh, so many things, really. Music, hobbies, you kids. I used to make it for her all the time when we were dating. Oh, it made her so happy. Candace gets up and leaves You know, I should get out my toque and blowtorch and make one for her today. What a good idea Candace. The sound of the door opens and closes Candace? Well, all right then.

No you should not, I created the world's largest wedgie machine. Uh, you tried to eliminate the atmosphere, one time. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

phineas and ferb excaliferb online dating

Agent P, we have a situation. Is this about that grape joke? Who told on me? Was it the duck?! That's not why I called you in. Get a look at this! This is Newton the Gnu. He was assigned to Dr. Diminutive, but it appears that some bonehead blew his cover on the blogosphere.

phineas and ferb excaliferb online dating

We still haven't found out who it was. In the meantime, We need you to bring him in. Get on it, Agent P! Oh, and, uh, take Doofenshmirtz with you.

phineas and ferb excaliferb online dating

I can wear my new fedora! Get out of here! Doofenshmirtz and Perry leave, then Carl is seen with a mail cart Carl, get in here! When you're done delivering the mail, I want you to wash and wax my car. You know, a little wax on, wax off? It'll teach you karate. Minor Monogram[ edit ] Doofenshmirtz: Johnny, he's such a boy.

I'm sick of it! No ambition, no depth You always go for the wrong type of guys, these bad boy types. Hey, there's good evil and there's bad evil. Am I right, Rodrigo? She tries to help Dr.

Doofenshmirtz, but couldn't because she is wearing Perry's initial trap, which is the boot-like trap. Oh, you have got to be kidding me!

Explains his plan using the blackboard that Dr. Doofenshmirtz, I'm going to manipulate your propellers at precise angles and literally tear the Tri-State Area apart! If you destroy the Tri-State Area, what will you have left to take over?!!

Phineas (Excaliferb)

That's almost left-boot-trap crazy!! Oh, would you get off that? Making matching boots is normal! You with the one boot, that's what's crazy! Join me, Vanessa, and together we will take over the world. I'll let you get a tattoo. I think boots should come in pairs, like people.

I don't work for him! That's my father, you dweeb!! Well, yeah, I just thought we had a moment. What a dip, right? I just can't believe it's gone! Aw, don't be blue. All we've gotta do is wait a couple of hours— Candace: My brother will be here with my backup. What were you think— realizes Oh, that is disgusting! Oh nice try but the mustache thing was still weirder.

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I'm the inner you. Are you the one who's been making the good -inators?! That's it, just a little more. Not so hard, you'll over-tighten it!

phineas and ferb excaliferb online dating

Now, let's get a glimpse at what this baby can do. Ugh, dude, what happened?

Phineas and Ferb Excaliferb

Dude, is this cake? The cake is hugging us! Don't worry, it's not so bad! We can eat our way out! I can't eat it now, it's covered in paper! An angry Doofenshmirtz and his inner self seeing Perry flying away after he destroys the three -inators Doofenshmirtz: So much for that -inator.

Hey, what are you doing here? This isn't a dream! Carl explains that Monogram's wife had made two sandwiches in the kitchen, and that they were delicious.

When Monogram asks Carl if he ate his sandwich, Carl quickly gets back to the story. With the help of the other water spritesIsabel creates a slide out of the river water to cushion the fall for Phineas, Ferbalot, and the others. They then arrive at the swamp.

Isabel explains that to cross it, one must have a positive attitude. Phineas confidently proclaims that the swamp was made for him, crossing it with ease. However, Bufavulous says that he will not go. Baljeetolas tries to use logic to get Bufavulous to cross, but when that fails he tells him that Phineas has pie, causing Bufavulous to sprint after the others. Malifishmertz spies on the questers with his magic mirror.

The gang make their way to the Cave of Ten Thousand Monsters, where the sword Excaliferb can be found. Malifishmertz creates an avalanche, causing the questers to run inside the cave for cover.

Parable uses his fire breath to break out of the cage and attacks Malifishmertz; but Malifishmertz zaps him with his magic staff, and he falls out the window. As he pulls the sword from the stone, monsters creep out from the shadows. As Malifishmertz is about to finish him off, Phineas and Ferbalot appear with their monster army. As Ferbalot holds up Excaliferb, the blade falls off the handle.

Phineas and Ferb - S 3 E 30 - Excaliferb

Due to the potions, Candavere arrives as a giant monster that Malifishmertz dubs a "uni-whale-scorpio-pega-squid-icorn girl". A fight ensues between the monster army and the meat minions. Malifishmertz transforms himself into a multi-headed monster, and Phineas uses his potions to transform Parable into a winged monster to do battle with it, as well as to change Candavere back to normal.

The battle becomes a one-on-one fight between Parable and Malifishmertz, with Parable eventually gaining the upper hand, however many times Malifishmertz refused to go down. Carl tries to add himself to the story as the ultimate hero, but Major Monogram stops him, telling him to read the story as it was written. The story continues that the battle was decided by forming a peace treaty between each side.

At first, Monogram doesn't believe Carl but satisfies when he reads himself. Carl finishes the story by reading the epilogue: The questers were cheered as heroes for stopping the rain, Candavere danced with Jeremiad and Malifishmertz escaped during the bonfire party, opening the possibility for a sequel. Major Monogram asks Carl if he can read to him again tomorrow, but Carl says he can't because they have to work tomorrow.