Park bom and top dating allkpop super

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park bom and top dating allkpop super

2NE1 was incredibly popular, Park Bom had a legit reason for having drugs Seungri had a sex scandal while nation's boy group EXO had a dating scandal and it . Super Junior, like Big Bang, has an extremely scandal-ridden past but If TOP had beaten someone to death with a baseball bat, people. "Park Bom and I are now free to date," Dara said. "I Am The Best", and more are also receiving much support for their new song "I Super Junior members send out a video letter to fans on their 13th anniversary since debut!. OK so I read everything about Park Bom case, and I'm so happy that she Onewbunny Super Rookie I still dont uderstand why people think YG/YHS did nothing in her case, but did a lot for TOP, Seungri GD and Daesung.

I'm simply stating that Big Bang has an immense fanbase, and is one of the most successful Kpop acts of all time by any measurement. Few other groups have remained so popular for so long, and they've released a virtually unmatched succession of chart-topping hits. Even if they lose some fans due to their scandals, they have so many fans that plenty of people will still buy their music.

Some people have "cancelled" Big Bang every time a member has gotten in trouble. But they have enough fans to mitigate that damage. The same would be true if a member of BTS for example was caught smoking pot. Some fans would get mad and drop the group, but their fanbase is huge, so the group would be able to weather the storm.

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Super Junior, like Big Bang, has an extremely scandal-ridden past but has remained highly successful if not as successful for the same reason. It's relevant, of course, that both of these are boy groups.

park bom and top dating allkpop super

Girl groups are generally held to a much higher standard; "perfection" is expected and anything less often proves extremely damaging to their careers. It's not fair, of course, but sexism is an ugly reality in Kpop just like it is in many other industries. The other part of my answer is this: Big Bang's scandals don't make them bad people.

OP, this may not be the answer you're looking for. Forgive me if I've misinterpreted you, but it seems to me based on your original post that you are predisposed to reject anyone who "defends" Big Bang, and that you've already formed a pretty negative opinion about them.

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You certainly have that right, and I can't make you change your perspective -- but I hope that you'll keep an open mind, and read what I'm about to say. I have no intention of denying that multiple members of Big Bang have made mistakes or even broken the law. But there's a difference between breaking the law and being a bad person. Is TOP, for example, a "criminal" for smoking marijuana?

But anyone who has ever jaywalked is also a criminal.

park bom and top dating allkpop super

Anyone who has ever downloaded a song or movie without paying for it is a criminal. Selling a Sharpie marker to a minor is criminal in a lot of jurisdictions.

park bom and top dating allkpop super

Hell, in many countries, being gay is still criminal, and I don't think anyone would try to justify those laws! During his time as an employee of SM, Tao's contract hadn't yet been properly terminated or expired and Tao was found to have been working for another company in China with his own solo activities.

park bom and top dating allkpop super

This was a breach of contract and, as many expected, Tao lost the case with SM Entertainment and was deemed a traitor to Korea and the entertainment industry. He was accused of assaulting his girlfriend in August of and was soon sent to trial and fined for the incident, despite the charges being dropped. However, that isn't what left him in boiling water.

Park Bom reveals what she looks for when she's looking at men

The big issue was when his girlfriend came forward saying she was pregnant and his slew of text messages revealing him suggesting abortions and calling her a "pig. It became worse since it was ongoing and was confirmed to be her fourth abortion. He eventually shared the shocking news via Instagram, where he revealed that he was getting married and his wife was expecting a baby soon.

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Social media seemed to be a big and safe outlet for the singer to come forward with as he posted on his personal Twitter account, "You must all have been shocked. P was the biggest headline-making idol of the year - but not in a good way. It was confirmed in late October of that the artists had smoked marijuana with a trainee before his military enlistment. Once the truth was revealed earlier in June, he was stripped of his title in the military and also trialed.