Once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

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once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

We're teased with hope — his last actions were brave, selfless, and true so Once Upon a Time: And Straight On Till MorningIn "Once Upon a. Release Date: 24 March When 'Once Upon a Time' first started it was highly addictive and made the most of a truly great and creative premise. " Selfless, Brave and True" is a very well done episode on the whole with a lot done right. Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video. "Selfless, Brave and True" is the 18th episode of the second season of the American ABC fantasy/drama television series Once Upon a Time, and the show's 40th episode overall. Original air date, March 24, ().

August pulls a necklace out. The Dragon knows that the string of the necklace is the string his father used to animate him, extending his hand for the payment. The Dragon then tells him that along with the necklace, he needs ten thousand dollars, and if it is brought by tonight he will never turn into wood again.

She tells them that shortly after the curse was broken, August came to her and asked her if she could return him to his former self. Mother Superior addresses Marco, telling him that when she initially turned Pinocchio into a real boy it was his duty to remain truthful, brave and unselfish, but he did not.

Mary Margaret asks her why he should not get another chance. Mother Superior tells them that August cannot be forced on the path of redemption, for that would not be true. Mary Margaret turns to Marco and tells him that there is still hope for August. August looks through this wallet to find payment for The Dragon, but does not have sufficient funds. He is outside a bar in Hong Kong, and Tamara greets him, and invites him to sit with her. When he sits next to her she pulls out her purse, which contains a big stack of one hundred dollar bills.

The bartender gives August a beer, and him and Tamara toast to second chances. He asks her why she is seeing The Dragon. She tells August that she had a rare form of cancer, and was sure to die. Discovering that she had cancer, she searched the world looking for a doctor or a healer to help her. August tells her that he came to The Dragon because of a skin condition.

Tamara asks if it is acne, and August agrees, but he tells her that once it spreads he will be done for. Tamara then asks him why they would need to bring a personal item, and that she gave The Dragon a photo of her and her grandmother. She then leaves because of a phone call.

Selfless, Brave and True

August agrees to keep an eye on her purse for her, but when she has her back turned he takes a stack of bills out of the purse and leaves the bar. In August's trailer, there is a knock at the door. He thinks Mary Margaret has returned, but discovers Tamara instead. August runs back to The Dragon.

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He shows August a vial with some kind of magic in it, before he gives it to August, he asks for the money. August takes the money he stole from Tamara and nearly gives it to The Dragon. When he looks down at the table, he sees a picture of Tamara and her grandmother, and begins to feel pain in his leg.

once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

The Dragon says that the body has strange ways of sending us signals. August asks if The Dragon is sure that what is in the bottle can cure him. The Dragon cryptically tells him that it will stop him from turning into wood, but that is only a symptom, adding that only August can truly cure himself. The two exchange the money for the cure. Later, August unwrapped the vial, but Tamara tells him that it's not his.

August runs, but Tamara chases him, and eventually he drops the bottle onto the ground. Tamara picks it up, and tells him that he deserves whatever he has.

once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

Leaving August crying in the middle of the street. In August's trailer, August asks Tamara if she believes in magic. She asks him why she would chase down a man called The Dragon if she did not believe. He asks her why she is in Storybrooke, but she tells him that it does not concern him. Tamara tells him that after what he did in Hong Kong, he owes her a favor—leaving Storybrooke.

He asks her if she is like him.

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Tamara responds that she is not magical, but changes the subject to her cancer being cured by the bottle Th Dragon offered her. She tells him that the bottle is in her apartment in New York, and that August can go get it and use it to cure his own affliction. In exchange for this, Tamara asks him to leave Storybrooke and never return.

August then asks her if her and Neal are planning to take the magic from Storybrooke. Tamara admits that Neal is not a part of any of this. August says he cannot leave without knowing her plans, but Tamara says that the August she met in Hong Kong would do anything to save himself, and she is offering salvation.

He tells her that he has enough towels, if that is what she came for, but she came for other reasons. She tells Greg that she realizes why he looks so familiar to her—they met years ago, when he was still called Owen. Regina shows him the lanyard keychain he gave her, telling him that she kept it all these years to remind her of their time together.

Regina says that he looks different now that he is all grown up, but Greg says Regina looks exactly the same. She praises a monthly juice cleanse for her perceived agelessness.

She asks him why he is here. Regina tells Greg that his father left the town not long after he did, and she never saw him again. Greg does not believe Regina, but she maintains that it is the truth. He says that people cannot just disappear. Regina tells him that scared little boys have overactive imaginations, but Greg says that he is not a scared little boy and he is not leaving without his father.

Regina says he is leaving without his father, tomorrow. He asks her what will happen if he does not. Marco tells Mary Margaret the truth about how he sent his son through the wardrobe and made the Blue Fairy lie to them about the Magic Wardrobe's capacity. He begins to apologize to her, but she slaps him instead. Emma stops Mary Margaret, and she apologizes to Marco, saying that she is not herself, and she would have done the same if it were her child.

They find August's trailer shortly after this, but he is nowhere to be found in his trailer. In actuality, August is driving Tamara's car out of Storybrooke as quickly as possible.

He tells Tamara that it is bizarre to try to get him to tell the truth, when she is the one who lied about having cancer.

once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

Tamara admits to this, but says that she has been searching for magic, a rare commodity in this world, for a long time, and finally found it in The Dragon. Showing him the bottle of magic he gave her, she tells The Dragon that even with the most sophisticated technology on this earth, no elements on the periodic table were found in the substance.

The Dragon says that it is not from this world, because he provides cures for afflictions not of this world. Tamara pulls out her taser, telling The Dragon that she cannot risk anyone finding him. He levitates above the ground, but Tamara's taser electrocutes him until he drops dead. August is driving Tamara's car when he hits a bump in the road. This bump causes the photo of Tamara and her grandmother she previously gave to The Dragon to fall onto the seat next to August.

He returns to Storybrooke, and he goes into the Storybrooke Sheriff Department looking for someone to help him.

once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

Using the phone there, he calls Emma who is out in the woods. She is relieved to hear that it is August, but just as he is about to warn her, Tamara stops August. He tells Tamara that he knows what she did to The Dragon.

He recalls that a few days after he left, he went back to The Dragon, only to find him dead, but according to August he was too wrapped up in himself to wonder what had happened.

August shows her the photo of her and her grandmother. Now he realizes that she killed The Dragon. Tamara tells August that he should have left, but August maintains that only he can cure his dishonesty. After telling this to Tamara, he leaves to warn the people of Storybrooke about Tamara.

Before he can do this, Tamara uses her taser to electrocute him. August bumbles out of the Sheriff Department, looking for someone to help. Marco immediately comforts his dying son. With his last words, August tries to warn Emma about Tamara, but dies in Marco's arms before he can tell her. Suddenly, Neal appears, and asks what has happened to August. Emma tells him that someone killed August.

once upon a time selfless brave and true online dating

Henry recalls "Selfless, Brave and True", the words the Blue Fairy used to describe what Pinocchio must do to remain a real boy. She tells that she saved Pinocchio after he sacrificed his life for his father's, so she should be able to do the same now. Marco begs for his son's life, and sure enough, Mother Superior's wand reverts August back into a real boy.

Pinocchio and his father rejoice, and Tamara approaches from behind Neal, after witnessing the transformation. Emma asks Pinocchio if he can remember what he was going to tell her before Mother Superior turned him into a little boy. When Regina asks if they had met before, Greg claims that it's their first time meeting.

Someone else hears the conversation: Tamara, who finds August and tells him to leave Storybrooke forever. She gives him the keys to her vehicle to return to New York City to pick up the healing potion in her apartment.

Mary Margaret slaps him, then apologizes and says she would have done the same for her child. The three learn that August has just left Storybrooke. En route he finds and recognizes the photo of Tamara and her grandmother which he had previously seen while with the Dragonprompting him to return to town. As he makes a phone call to Emma from the Sheriff's office, Tamara cuts the phone line.

Emma races back to the office; August realizes that Tamara killed the Dragon and that her real goal was to come to Storybrooke to take magic and plans to warn the residents. Tamara then pulls out her taser and uses it on August so he can't go through with it.

Henry believes that the warning August was attempting to give Emma was brave and truthful, then asks if the Blue Fairy Keegan Connor Tracy can save him. As August's actions were indeed brave and truthful, the Blue Fairy uses her wand and brings him back to life as a real young boy, Pinocchio Jakob Davies. When Emma asks if Pinocchio remembers anything, he says he does not remember. Tamara tells Neal that she "believed" him, and will stay with him. As the Charming Family returns home, Emma tells Henry that she is sorry about lying to him, and the two make up, while Mary Margaret and David have an exchange with Mary Margaret telling David about the darkened hole in her heart, and David vowing to do whatever it takes to protect their family.

Regina goes to Greg's room and tells him that she knows who he was by showing him the lanyard she had kept. Greg responds by telling Regina that he will not leave Storybrooke without his father, despite Regina's claim that he left. Greg proves to Regina that he is not bluffing because hours later he gets a phone call from "Her," who is knocking on his door.

That "Her" was Tamara, who is revealed to be using Neal and before they close the door, they prepare for a sexual encounter while Neal is taking a shower in the other room. Cultural references[ edit ] Disney references in this episode point to Mulan in which the Dragon showcases his ability to draw smoke from his nostrils, Pinocchio in which the Blue Fairy grants August a chance to become a real boy again, The Little Mermaid in which Tamara used a shell-like mirror to see Neal and August talk, and Winnie The Pooh in which a honey neon pub sign called "Winnie's" is featured.

The flashback scenes involving August meeting a woman in Phuket then leaving for Hong Kong, his tattoo on his leg, and the Dragon seeing who August really is, are allusions to " Stranger in a Strange Land " a episode from Lost.

Ratings[ edit ] This episode saw a slight decline, placing a 2. Hilary Busis from Entertainment Weekly notes that: