Matthew mercer and marisha ray dating

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matthew mercer and marisha ray dating

Critical Role features Matt Mercer (McCree in Overwatch) as the Dungeon Vex (Laura Bailey), Percy (Taliesin Jaffe), Keyleth (Marisha Ray). sort of almost- dating flirty relationship before Vax confesses to Gilmore that he's. After we'd been playing for a couple years, Matt was approached by Felicia Marisha Ray: The game you are watching is actually our long. Marisha Ray and Matthew Mercer have been married for 1 year. After 11 months of engagement they were married on 21st Oct

Thankfully, Liam makes it awesome. Is also a bisexual disaster, but less aggressive about all three attributes. Back to back episodes, people. She still managed to multi-class into rogue eventually. Has a pet bear named Trinket which eventually led to a life-sized bear being part of the set who is really cute, but not the most useful in a fight, sadly. He did, however, provide easy puzzles on multiple occasions, especially during the very first arc.

Critical Role Is All About The Characters

After Annabeth ChaseVex is probably the one fictional character I relate to the most. Vex also has a bit of an underlying guilt complex; Laura wrote the story of her getting Trinketand it features a teenage girl excessively blaming herself for everything bad that happens to her and others, even though she is probably like 16 or something and being taken advantage of.

She is also more a Martell than a dutiful princess though we will get to one eventuallyin that she reminds me of Arianne the most, what with her guilt issues and her intense dislike for a distant father who admittedly is still more of an asshole than Doran ends up being that she still desperately wants to please, and her tendency to run away to hide behind tapestries, er, run out of libraries or fly up to the top shelves of wineries, rather than talk about her feelings.

Vex also has a minor obsession with flying, eventually leading her to… Acquire a flying broom in an incident we do not mention. Do not talk about broom gate. She can also charm the pants off anyone, yet between that and her apparent contractual obligation to expose herself every ten episodes or so, she never really falls into the stereotype of the seductress. No one gets naked onscreen, shush. But honestly, I am wasting my time here. The best way to sum her up is this: The cast so far has made two personal playlists about their characters and their development, which you can find on Spotify.

You can just call him Percy, though. To sum up Taliesin Jaffe, I will use three anecdotes. They eventually end up in her workshop, which features lots of creepy shit, including but not limited to a pickled unicorn fetus, a set of eerie dolls with no eyes, a fifteen foot long eel skeleton, and chandeliers shaped like downwards pointing fangs.

Most of the cast recently streamed playing a new video game that just came out called For Honor. Taliesin spent most of his time on the stream talking about medieval weapons. He also has the best fashion sense. Oh, and after being a child actor, Taliesin, in his own words, went into voice acting because he wanted the right to a horrible haircut.

His haircut and color are the easiest way to date gifs and screencaps from any given episode. He also frequently brings a gun to a sword fight. Other than that, Percy as a character is the definition of a slowburn. But only for him.

Other features of his characters are a, in his words, horrible mind that comes up not only with the first guns in the history of this fantasy setting, but also numerous other creative things to tinker that may or may not kill people. Oh, yeah, and even though his personal arc is technically over by episode 36, Matt Mercer is a cruel god and brings shit back to an extremely devastating extent thirty episodes later.

Now, twenty more episodes after that, Percy is still dealing with his issues, and is slowly coming down from a manic into a depressive phase. And there was a meme going around that Matt Mercer had a secret notebook with all the reveals in it, and he would give it to you if you defeat him in single combat? And therein lies the tragedy of both her and Keyleth.

And why is that? Keyleth is a combination of Aang and Britta from community, thrown in with a sheltered upbringing and poor people skills. Keyleth is the dutiful princess I mentioned above. To eventually lead the tribe, she has been sent on her Aramente, a trip to all the other Ashari tribes where she has to fulfill various quests to understand balance and shit.

She also has to prove herself a hero in the process, something Keyleth… Struggles with.

Who is Matthew Mercer dating? Matthew Mercer girlfriend, wife

Grog Strongjaw The aforementioned big guy who hits people. Or turns them into raspberry paste. He even has the right shirt. In the wrong colors. And then he got into fights with the people beating his fellow theater nerd friends up. When your wife gets the romance arc she deserves. Just their Halloween costume on occasion.

matthew mercer and marisha ray dating

And has led to the absurd situation where Laura had to tell her real life husband that she has a fantasy boyfriend. And every time she gets to a romantic scene with said fantasy boyfriend, Travis is cheering.

RelationshipGoals Grog is the big guy of the group. The only dedicated tank they have, with an intelligence of 6 that keeps him from being able to read, write, or even count really.

One of my favorite scenes is in episode 40, in which Grog manages to outwit the two cleverest members of the party over an artifact in what is one of the tensest sequences on the show ever, that got very close to being an all-out fight between player characters.

Due to not being one to hide behind words or overthink things, Grog is also quite open with his feelings and his earnestness is what brought me to tears on occasion. He just has a lot of heart, okay? And always hits you with it when you least expect it. The bit in episode 1 is really the most uncomfortable that ever gets, and at least all sex workers are portrayed with as much agency as that position allows for, so… Well.

Do not trust this man. He will destroy you and laugh about it. To the degree that not only did his fellow cast members yell at him, the crew shot him with nerf darts, and a recent Talks Machina episode opened like this.

Too bad they had no actual shame bells. Scanlan is the little guy, a gnome bard to be exact, who hits on people. Mostly women, but there have been instances and word of god on twitter that confirmed him as not entirely straight. No one in this party is, and I will fight you about that. We can witness the creation of his character on the second episode of the podcast I keep mentioning: I want to be the worst!

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As you can see, that didn't happen. It's become something none of us ever expected, and it's still becoming something none of us ever anticipated, so we're just holding on and seeing where it goes. With it getting so big, does that put additional pressure on you? It can, but I try to not let it. Because yeah, you have a lot of people who are watching, many who know the rules better than I do. Many who have different opinions about how things might have gone, and that's part of the fun of it, is people having their own interpretations and their own discussions and their debates, and that's totally awesome.

The core of this show is that I am making a game for myself and my players. You hear all the voices, and you do your best to shut them out. You have to take the moment to appreciate it, and then push it away and not let it affect how you run your game. There's a reason why they only put them out once a month or so. What people need to understand about web production in general, is that it's not like we're dealing with the resources or team of a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster.

That's the other thing with the web, is that you start to go global with the people who will start working on your projects. Even with Critical Role, half of our official artists are in different countries.

Hey, you will enjoy your free content when it gets here! We're both fans of musicals, I come from a musical theater background, and he as a writer enjoys musicals.

He had this inspiration to write this story. We don't know what we're doing.

matthew mercer and marisha ray dating

We assembled a great cast of YouTube talent, and people we have worked with previously. Ashly Burch did a phenomenal job. The community rose up and helped us get those three episodes produced, and we got to tell the story we wanted to tell. Sean Becker, the director, did an amazing job.

I had to step back from the directorial role because things were blowing up in other avenues, and I knew the project would suffer if I directed it in addition to all the other chaos in my life. You have both used Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to fund certain projects. What do you think of the impact of those platforms have had on entertainment productions?

Matthew Mercer

It has its missteps. There are many people who have abused the system, many people who have gone into it no understanding the scope of what they were trying to undertake, and those little blemishes are an issue to get over. Largely, I think it is a way to bypass an old and dying production system where content creators and creatives have to go through the business rigmarole to have anything produced and reach the audience, and in many cases have the creative vision diluted or changed so drastically by committee by the time it sees the consumer, it's nowhere close to what the original vision was.

Now we have the creative take it straight to the audience, and then, conversely, have the audience and the consumer have a direct, not just say, but direct involvement in what they want produced out there and cut out that middleman. It's building a closer bond between the creator and the consumer in this wonderful collaborative way. It's still in its baby steps, I believe, and it's finding its way, but it's helping build this atmosphere and social awareness that if I like something, I can give money to it and help make it happen.

The internet, in general, has really opened up media to whatever you want can be provided. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it.