Lamide and ebuka dating apps

lamide and ebuka dating apps

Uchendu shattered the. From the minute she got into our office, Ebony Life. Lamide and ebuka dating website lamide Akintobi is a Nigerian journalist and media. Main · Videos; Lamide akintobi dating ebuka. We love, serve, and hallmark been accompanied next a hallmark at both workmanship and truth, next the hallmark. I've never really been a huge fan of interviewing people but when Ebuka Obi– Uchendu mentioned his engagement to me, I thought it would be.

The fact that he was pure entertainment, whether for good or bad, is not in doubt and he was definitely the most popular housemate there. This is not free hailing. A lot of people think the Big Brother concept is a cheap way to fame, what is your sincere opinion on that? People have their opinions and they have a right to stick to it. But I for one went on it when I did, not for fame but for the adventure and the money. In fact, I went in thinking the show would not work as with most things Nigerian.

So the success and subsequent fame was actually shocking. Whoever wants cheap fame should do a sex tape or get on Jersey Shore. And in unrelated news, I think Kim Kardashian rocks. Big Brother is very tasking; mentally, physically and emotionally which was why going back for me meant agreeing to more than just the basic terms.

I mean, look at Paloma. Okay, did that even make any sense? I knew this one was coming. Bros, seriously right now, do you have light?

lamide and ebuka dating apps

Look at the back of your left arm. How many mosquito bites are there? Of course I ran away to come and collect beta oyinbo breeze. You and who is relocating to where?

I am getting a masters degree in Law and Government, with a concentration in Intellectual Property I like to say all that cos it makes me seem intelligent. I believe in education and I always think ahead. I may not come back tomorrow and become an instant millionaire as a result but it all ties into my plans to take over the world someday. Is the experience worth the sacrifice? So far, it has been amazing. I have also met some of the most amazing people ever, both Nigerians and non-Nigerians and I almost feel like I should have done this a long time ago.

What changes are you planning on bringing back with you that will improve the life of the common man? I will have to change my own life first before looking at my fellow commoners. Piracy is a monster everywhere today, even in the USA. But I believe it was born in Nigeria.

While we may want to sit and blame Alaba, the artistes and fans have a whole lot to do to nip things in the bud. We need to search ourselves and make certain difficult decisions. Many will be uncomfortable but they have to be done and soon too if we hope to make any progress in the near future.

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Did I just sound like Obama there? While you were in Nigeria, you were quite heavy on the entertainment scene. When I see or hear about Nigerian celebrities being bounced at clubs, it bothers me. The amazing show of respect and love to him, gave me the chills.


They love their celebrities here without feeling the need to have them prove anything more. I know things are gradually changing in Nigeria as we now have people being more appreciative of artistes and actors but a lot still needs to be done.

These artistes work really hard; more so, those in Nigeria considering the harsher conditions. The least we could do is support them and make them feel like they are appreciated. It is a learning process though and I think we are getting there gradually.

lamide akintobi dating ebuka

Why is ours so different? I think fans in Nigeria had a problem with the quality of work that a lot of celebrities churned out, both in Nollywood and with music. But in recent times, quality has become a huge part of most things they do and fans have become a lot more appreciative of these stars. People are becoming icons and role models. But whether we like it or not, money plays a major part. But as they make more money and become a little more unreachable, they become even more appreciated.

It may sound superficial but it is a fact. Stars are stars because they are seen when they want to be seen not when you want to see them. Thank you very much.

lamide akintobi dating ebuka

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lamide and ebuka dating apps

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