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After filming ended, the warehouse was completely gutted. . Melinda reveals in a confessional that she and Danny were going through a divorce. was revealed that KellyAnne Judd from The Real World: Sydney was dating Wes at the time. KellyAnne Judd is an American TV personality who has worked in various MTV TV The reality star blames her father for her parent's divorce due to an Moving towards her personal life, KellyAnne Judd dated Dunbar Merrill from the year Furthermore, KellyAnne Judd and Wes Bergmann were in a relationship. Wes Bergmann and KellyAnne Judd photos, news and gossip . Find out more about.

KellyAnne and Trisha try to gain Dunbar's sympathy in their conflict with Parisa and Shauvon, but he remains neutral. Shauvon and Isaac flirt. KellyAnne makes amends with Shauvon and Parisa. She invites a man named Alex to the house, but Cohutta and Isaac disapprove. She also helps set up a date for Shauvon, who regrets having flirted with Isaac, and wants to take advantage of local men.

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At a group dinner, Trisha and Alex flirt, and Parisa gets drunk, and is carried home by Dunbar. Trisha expresses dislike of her, but Shauvon defends her.

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Shauvon has a romantic interlude with a local man named Ky, much to Isaac's lament, and eventually, Shauvon's regret. Trisha decides to slow down to decide what she wants out of her love life. She and Parisa then get into a heated argument over the use of the email computer.

Dunbar insists that he is not flirting, because he does not like Parisa, and the two later exchange unkind words. Isaac meets an Irish woman named Noirin, and they later share the hot tub and Isaac's bed.

Parisa vents her frustrations to Dunbar in a letter, but Dunbar sees a contradiction between Parisa's statement of having a crush on him, and of disapproving of KellyAnne's flirting with him.

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Dunbar, incredulous that Parisa doesn't see that he isn't interested in her, tells her he will not respond to her letter until she shows herself capable of the relationship he'd like to have with her. Thinking that Dunbar thinks she has feelings for him, KellyAnne regrets flirting with him. Trisha flirts with Cohutta, angering KellyAnne, but Shauvon is surprised by this.

Shauvon and Isaac argue, during which he calls her a "drunk, stupid slut. Isaac apologizes to Shauvon, who later regrets her behavior.

He and Trisha then argue, and Dunbar storms out. Trisha and Shauvon later discuss Dunbar's anger. Dunbar later angers Parisa and Trisha over a discussion of Jesus and the Bible. Isaac speculates Dunbar's anger to be a result of lack of sex, and jokingly buys a pornographic magazine for him to aid in masturbation. KellyAnne goes on a date with Carey, but finds she'd rather be with Cohutta.

The two of them stay home that night, and find a lot in common. KellyAnne also keeps them company because she feels bad for Trisha who had been crying earlier that day. Shauvon is offended that Trisha referred to homosexuals as "evil". Dunbar reveals his grandfather tried to molest him as a child. Trisha and Cohutta, while eating out with KellyAnne, get into an argument after he lifts her dress.

KellyAnne is upset with herself that she didn't go with the others. Parisa's early wake-up call and singing the next day irritate Dunbar, Isaac and Trisha, who calls her singing " Christina Aguilera gone bad.

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Trisha tells Parisa that Dunbar criticized her cooking as an excuse to socialize, and her singing as well, saying she's "not as good as Christina Aguilera". When Parisa confronts Dunbar, he says it is Trisha who criticized Parisa and her singing. Parisa expresses feelings of betrayal over this to Trisha. Parisa and Trisha become involved in a love triangle with Alex, Trisha's date from the prior night.

KellyAnne and Shauvon are sympathetic to Trisha's feelings, but feel she has no say in anything regarding Alex because she has a boyfriend. Parisa goes out with Alex, which Trisha sees as a violation of the "girl code".

Shauvon observes both Parisa and Trisha making out with Alex. She reports this to Parisa, who continues seeing him. Shauvon relates her observations to Trisha, and when Parisa does the same with Dunbar, Shauvon sees this as a betrayal of trust.

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She later gets into a heated argument with Parisa, accusing her of cooking for the others and not her in order to curry favor with them. Parisa explains that Shauvon wanted something other than what she was cooking, which would've required other ingredients.

Cohutta and Isaac try to defend Parisa, leading to a screaming match between Cohutta and Shauvon. Instead of hanging out with Mel, Danny goes out with the guys instead which upsets Mel. Mel gets drunk and Danny ends up taking care of her.

Later, she and Wes share a kiss. Nehemiah upsets Rachel; Danny and Rachel talk about her experiences in Iraq. The housemates argue about which bands to feature in their documentary. After they return home, Melinda and Danny have a heart-to-heart about their relationship. Johanna is arrested for public intoxication. To Be or Not To Be? He first dated with Johanna Botta from to Later he had been dating with KellyAnne Judd from to But the couple's relationship was also not going perfectly, he broke up with her and started to date with Mandi Moyer.

They spent their valuable time from to Finally, he got Theresa in latebut the relation also not going nicely. They broke up in mid Afterward, he never wants to love with anyone. He was born on 24th November to his parents and grew up with his siblings. At the age of 7, his family and parents moved to Leawood Kansa from Missouri. A young and handsome hunk of American cinema industry Wes has over 5 feet 10 inches in height and around 75 kg of weights.

He has an excellent body with well-maintained six-packed. Wes has much more time spent in the gym to build his body attractive and perfect.