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italy and canada hetalia dating

Read The First Meeting (Romano) from the story Hetalia X Reader [The Dating Life] - Boyfriend Scenarios by AngelCloudWolf (Aninayrt) with reads. hetalias Italy, Japan, 2p America, 2p England, 2p France, 2p Canada, 2p Germany. America/Romano, Prussia/Canada When America began to court Southern Italy, it threw many nations in for a loop. Who would have thought. The nineteenth episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers was broadcast on May 29, It adapts from Axis Air Date, May 29, Length, () . Italy asks if they'll be eating, and continues to ask about food as Canada aimlessly floats about.

Going wide eyed the Italian squeaked out,"He wasn't lying about America's brother I guess as a father figure that is a dangerous combination. I wouldn't trust that bastard worth my life. He is just bending the truth. An evil glint was shining in England's eyes. I was hoping America would be here, with his aid, we are bound to find Prussia eventually. I have a feeling France will be making his appearance here soon enough. Lovino dove behind the couch in terror.

Wasn't this America's home, why should he have to get the door, knowing full well it was that French bastard? And his lack of responsibility Though, alas, you are not the one I am looking for, I am here to see our other darling son.

Since when- I- NO! I raised America you had nothing to do with it! Sorry, didn't see you there. I-" "I have gotten word of Prussia heading this way. A little Birdie told me! The still cowarding Italian listening in on the conversation, began to panic. What would happen if they did find out he was lying? Would they disapprove of him and America? Why did he have to agree to hiding that moron anyway! It's not like Prussia had done anything for him, but bring annoyance into his everyday life that went beyond Alfred's idiocy.

Why did I help him? It was that damned bird! What was his name? The yellow fiend cocked his adorably cute head to the side and began to chirp even louder as it moved closer. You blow my cover I swear I will-" As if to spite him, the chick began to squawk, "Chirp, chirp, chirp! He honestly didn't know why his lover had fled from England and France to begin with. It's not like the two were going to beat him up or anything They could have resolved all this over an awkward dinner and chit-chat, but no Gilbert had to make everything difficult.

Even when he tried to explain the situation they ignored him. Leaving a sulking Canada at the door, England and France stormed over to the chirping, and found a bawling, and hysterical South Italy, with a small yellow chick on the top of his head behind the couch. I wanted nothing to do with it, dammit! I was only house sitting! I have no idea where he is, pleasepleaseplease do not hurt me! There was no where to go, and he had to admit his hiding place wasn't all that awesome.

Almost when he gave up all hope- "Pst! Prussia, dude, over here! You may want to come over here so I can help you with the escape, I think they're on their way upstairs It was clear that the other was on his side of this situation.

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I mean, who could be better for his younger brother than a bunch of awesome? He began to make his way into the window, making an epic escaped just as voices echoed in the hallway. The trembling Italian that was being dragged by the collar of his shirt decided to give a snide comment, "Why the hell are you even hunting him down? Aren't you two losers friends?

You two fucking corrupted Spain and cause chaos wherever you go. Wouldn't you be happy he is with your non-existent love child?

You are friends, why are you after him? I just want to talk to the boy about the proper way to court Alfred-" England was suddenly interrupted. Sorry, I always mix you two up How about you get out of Alfred's home, you're all a fucking thorn in my side.

italy and canada hetalia dating

Prussia knew this for sure. Where ever America lead him, it was dark and eerie. It's not like someone as awesome as him was afraid of the dark, right? He slowly walked backwards unsure of what to do, or where Alfred even was, "A-America? Hey, where are we? You sure it's okay to hide here? I mean, er, it's dark and-" Suddenly the sound of clanging metal met his ears and he released a rather girlish Manly!

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Why was he in a tool shed? Axis Powers volume 1 It is suggested that he might hate Germans in general, seeing that he thought one as a danger when he was a kid and got scolded by Spain because he believed the German would attack Spain. A line in Italy's Big Brother also reveals that his stereotype of Germans is that they're all "uncivilized country bumpkins with bad physiology.

Italy The two brothers grew up knowing of each other, but they never actually met face to face. Italy eventually went off to live with their grandfather for some time, while South Italy stayed behind.

After Grandpa Rome had died and Italy came back, South Italy and the other boys became bullies to him. As a child, South Italy often felt jealous and inferior to Italy, due to the younger brother inheriting their grandfather's talent for art, while he could barely draw. He also felt that his brother took after their grandfather in appearance more. Despite this though, he's shown to have at least a subconscious care for him, becoming upset when his brother implies he doesn't admire him, and sharing a bed with him.

Usually when it's hinted that he cares about Italy though, something happens that angers him and he instantly reverts back. Japan Though they have to met only briefly in an earlier "strip," in which they didn't actually interact beyond introductions and Japan's pondering of the brothers' curls, Himaruya has stated that they would both get along rather well and that Japan would refer to the other as "Romano-kun" after initially referring to him as "Romano-san.

Prussia Prussia seems to have feelings for both of the Italy brothers due to their climate and topography.

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Despite his hatred of Germany, Romano does not appear to treat Prussia with the same level of contempt. However, Romano has been said to dislike Prussia and had wanted to fight him when he was a child, but he found him too scary. Instead, he merely cursed at him from afar. In modern times, as Prussia watched him work, Romano was not openly hostile towards him, neither yelling nor cursing excessively, while Prussia concerned himself as to why he worked barefoot, wondering if he had no money for shoes despite his hard work.

Romano might trust Prussia a little bit or it was simply siesta time and, like his brother, he will fall asleep no matter where he is, though Romano stayed dressedas he fell asleep near him. Prussia watched him sleep, telling Germany that the flow of time was mysterious when he showed up, likely because Romano wasn't as hard a worker as a child as he was in the present.

Romano later said that he felt gloomy for having associated with Prussia. Spain Because he lived with Spain and was under his rule and influence, South Italy has assimilated some of his culture, customs, religion, and his love for tomatoes.

Being under Spain's rule for a long time, Romano kept rebelling against him, but after being taken over once by Austria, he though that Spain was better and since then after that Romano and Spain have developed a pretty good relationship. Deep down, he does care about Spain, though he rarely shows it openly. He is also protective of Spain, and will lash out in anger when he thinks Spain could be, or has been, in danger or taken advantage of. Spain is one of the few characters to be on good terms with Romano, as they often appear spending time together.

Spain is also the person that Romano counts on first for help, despite his frustrations.

italy and canada hetalia dating

He has requested his assistance on various occasions, like the time he was captured by England in WW2, or when he ran out of pasta and he refused to accept anyone's food but Spain's, although the outcome isn't exactly what he's hoping for.

Spain srangely took his answer as a rejection, and felt depressed that nobody wanted to marry him. In his youth, South Italy would often jump on Spain or headbutt him in the stomach to wake him up. This caused Spain to have a nightmare where an adult South Italy jumped on him and "crushed his vital regions. Turkey Romano first encountered Turkey as a child.

Turkey, then known as the Ottoman Empire, found Romano alone in a forest and captured him. Before he could stop himself he blurted out the words: Nice weather you're having. I mean you never can be too careful these days. You have nothing to fret over. I mean, someone as powerful as you wouldn't have to worry about someone sneaking into your luxurious home and slitting your throat at the dead of night though, right? It's not like anyone hates you or anything.

No one in the world is bothered by that. It's not like you had to ask permission to do such a thing either. It then clicked, the realization of Spain's sudden dislike for him was now clear as day.

italy and canada hetalia dating

Wow, he really was dense sometimes. He started it, man! He's freaking psycho and thinks I'm like forcing you against your will or something! You call yourself a hero I do not see what the problem is then.

Actually the both you retards are! He's the one that started this!

italy and canada hetalia dating

Spain, you talk with America, fix your problems, stop ignoring me and being creepy. You," Sending a glare to the blonde, "Need to cooperate. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as if contemplating on something.

South Italy

I know we got along before all this, and to be honest, man, you really freak me out when you go all crazy psycho on my ass. I will admit it was I love this man and everything about him," Dramatically he pointed over to Romano.

Spain just gawked, while Romano blushed a shade of bright red, that's all the encouragement America needed to continue. You and I are acting pretty immature over this whole fiasco, let's call a truce on this? Staring at the American, Antonio's expression softened, "What if I were to continue to disprove of you dating Lovino? Slowly, a smile crept onto the Spaniard's face as he took the others hand, "It's nice to know my boy is in good hands and your feelings are sincere.

God dammit, okay, break it up! I am tired of all this mushy shit! You can hang out with your eavesdropping loser friends now," he kicked the couch over to reveal the other two members of the Bad Touch Trio crouching down and looking rather ridiculous.