Is spencer and caleb dating advice

12 Couples That Hurt Pretty Little Liars (And 8 That Saved It)

is spencer and caleb dating advice

Jul 28, Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison, and company got into their fair share of . miffed that Caleb and Hanna's relationship was interrupted for it. Click to find out if so, spencer and caleb, cast of the third season 1, related stories . Haleb is asey benson and adelaide kane address dating in real life advice. Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama television series created by I. Marlene King for Most likely because he's Spencer's ex and she's secretly dating Caleb again. . He seeks Hanna out for dating advice after he becomes involved with a girl named Danielle, however, it is unclear if any relationship developed.

After Aria becomes suspicious, Meredith lures Aria down to the basement where she falls and becomes unconscious. When Hanna and Emily check on Aria, they too are tricked down into the basement.

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Byron finds them and Meredith escapes. It is revealed that Byron didn't kill Alison, even though she was blackmailing him about the affair. After getting a teaching job at Hollis, she hints at wanting to reconcile her relationship with Ezra.

She discovers that Aria and Ezra are in a relationship, and uses this as leverage when Aria attempts to force her out of Ezra's life by threatening to expose a paper that Jackie plagiarized.

Jackie forces Aria to break up with Ezra but the two later get back together and reveal their relationship to her parents when Ezra overhears Jackie threatening Aria. Ezra later tells Jackie to get out of his office when she comes by his office and to stay away from Aria after Jackie makes a comment about his relationship with Aria being "a terrible mistake", and that he wants nothing to do with Jackie again. Maggie Cutler Larisa Oleynik seasons 3—4 is Ezra's ex, who was impregnated by Ezra after high school.

She was paid a large sum of money to disappear from Ezra's life and to take care of his unborn child, whom he doesn't know about. In the eleventh episode, Aria pays her a visit at her school, where she reveals that she has a son named Malcolm.

In the summer finale, she pays Ezra a visit, leaving Aria out. At the end of the season 4 summer finale, she reveals Malcolm is not Ezra's son. She soon leaves Rosewood with Malcolm to Seattle. Simone Alona Tal season 1 is Aria's former babysitter. She comes back to Rosewood to visit her parents and also to help Ella Montgomery with her English class, where she is asked to be a speaker as an experienced freelance writer. She befriends Ezra Fitz thanks to the suggestion of Ella, much to Aria's chagrin.

Simone develops a crush on Ezra, much to Aria's horror. Simone is oblivious to Aria's feelings, and the two have coffee together. After that, Ezra picks up on Aria's envying Simone, who is a talented writer and also age appropriate for Ezra.

He admits to enjoying the time spent with her, but assures her that it's nothing more than that. His father is revealed not to be Ezra, but some "mistake" made by Maggie with another man. Acquaintances of Spencer Hastings The following characters are all family members and acquaintances of Spencer Hastings, one of the protagonists of the series.

is spencer and caleb dating advice

Family Melissa Hastings Torrey DeVitto seasons 1 — 7 is Spencer's older sister, who was engaged to Wren at the start of the series, but later returns to Ian.

A perfectionist and the favored daughter, she was Spencer's rival for most of their lives. Their competition led to Spencer kissing both Ian and Wren, which culminated in Melissa breaking off her engagement with Wren. After their breakup, Melissa rekindled her relationship with Ian and the two eloped; after which Melissa confided in Spencer that she just wanted the fighting between them to stop.

Shortly after marrying Ian, Melissa becomes pregnant, which again causes a rift between her and Spencer, who suspects Melissa is covering for Ian. When Ian goes missing, Melissa refuses to believe Spencer's claims that he is dead, thinking that she is receiving text messages from Ian, who is in hiding.

After the discovery of Ian's body, Melissa becomes depressed and apologizes to Spencer for choosing Ian over her. When Melissa finds Ian's phone in Spencer's bag, although "A" put the phone in thereshe believes it was Spencer sending the texts to her phone and vows she will never forgive Spencer for this. Melissa discovers that Jason is their half-brother and says that she can't be around their parents because they lied to her and Spencer.

She still loiters around the house and Spencer and her friends begin to suspect that Melissa knows more about "A" and Ali's disappearance than she is letting on. They find a video taken inside Alison's room the night she disappeared, and Melissa is shown throwing open the door and yelling "where is she?! Spencer and Melissa's father's gun goes missing, and Spencer fears Melissa took it. Even though Melissa didn't take the gun, her parents still feared that she killed Alison through jealousy, so her mother hired a private investigator to watch her.

Melissa lost her baby after Ian died. In the third-season finale it is revealed that Melissa is working with Jenna and Shana. In the fourth-season premiere it is revealed that she was the Queen of Hearts that drugged Aria on the Halloween train and put her in a box, along with Wilden.

Spencer mentions to Melissa that Wilden was blackmailing her to do so, but Melissa never confirms this suspicion. In the fifth season, it is revealed that Melissa is Bethany Young's killer. She saw Spencer carrying a shovel and then found Bethany's body. She wouldn't look her in the face and assumed that it was Alison whom she thought Spencer had killed. She pushed Bethany into the ground and buried her, unaware that she was still alive, thereby killing her.

After telling this to Spencer, Melissa flies back to England and it is revealed that she and Wren are seeing each other again. A lawyer who places a great emphasis on winning, he destroys evidence that he fears will indicate Spencer's involvement in Alison's murder. Initially he disapproves of Spencer and Toby dating; he warns Toby after he begins to work for him. Peter strongly dislikes the DiLaurentis family, who he claims are "always crossing lines".

He paid a private investigator to look into Ali's disappearance, as he was afraid that Melissa had something to do with it since he found out Melissa had been sending Ali threatening text messages.

She had a breast cancer scare that she kept a secret from her family, not wanting to worry them. A lawyer, she frequently helps the girls out with legal situations.

She dislikes Toby and his relationship with Spencer in the beginning, but she eventually becomes more tolerant of it. In Season 3, she defends Garrett after he gets arrested and eventually gets the judge to allow him to walk free. Alex was given up for adoption to a British family by Mary during her birth. Alex grew up in orphanages, not knowing anything of her real family, until the day that Wren Kingston came into her bar and immediately thought she was Spencer.

She clarified her real identity and he revealed Spencer and everything to her. Wren introduced Alex to Charlotte and the two of them formed an immediate bond together, spending every moment with each other until Charlotte left to go back to the U.

Alex eventually learned of Charlotte's death and decided to avenge her by becoming Uber A. At first, Alex sent the Liars threats, using only Emojis to sign the texts. However, after kidnapping Hanna, Alex begins using the alias "A.

Alex convincingly masquerades as Spencer multiple times to be with Toby and trick the Liars. After the game ends, Alex goes back to London but returns a year later to kidnap Spencer and take her place, along with Mary and Mona's help. Alex explains herself to Spencer and reveals her entire story, also revealing that she has killed Wren to avoid having to break up with him.

She also kidnaps Ezra. Spencer and Ezra escape and Alex is detained. However, Mona manages to kidnap both Alex and Mary and locks them away in her own personal dollhouse in France. Friends Andrew Campbell Brandon W. Jones seasons 3—6 is a secretary of the Decathlon team of which Spencer is a member. He and the rest of the team vote to remove Spencer from the team following her losing to Mona in a quiz-off, resulting in her not appearing at practices.

Spencer challenged him to a strip version of quiz-off in order to get his vote to keep her on the team. In season five, he starts dating Aria, after he had been tutoring her. Later on the season Andrew becomes dark and shady, leading the Liars to assume that he is in fact "A". However, he turns out to be innocent after he was apprehended by police and released due to evidence proving he isn't "A". He claims that he intended to be the hero and find them after their kidnapping by CeCe Drake.

Toby used his name as his alias while he was working with Mona. He attended high school with Jason and Garrett and was part of their "N. Ian dated Melissa prior to Alison's death, although he was secretly having an affair with Alison, he also flirted and tried to get with Spencer, who had a crush on him.

He returned to Rosewood shortly after Melissa broke off her engagement with Wren; after a small courtship, the two eloped and took up residency in the Hastings' renovated barn while their apartment in Philadelphia was being renovated. He had an uneasy relationship with Spencer, who became suspicious of him and believed he was Alison's killer.

It is later revealed that Ian liked to secretly videotape the girls when they were getting undressed, and other videos such as Jenna threatening Toby to sleep with her. When Spencer confronts Ian about Alison's death, he claims he only pushed her, not intended for her to hit her head. After this he approaches Spencer and tries to kill her, stating that he's doing it for Melissa's benefit, but is killed by "A", who surprisingly intervenes. His body goes missing and he is presumed to be in hiding.

However, his body is eventually discovered with his death staged to look like a suicide; leaving Melissa with his unborn child. He hides the camera and they begin to argue about the videos. In the premiere episode of season 4, Mona reveals that even though she was "A", she was not the one who killed Ian, confessing she doesn't know who did. The person who pushed Ian is revealed to be Alison in the season finale of season 4, though she says she wasn't the killer.

Carlo Marks who plays Ian in the pilot episode. Wren Kingston Julian Morris seasons 1—4, 7 is a medical student who was engaged to Melissa. He was attracted to Spencer and later kissed her, which resulted in Melissa calling off their engagement. However, he later returns to Rosewood to help Melissa out with Ian, who at the time, they believe to still be alive.

is spencer and caleb dating advice

He obtains a job at the hospital in Rosewood, telling Spencer he came back for her, he then asks her if she wants to go out for a coffee but she says 'I have a boyfriend now', they leave it at that and go.

He then comforts Spencer after her breakup with Toby, leaving her confused. After Mona is revealed to be "A", Wren develops a friendship with Hanna, as he volunteers at Radley Sanitarium where Hanna goes to visit Mona there on a regular basis. Eventually, the board at Radley threatens to transfer Mona to New York, and Wren helps Hanna testify to the board and gets her to remain at Radley.

Hanna accidentally kisses Wren from happiness when she finds out Mona will not be transferred based on Hanna's testimony. Wren tends to get an unrequited crush on Hanna after the kiss and tries to woo her at times, but gets rejected. Most likely because he's Spencer's ex and she's secretly dating Caleb again. In Season 4, it is implied he knows about Red Coat. He goes with Melissa to London for unknown reasons.

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In Season 7, it is revealed that he is on the A-Team and an accomplice to "A. He is murdered by her later on. Alex Santiago Diego Boneta season 1 is an employee of Rosewood's exclusive country club.

He meets Spencer after observing her practicing serves, and the two quickly enter into a relationship.

Hanna and caleb from pretty little liars dating in real life

Their relationship becomes strained after Melissa plants doubts about Spencer's feelings for him in Alex's mind, leading Alex to think Spencer is using him. Veronica is initially uncomfortable around Alex, which Spencer thinks is because of Alex being of a lower economic class, however, Alex explains that he comforted Veronica after her cancer scare. Alex breaks up with Spencer for good after "A" makes him believe Spencer applied for him to go to Europe for a tennis camp after he asked her explicitly not to.

Toby Cavanaugh Keegan Allen seasons 1—7 is Jenna's stepbrother, who forced him into a physical relationship with her through blackmail, and took the blame for the Liars accidentally blinding Jenna.

After he returns to Rosewood, he strikes up a tentative friendship with Emily after saving her from Ben. Spencer disapproves of their friendship, believing that Toby is Alison's murderer. Emily goes to Homecoming with Toby and later confesses to him that she is a lesbian; her openness makes Toby try to confess to her about having a thing with Jenna, which Emily misunderstands, leading to a physical confrontation.

Toby drops her off at the hospital before running away; he is later caught by the police, who had been tipped off by Jenna. After witnessing Toby being taunted in the street, Spencer begins to sympathize with him, and they bond even more when they realize they are both being framed for Alison's murder. Despite Spencer's parents distrust and dislike of Toby, they begin to date.

After "A" threatens Spencer with Toby's safety, she decides to break up with him, not wanting him to get hurt. Later he gets injured, as a result of "A"'s tricks and ends up in hospital. He later learns that Wren kissed Spencer and had a one-day fling with her. Back in the hospital he tells Wren that he would beat him up if he tried anything like that again. When he is discharged he begins to act cold towards her. In the season 2 finale he admits that pretending not to love her was the hardest thing he has ever done, she then approaches him and gets ready to slap him but before she has a chance he pulls her close to him and kisses her.

In season 3, Spencer and Toby seem to have moved past all the problems that plagued their relationship, seeming happier and more in love than they ever were. In the season 3 summer finale, Toby is revealed to be a member of the "A" team. After a while Spencer becomes aware of Toby's affiliation with the "A"-Team and she slaps him, as a response to his betrayal. Her mom then arrives home allowing him the moment he needs to sneak away. If your boyfriend is worth stealing, he can't be all bad.

Spencer and Toby had their ups and downs, to be sure, but like many of the longest-running ships in the show, fans were game to go along for the ride. The trend started with Aria and Ezra, but continued with Jenna and Garrett, a high schooler and an adult police officer. Jenna was a manipulative, popular teenager and Garrett was a cop in Rosewood.

They had a secret relationship, hidden from the other students and townspeople. Ian Thomas was Melissa Hastings' husband, marrying her after a whirlwind romance. This bit of drama didn't go anywhere particularly interesting, meaning there wasn't really any payoff for the creepy backstory. Germain was a bold step forward for LGBT representation on the show. Essentially leaving her boyfriend for her, the change in Emily was immediate, as she seemed noticeably more at peace with herself.

Watching Emily and Maya explore their relationship full of all kinds of firsts for Emily was sweet, and had the added conflict of Emily not immediately coming out to her family. Featured Today 13 Hurt: Yet that was exactly what happened when Ashley Marin Hanna's mother started dating police officer Darren Wilden while he was investigating her daughter for a pair of crimes.

It's one thing for a mother to parade her new boyfriend around her house with her teenage daughter around, but another thing entirely for her to date him while he harasses her daughter and her friends. Officer Wilden was wildly unprofessional, and Ashley having an affair with him in spite of this just damaged her ability to seem like a caring, involved mother. Jenna's other relationships all felt more like abuse than actual couples, but in Noel Kahn, she found her match.

Noel was as evil and manipulative as Jenna was, and watching the two characters scheme together was just fun. It didn't hurt that actors Tammin Sursok and Brant Daugherty had good chemistry together, and fans realized that they were much more interesting to watch when they had an equal to bounce off of.

They made for great antagonists, but all good things must come to an end, especially when Noel perished in the final season. To get fans interested in the new show, a character from the original, Caleb Rivers, was transported over to the other town. Fans didn't flock to the new show and it was canceled after just one season, and some were miffed that Caleb and Hanna's relationship was interrupted for it.

Aria met Jake, a martial arts instructor, in the fourth season, and there was an immediate attraction between them. This was a couple that could have gone the distance, if Aria hadn't met him while still pining for Ezra Fitz.

This couple was far from perfect, but at least it didn't feel outright sleazy. While Troian Bellisario and Julian Morris had incredible chemistry, this couple combined two hallmarks of several negative relationships on Pretty Little Liars-- an adult dating a teenager and betrayal. Things got even messier later on, when Wren got romantically involved with both Hanna and Spencer's secret, evil twin, Alex Drake.

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