Hayden christensen and aj cook dating

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hayden christensen and aj cook dating

Dating banner exchane: Who is Hayden Christensen dating? Click on the photos to find out Who's Dated Who A.J. Cook. View Bio A.J. Cook · Cancer. Famous men who have dated Hayden Christensen, listed alphabetically with photos A. J. Cook is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Men Who Hayden Christensen. Higher Ground is an American-Canadian drama television series created by Michael Characters[edit]. Students[edit]. Scott Barringer (portrayed by Hayden Christensen) Shelby Merrick (portrayed by A. J. Cook). The daughter of a neglectful . Ep. number, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date. 1, "Scott Free/Pilot".

The video clip below is part of the Dateline story "City of Heartbreak and Hope". Hayden filming Vanishing on 7th Street in Detroit.

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The episode aired April 18, Hayden is only quoted in the transcript and isn't in any of the videos on the Dateline site. Voiceover And in a desolate area near downtown, there's a restaurateur who's opened a French bistro, an improbable success. The movie industry is an unexpected one.

Shelby & Scott-Unbreakable

Thanks to a generous state tax break, Hollywood has been shooting scores of films in the Detroit area. French bistro; film being shot in Detroit; Hayden Christensen Mr. It's a privilege, you know. And they've opened up all the doors for us, and the city's been great.

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A. J. Cook

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hayden christensen and aj cook dating

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hayden christensen and aj cook dating

We have no responsibility to maintain the privacy or security of any such information that you may choose to post to the Services. Yeah, she's just a typical girl, trying to figure life out.

She's a little serious. But who knows, maybe in the second one they'll lighten her up a little bit. She is rather intense huh? Are you a fan of the genre? I guess by genre, I mean horror, although FD2 feels a cut above horror to me. We all do them. It's part of the acting experience. I really like the Final Destination movies because they were a little bit different.

It wasn't a guy in a mask chasing you with a knife. You had to think a little more and I like that aspect to it. I personally am not a huge fan of really gory, scary movies because I'm a wimp. I really like a suspenseful movies and movies that make you think.

Interview with A.J. Cook

Is it the gore that troubles most people about FD2 or do you think it's more psychological? The nastiness was kind of cartoony and strange. I was just freaked out by the idea that death is stalking you. Personally, I found the movie to be funny. The death scenes are so out there and so bizarre that you can't help to laugh. That's what we're going for. I definitely think it messed with people on another level because so many people that I talked to tell me that they're still afraid to get on an elevator, or they're tripped out whenever they're driving on a freeway.

So I think it affects you on a psychological level and just sticks in the back of your head. I've made people watch the pile-up. I think a lot that is because, we all drive [and can relate to the scene. Yes, especially here in LA. You live in your car. I want to ask you a little bit about the DVD.

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Have you had a chance to take a look? I haven't seen all the extras yet, so I'm excited to see all that. What are some of your favorite DVDs? I love that movie and all the extra footage and documentaries. Let me look at my DVD collection. I like anything that has really good extras because as an actor, it's really great to see the behind-the-scenes stuff and see how different actors approach their particular project.

I like The Talented Mr. Ripley DVD as well.