Glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating websites

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glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating websites

Rachel and Puck- Relationship (Puckleberry) leaves Glee to take care of his family Rachel gets fed up and leaves town for a boarding school. a prompt generator website that gave me two prompts that I thought I was only dating her because she was Jewish, she was available, and to make Quinn jealous. So that evening only a couple of hours of touching Rachel Berry's .. our relationship and get hurt worse because of this fucking secret. I are close of dating glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret as it provides already was sites of his fog and other forces. really he were for glee fanfiction rachel to .

Quinn's decided she wants him to be the father and I really don't want to get my ass kicked by my best friend for no reason" I begged her. I wouldn't beg her not to leave me, I knew I was despicable and that she wouldn't ever want to be with me again so what was the point in wasting my breath on that? She stood abruptly and walked away. I watched her go until I couldn't see he anymore then I glanced back down at the field and saw Finn watching her retreat then he turned his eyes to me.

Then I saw Mr. Shue headed towards Finn. Good I thought, he can talk some sense into Finn. I so can't deal with it right now. I was laying in my bed staring at my ceiling with my ear buds in my ears listening to Sweet Caroline at full volume repeatedly God, love had turned me into such a pansy.

It had been almost a week since I had told Rachel the truth and every time I saw her looking at me she just looked sad. All I wanted was to tell her the truth so that we could be together but all I had managed to do is push her away. I noticed that she had been spending a lot of time with Finn lately too.

I bet he was just thrilled about that. I squeezed my eyes closed against the sudden stinging in the back of them. I was NOT going to cry. I had repeated that to myself a lot lately. Suddenly my ear buds were ripped out of my ears and I was about to yell at whoever dared to mess with me when I opened my eyes and saw Rachel standing next to my bed with her hands on her hips.

My eyes snapped up to meet hers "You were both feeling like you were being left behind by Finn when he joined the glee club and so you guys found comfort in each other and no doubt some form of alcoholic beverage. And I know that you want to step up and be a father to this child and that is quite remarkable and brave of you.

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But, if you really want to be the father of this baby, then you need to tell Finn the truth. Her tiny little hands wrapped around mine felt so right and it gave me hope.

You need to tell him, Noah. He deserves to hear it from you and not anybody else. Finn won't hit you if I'm right there next to you and there could be a chance he could hit me and the rest of the glee club won't treat you any differently than they do now when they realize that you're going to step up and help take care of Quinn and your baby.

Like you said, what I did was despicable. Could it possibly be what I was hoping for? I couldn't believe it. I pulled back just long enough for her to pull in a few breaths and to whisper "I love you, too. After some time she pulled back and smiled at me "You love me too? I even woke Hummel up at three in the morning to ask him what I should do. I know I can do it if you're by my side" I said then I place a kiss on her nose.

We decided that I would tell him tomorrow. We were both at the school early I had texted Finn and Quinn to meet us in the choir room early that morning. Rachel and I were waiting for them to show up. I was pacing back and forth nonstop and Rachel was sitting at the piano just watching me. Suddenly she jumped up and in front of me. She took my hands and rubbed her thumbs over them soothingly.

Remember I'll be right by your side through all of it, okay? I smiled slightly "Thanks, babe. I love you too. Just then the choir room door opened and I turned around to see Finn and Quinn walking in.

Finn looked between Rachel and me confused then noticed our clasped hands. But that isn't why we asked you here today. Noah has something he needs to say. I looked at Finn then at Quinn and by the horrified expression on her face I could tell that she knew what was coming.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating websites

I just spit it out. Similar to the way I told Rachel "The baby's mine, Finn. All Quinn could manage was a nod. Finn started towards me but Rachel jumped in between us "Violence isn't the answer, Finn. Physically she couldn't have held us back if we had wanted to go at it but Finn stopped as soon as she touched him and I wasn't in any rush to get face beaten in. Suddenly Finn grabbed Rachel's hand that was on his chest and pulled her to him and started kissing her.

She was trying push him off of her but he just pulled her in tighter and kissed her harder. I ripped Rachel out of his arms and put her behind me "What the hell?! Because you sure didn't have any problem with it when it was my girlfriend!

I'm sorry but that was extremely rude of you to do. I know you're upset now, but you'll see that this is actually a blessing in disguise. You're not going to be a father at sixteen. That's a good thing, FInn. He just looked between the three of us and stormed out of the room without another word. Quinn was sobbing uncontrollably so Rachel went over to her and wrapped her arms around her "I'm sorry but he deserved to know the truth.

You only did what I wasn't brave enough to do. It's just, my parents kicked me out last night.

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They found out I was pregnant and kicked me out. I was going to stay with Finn but something tells me I won't be welcome there anymore. That put a kink in things. I should've known that Rachel would be planning something. She was always on top of things but of course I was a dumbass and didn't think she had anything going on until she came into glee that day and walked right up to Quinn and told her that she was going to live at her house.

It's not sound proof like mine or anything but it's fairly decent in size and if you want to paint it or anything just let me or my dad's know and we'll get some paint. You really shouldn't do the painting though, I don't think the fumes would be good for the baby but Noah can paint it if you want a different color.

And you'll have your own bathroom so you won't have to worry about that. And like I said it's fairly decent in size so if you wanted to keep the baby I'm sure we could set a crib up in there. I know you said that you wanted to give it up for adoption but I know sometimes girls change their minds so if you do just let us know and we can work it out and-" "Rachel! And you're carrying my boyfriends baby so I couldn't in good conscience not offer you a place to stay when I knew I had room.

Quinn stood up and hugged Rachel tightly and I heard her whisper in the shorter girls ear "Thank you so much. I looked at Rachel in awe and said "She's right, you know. We went shopping after school that day for bedding, clothes, food and other necessities for Quinn before the three of us went over to Rachel's and she showed Quinn to her new bedroom. It was pale yellow and had white curtains on the window. It wasn't much but Quinn acted like it was the greatest room ever.

There was a full-sized bed set up in front of us and the door to the bathroom was open. Rachel took one of the bags from me of course, I had been left in charge of carrying everything and headed to the bathroom. Papa will help you. Seven of the fifteen bags that we had were filled with food that Quinn would like and that would be good for the baby.

Rachel's father, Hiram, helped me unload all the food into the fridge and cupboards. And to his credit he didn't even wrinkle his nose when he put the bacon away. He didn't say anything to me until we were done then he turned to me and said "Rachel really love you, Noah, so I wouldn't try something like forbidding you guys from seeing each other but after finding out about this, you're going to have to work really hard to gain back my husbands and my respect.

When I made my way back upstairs the bed was made the bathroom was stocked and the girls were unloading all the clothes into the dresser and closet. I watched them work and joke with each other as I couldn't believe it. Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry were friends. I never thought I'd see the day.

After they were done Quinn said she was tired and was going to take a nap so Rachel and I made our way to her room. We laid on her bed just cuddling and I said "You're the best person in the world. But I would've been nice to her anyways. I don't think Quinn is this heartless Cheerio that I used to think she was.

I would be honored to be her friend. I smiled into her hair and tightened my arms around her. I had the BEST girlfriend in the world. The rest of Quinn's pregnancy passed by fairly quickly. Finn never really forgave us but he was civil to us and he conceded that it was for the best that he wasn't going to be a father at sixteen and he eventually got along with us again especially after I told him that he was kind of an honorary father. Rachel and Quinn became very close friends which was weird.

So when Quinn got too big for her Cheerio's uniform she talked Sue into taking Rachel onto the squad. She explained that Rachel was a dancer so was very flexible and could learn the routines quickly and was light so she would be easy to lift and throw. The first time I saw Rachel walk down the hallways in her Cheerio's uniform I almost had a problem to rival Finn's we spent a good half hour in the janitor's closet and were VERY late to glee that day.

Before we knew it, we were at Regionals. I gritted my teeth while Rachel and Finn sang Faithfully to one another what? I really didn't want my girlfriend singing a love song with another guy but we left the stage with high hopes.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating websites

As we were leaving the stage Quinn stopped dead right in front of me and Rachel causing us to stumble into her. Shue and meet us by the front door. I rushed to the green room and said "Quinn's having the baby! We got the bus driver to drive us to the hospital and we all climbed on board, Rachel and I helping Quinn into the first seat. Rachel was helping Quinn through her breaths which I was thankful for because I was terrified.

Quinn was half laying half sitting in the front seat with Rachel behind her causing Quinn to lean against her so I slid into the seat behind them and Finn slid in next to me.

We got to the hospital in record time and as Rachel and I helped Quinn off the bus Finn ran ahead and came back with a wheelchair for her. Our entire group rushed into the hospital and Rachel got the attention of a nurse "My friend is having her baby. To be honest I don't remember most of it and I was kind of light-headed by the end of it and I was fairly certain I'd heard enough of Quinn yelling at me to last a lifetime but when the doctor handed me that little baby girl, I knew it was all worth it.

I looked upon the sight.

My girlfriend holding my daughter while sitting next to the mother of my child and my best friend sitting on the other side of her with his arms around her shoulders and smiling at my daughter.

When I started dating Rachel it was only to make Quinn jealous. I never thought I'd fall in love with her and that she and my baby mama would become best friends or that any would even know that the little girl was mine.

It was crazy how fast everything could change in a matter of a few months. As I stood there watching the three now four most important people in my life I reflected on my relationship with Rachel and that's when I realized: Kurt and Mercedes exchanged sly looks before dropping into two seats in the front row and continued their discussion without bothering to greet the two already present.

When the rest of the glee club filed in and Mr. Schuester arrived, Kurt whipped out his cell phone and sent a quick text to his bff, despite the fact she was sitting right next to him. Did you see them?

Now tell me I'm imagining it! I saw it, who would have thought? Why the secrecy tho? Her idea, or his? Mercedes covertly glanced between the two in question. Puck was trying to convey boredom as his eyes prowled the room but his gaze kept on returning to the diminutive brunette or more specifically, her legs. Rachel in turn bit her lip in a way that Mercedes could describe only as coy, when she noticed where his interest lay.

You see those looks she's giving him? Kurt took his time in studying the two of them as the rest of the Gleeks chatted noisily around them. He nodded and sent a final text back.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating websites

Your Cosmo in xchange for 6 months of my world famous facial massages…. Mercedes gave him a discreet thumbs up just as Mr. Schue came over, a stack of sheet music in his hands that he began to distribute to the group.

Kurt grinned triumphantly and fought the urge to cackle. Everyone knew Puck's attention span was shorter than a Cheerio skirt; he'd be done with Rachel and making the moves on some other poor, unsuspecting female freshman faster than Kurt could say high end couture. Those Cosmos were as good as his.

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She sat through hours of speculation about them the night before as she hung out with the two best friends, painting her nails in Mercedes' room while the Fashionista made up an elaborate posterboard in which to keep track of the betting pool he started on how long the couple would last and in what way their torrid affair would become public knowledge.

She had scoffed at first because everyone knew that Stubbles was not the 'no strings,' casual relationship type and the last girl Puck had been serious about was, well, Quinn - and hello, Rachel Berry was certainly not in Quinn Fabray's league. But seeing the two of them now, Rachel obviously attempting to do homework as Puck leaned in close to her and did his best to distract her with a series of pokes, gentle tugging on her hair and whispered words in her ear that made the petite brunette blush and whisper a scandalized, "Noah!

Intrigued, Quinn slipped between an aisle of books and tip toed closer to where the two were 'studying'. Puck though refused to be intimidated. He merely rolled his eyes and set his chair back on all fours. Can we take a break? I'll be in the biology section. Rachel was facing away from her as she ran her finger over the spines of books on physiology, biochemistry and genetics when Puck sidled up behind her and snuck his hand around her waist to pull her back against his chest.

What do you think you're doing? She tried to slap his offending hand away. Puck reached out and brushed his thumb sensually over her lower lip. I would like to keep our dalliances during school hours to a minimum if you don't mind, as to not give anyone the opportunity to discover us in flagrante delicto. Quinn was gaping at what she had just learned - undeniable proof of Kurt and Mercedes' claim. She was disgusted as she imagined the scenario that had just been described for god's sake, yes they were teenagers but there was something to be said for impulse control!

Rachel appeared to go pliant in his arms and when he finally left her mouth to trail his lips down her neck, her head was lolling to the side and her eyes were closed. I can multi task. You're supposed to be studying cellular functions. Gotta keep on top of that shit, right? How am I supposed to formulate the questions for you if you're-" Quinn saw Puck's hand move under the material of Rachel's skirt and the brunette's eyes rolled back into her head as her lips parted and an "unf" blew out from between them.

Quinn bit her own lip in remembrance of what those fingers were capable of; The one time they'd been together, Puck had removed her spanks and worked her furiously until there weren't enough Hail Mary's in the entire world to make up for the number of times she'd spoken or more accurately, moaned the Lord's name in vain.

Puck turned his attention to a particular spot below Rachel's ear as she fought against the waves of pleasure his touch was evoking.

He must have decided she was because his hand reappeared and after wiping his fingers on his jeans, it settled on her waist. Rachel glanced around the aisle and Quinn pressed closer to the floor so she couldn't be seen. When she hazarded another peek, Rachel was tugging Puck further down the aisle and tucking herself in the narrow space between two sets of shelves, pulling Puck closer. In the next aisle, Quinn crawled along on her hands and knees and quietly pushed some books aside so she had a better visual from her new vantage point.

Her eyes were molten as she struggled to win back the control in this game of wills, her hands settling low on his stomach. C'mon we can study later; my dick's hard right now.

It's called prioritizing or, you know" he paused, "striking while the iron's hot and babe," he waggled his eyebrow, "you know I'm fucking hot.

They'll know that our spending time together has had a positive impact on you — and not just on your libido. He pushed her hand away as he fumbled with his belt, cursing in relief when he managed to get it undone and unzip his pants so his aching cock was no longer straining against the denim. He grabbed for her hand and pressed it against where he needed her the most. Rachel huffed before once again glanced surreptitiously around the empty aisle and looking back at him.

In the aisle over from the oblivious couple, Quinn choked back a strangled sound that was half shock, half arousal as she was treated to a glimpse of his hardness, impossibly large and utterly imposing in Rachel's hand.

She'd felt how big he was of course — Lord, had she felt it! He had been surprisingly sweet and had made sure she reached orgasm twice before pushing into her. There'd been a little pain and then that blinding pleasure that had seemed so effortless for him to give. Afterwards though, she'd been confused and bitter, and had shoved his clothes at him before pushing him out her door.

She hadn't taken the time to explore his body the way Rachel seemed so eager to do. Staring at him now, his jaw clenched and his manhood so gloriously erect and ready to deliver good on all the promises countless girls had swore him capable of, all thoughts of her own boyfriend, Sam, and her newly imposed celibacy flew clear out the window.

Once again Quinn found herself glaring at the petite Diva with green-eyed jealousy. Rachel beamed up at him and rewarded his answer with a quick flick of her wrist.

In addition to phosphate, a phospholipid is made of what? His head fell onto her shoulder and he breathed deeply as he glanced down between their bodies and saw her tiny fingers grasped around him, moving up and down in a gentle caress.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating websites

His heated green gaze met hers and Rachel merely arched her eyebrow, waiting. Quinn could tell they were caught up in some elaborate competition, each wanting to up their game and have the other give in and beg for something.

What they were doing here was completely inappropriate given their location; but arousing nonetheless. He felt her knee brush the inside of his thigh as she shifted restlessly and he hid his smile in her hair. She was soooooo ready for him. He crowded her back into her hiding spot and imagined just yanking aside her panties and burying himself inside her wet heat.

He knew that she would never go for it though, not in the fucking library where anyone could catch them. He had to take what he could get. Her touch was much too light; he needed more damn it! Stopping in front of Rachel he reached out and touched her cheek "Hey my hot little Jewish American Princess" Rachel still couldn't find her voice. Doing the one thing she really wanted to at that moment she reached up on her tiptoes and pulled him into a tight warm embrace.

Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating

The others watched on as Puck traced his hands up and down Rachel's back a content happy smile on both their faces. The tiny brunette buried her head into the crook of his neck as she fisted his shirt "I missed you too" Pulling apart Rachel looked up at him "How is Beth? A year after graduation Shelby was killed in a car crash leaving Beth in the care of her biological father.

Rachel hadn't attended the funeral but had kept in touch with Puck via email and the occasional phone calls. She never discussed her relationship with Finn to him and he never asked so the ex bad-ass had no idea of the hellish break up that had occurred the week after Shelby's sudden death. My daughter is here" a voice spoke up everyone swivelled around to see Quinn stood arm in arm with Finn. Pulling her arm free from Finn's she rushed over to Puck anger on her face "you've have our daughter with you and you didn't think about telling me" Puck rolled his eyes in anger "Quinn Fabray still ever so much the evil selfish bitch" he retorted.

I of may let you abuse me in high school but I'm not that girl anymore" Quinn chuckled " that's true your just a stuck up Broadway star no-" "STOP! Quinn grabbed her husbands arm and trying to drag him with her "come on Finn let's get the hell outta here. Mercedes Jones spotted Quinn as she was walking in " hey gir-" The large but beautiful African American didn't get the chance to Finish her sentence as Quinn breezed by her in ignorance. The rest of the evening went off without a hitch the group spent hours chatting and catch up on their lives.

Puck told them about his job as a student conciliar and music teacher and Beth. Everyone sang their praises. They were so happy he'd finally made something of himself. Tina and Mike talked about their wedding and how while he worked as a dance teacher and choreographer to the stars Tina chose to be a house wife although Tina was 8 months pregnant this was not her first baby.

Her and Mike had a 2 year old son named Harry. The gang was fascinated to hear Santana and Brittany ran their own buisness a community and help centre for Gay men and women who needed guidance. Matt and Sam were both lawyers and subsequently met at the same law school and were both surprised to learn they shared the same group of friends. Finn confessed he was running Burt's garage and told them of how he and Quinn who called it right was an anchor women got back together and got married.

Rachel snickered when Finn admitted they were happily living in Lima. Artie was so exited to talk them through his career as a song writer. A far cry from his Death Jam Poetry. As for Rachel …. She told them about her first Broadway show. She got the lead in Rent and was living in a penthouse in New York city with Kurt who had become her agent and stylist when she wasn't on stage she taught acting classes at a local high school.