Gia allemand and ryan anderson started dating someone

Ryan Anderson Speaks Out About Girlfriend Gia Allemand’s Death - ABC News

gia allemand and ryan anderson started dating someone

Houston Rockets sharpshooter Ryan Anderson has found success on the court In , he tragically lost his then-girlfriend Gia Allemand. Last summer, NBA player Ryan Anderson was devastated when his girlfriend, Gia Allemand, "Anyone who knows Gia knows that selfish was the last thing she To that end, he's to start the Gia Allemand Foundation to help. NBA Player Ryan Anderson's Girlfriend Gia Allemand Died Today After Anderson, who started dating Allemand two years ago, reportedly.

Ryan Anderson talks about his struggle to cope with Gia Allemand's suicide | Daily Mail Online

Gia's tragic death has left friends and family desperately searching for answers. She is reported to have been going through problems in her relationship with NBA star Ryan.

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Gia had also been 'hoping for a ring' from Ryan, according to another friend who saw the star weeks before her death. Unsure of where her relationship was heading, Gia was even considering a move back to New York. Close family and friends saw the tragic Bachelor star be laid to rest, just over a week after her tragic suicide Supportive arm: Ryan put his hand on Donna's shoulder as he and the group of mourners emerged after the service Tribute: A car with a floral tribute to the tragic Bachelor star arrived at the church TMZ has also previously reported that Gia accused Ryan of being unfaithful during a lunch date the day she died.

Rockets’ Ryan Anderson engaged three years after reality star girlfriend’s tragic death

During the car ride back to her New Orleans home, he told Gia: Despite her insecurities, friends and family of the star all reiterate that Gia 'didn't seem the type' to take her own life and had been 'behaving normally' in the days before her death.

In fact, law enforcement officers told People that the suicide did not appear premeditated, with her apartment well maintained, her refrigerator stocked and new clothes found in her bedroom.

gia allemand and ryan anderson started dating someone

Gia's coffin is carried into the church while her mother Donna and boyfriend Ryan left follow Sombre: Donna held a yellow rose as she followed the NBA star into the church Tragic: Gia mother was in tears as she followed the eight pall bearers who carried Gia's coffin out of a white hearse However, around an hour before her fatal act, the star allegedly sent an email to Ryan detailing their problems before emailing friends and family in a way 'consistent with someone saying goodbye,' according to a responding officer.

Previous reports have suggested that Gia was on the telephone to her mother when she hanged herself.

Ryan Anderson talks about his struggle to cope with Gia Allemand's suicide

Ms Micheletti then tried 'in vain' to communicate with her daughter for a further ten minutes. Ryan kept his head down as he headed into the church, while Gia's mother Donna cut an emotional figure Wiping away tears: Gia's father Eugene Allemand arrived with a handkerchief in hand Laid to rest: Gia's coffin was carried out of a white hearse before the 'beautiful service' Her boyfriend then returned home to check on Gia, but when he found her body, made a call.

When he did eat it was just apple sauce and yoghurt. Sleeping was the same, often requiring a family member to sleep next to him at night. He felt in many ways responsible for what had occurred that fateful August night.

gia allemand and ryan anderson started dating someone

Finally he began to heal through the support of his family. Now the athlete is back playing with the Pelicans. One of Gia's friends, Becca Cohen, told Sports Illustrated that the star was prone to the 'highest of highs and lowest of lows'.

Although, Becca was quick to point out: Since college, I was worried about her, because she lived so much of her life for other people.

Gia Allemand dead funeral: Boyfriend Ryan Anderson emotional message - Mirror Online

Some people have their lives planned out and what they want, and it's very hard to deal with disappointment. Unfortunately my daughter needed professional help. She must have had demons inside. When it came to relationships, she always felt men would abandon her.

Ryan moved home after the incident, pictured at Gia's funeral Star-making: Gia was a contestant on season 14 of The Bachelor Ryan has returned to basketball and is committed to furthering awareness about suicide.