Dating chie and yukiko swimsuit

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dating chie and yukiko swimsuit

Yosuke & Chie, Yu (lol "Senpai") & Rise, Naoto & Kanji and Yukiko I figured that they would've made Yukiko his default girlfriend. in the beach scene Chie hangs out with Kanji, Yu teaches Yukiko to swim and Rise and. message board topic titled "So Chie and Yukiko are now both my girlfriends. you feel any better all the female social links are MY girlfriend. I like Yukiko and Rise the most, and about equally. . even by Persona 4 standards, that you have the option to date that little music club girl.

For that matter, it's not so much that Kanji lost his swimsuit but that Teddie was trying to get the girls to have wardrobe malfunctions and ended up causing Kanji to have one. The fact that Kanji's holding him in a way that makes him a living Scenery Censor when his state is pointed out means that Teddie is at eye level with Kanji's business.

Speaking of Kanji and his swimsuit, his first appearance in it in front of everyone is already a laugh - everybody sweatdrops while Yukiko looks away cringing, Yosuke complains that it's too much to look at while Kanji wonders whyand to top it off, Rise wonders why Kanji " doesn't get a nosebleed " over her in her swimsuit, inadvertedly starting an argument.

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And in the Wardrobe Malfunction incident above, aside from the "let 'em dangle" option, Yu can suggest using a seashell, to which Kanji replies, for some reason, that it's "too sexy".

If the player choose "let 'em dangle", Kanji initially agrees but changes his mind as it might get him into "serious shit". The nosebleed remark is a call back to the camping swimsuit incident where at least in the anime, he actually does get a nosebleed from Chie and Yukiko in swimsuits. Kanji has another moment in the beginning of that scene. As he's still too young to qualify for a motorcycle license like the rest of the gang, he's forced to keep up with a humble bicycle.

While towing Teddie on roller skates. They still somehow manage to make it first! As a consequence, Kanji's Cavalry Attack in Golden is hilarious, as he has to ride in on a normal bicycle. And instead of ramming the enemy, he stops short for a few moments, then simply bludgeons them with the bike itself.

Yosuke's Cavalry Attack is also hilarious, for obvious reasons. Rise's first encounter with Marie. It begins with her sizing up Marie and then demanding to know who she is. Marie then says that Margaret previously told her about Rise, describing her as a girl she can't handle.

As a bonus, moments later after the entire Investigation Team gathers, Kanji mispronounces the word "subtle" as "sub-buttle", which leads to a joke about his butt, and Rise gets squicked out while Yukiko gets into another one of her laughing fits, then everyone else, including Marie, joins in laughing.

And their heated "rivalry" continues during the ski trip after you defeat Marie's evil side and she finally wakes up and kicks Teddie off of her.

dating chie and yukiko swimsuit

The first thing she does one things have cooled down is hug Yu, much to Rise's irritation: You think that's long enough for a moving hug? Shouldn't you let go now?

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I'm tired of moving! Enough with getting up! Good thing there's someone even I can hug! In fact, Marie's above line is a parody of Rise's commercial from the beginning. No wonder Rise is pissed. It's an awesome day when a girl gives chocolate to someone she holds dear. Oh, and I already reserved Senpai. And most of all, Marie gets the last laugh when you make it to the extended epilogue and you romanced her during the game: On Rise's first day at school, she's pondering whether she should pull the fire alarm or not before hastily telling herself she mustn't because she's an idol.

Even funnier, you can find her there on every school day when she's available for a social link. Right until one of them recognized him as one of Kanji's "crew" and they fled in fear.

Yosuke questions just what Kanji did to them. On Jan 20, the day Nanako and Ryotaro finally get home from the hospital has a scene where Teddie goes through a cliche "Welcome Home" speech followed by asking for a kiss. You have the option to "Give him all you got. Right after that he asks you what a "glomp" is. You have the option to tell him or show him.

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If you choose to show him, Dojima walks in and asks "What the hell are you two doing? Just the Valentines day. Specifically, Marie's and Nanako's part where Marie's chocolate is alive and Nanako's is just plain horrible to eat.

Worse, you don't get to say no against Nanako leaving you passed out. Could also be seen as a Take That! To add to Nanako's, after eating the chocolate and passing out, it appears you are inflicted with the Fear status.

It wasn't just bad; it terrified you. So, to sum up, Nanako baked something that, when experienced, was so inexplicably horrifying that you passed out. Nanako created an Eldritch Abomination! Hanging out with the guys in Junes is cool provided you don't have any girlfriends, You Bastard!

Yosuke thinks he's going to score with a girl, only to be asked about a nearby trash can and Teddie calling Kanji as Yosuke's brother. Family that's lonely together is bro-nly together.

dating chie and yukiko swimsuit

Yosuke laments that he didn't even get to eat chocolates: I know I don't have anything waiting for me But I can't give up my hope. It's my only weapon against the Valentine's Monster. I know you got chocolate from Chie-chan and some other girls!

And you ate it all anyway! It was soooo good! That was bargain-price chocolate from Junes!

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I put the sale stickers on them myself! The concert at Junes in Golden. Specifically Teddie crowd-surfing and being tossed in the air by the crowd and the three boys trying to imitate Teddie, fail at it because the crowd dodges with Kanji face planting standing up.

dating chie and yukiko swimsuit

Most of the scenes leading up to the concert are pretty funny too, but a particular favorite has to be Yukiko's Non Sequitur moment. After a half a day's worth of practice without any progress, everyone's just about ready to give up, until a few encouraging words from Rise helps them shake off the discouragement. This thing's not broken after all!! Take her to the movies and watch one that doesn't have an overt affect on her.

She'll tell you how every time she thought something was hilarious and was laughing, everyone else was dead quiet. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention I don't need to be in this place to die anymore so, it's going to disappear. Is this like in the movies where once the bad guy's defeated, his evil fortress self-destructs!? We're all gonna die! The first moment outside with Marie, as you take her for Steak Skewers.

The moments that feature "Steaaaaaaaaak" and when Marie says that they might as well be called "Fsteak" are clear references to Hiimdaisy 's Chie. Funnier still, given that it's a direct translation of the original Japanese, that shout-out is a complete coincidence. Or the Japanese cast read the Hiimdaisy script. Which is even funnier! At the group's Fireworks viewing, the team arrives at the mountain park minus Teddie, leading to Rise asking where he is.

Yosuke then tells her that while hitting on every girl in sight Teddie accidentally made a move on Hanakowho dragged him away despite him attempting to wear his bear suit and act like a bear to evade her. Not only that, Yosuke hopes he could send two or three more Hanakos at Teddie. Teddie found Yosuke's " private reading material " and brought it to the Hanamura family breakfast asking what it was.

When Rise questions if he really wants to have this conversation with girls around, Yukiko assumes it's just his secret savings. He did not physically attack them. He did not threaten to hurt or kill them. And being gay, in and of itself, was totally enough to send Yosuke and Protag into a primordial rage. But even if we could stop there, I might have been okay with the episode. Back in high school, I was one of those guys myself! Shadow Kanji was gay, and open about being gay, and willing to flirt openly and present his sexuality in a forthcoming manner around others, and that alone merited wanton violence against him.

The Protag is the chosen one, a symbol of tolerance, progression, heroism, the greatest hope the town of Inaba has, beloved by every woman, respected by man, and he totally wants you to know you better not flirt with him if you have a penis or he will fuck your shit.

Well, Episode Eight puts rest to any thought of that notion! Hell, in the very same episode, Yosuke brazenly advocates that Chie and Yukiko sleep in an integrated manner with he and Protag — he is advocating a sexually predatory outcome in a tent in the exact same manner that he and Protag accused Kanji of doing! Yosuke forcing Yukiko and Chie to wear swimsuits despite their discomfort at the notion is funny and typical guy hijinks, and Yosuke can be excused of that!

So the message here is plain: Girls just have to tolerate this from heterosexual guys! Not even because Kanji is gay and because Kanji, like Yosuke to the girls, has expressed a serious sexual interest in the Protag or Yosuke.