Caroline and alaric dating games

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caroline and alaric dating games

In one of the flash forwards to the future we noticed that Caroline was In no world that we know of would Caroline and Alaric actually start dating — their But we're hoping that these are not the end game pairs for The. Vampire Diaries Photos: Is Caroline Saying Goodbye to Alaric? By Andy Swift Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Backtracks on End Date Comment. The show didn't pretend Caroline/Alaric were a great couple. . Sure, Stefan and Damon are almost bicentennial in age but they date teens.

As so often happens, though, problems got in the way of true love.

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They did get together eventually, but then Valerie came along and Stefan wound up running from Rayna with her. In the end, Stefan returned to Caroline. Of the three besties Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline, Bonnie had the least love-life activity over the run of the show. She spent far more of her time working to master magic, fighting off danger or using magic to save everyone else, frequently at the risk of her own life.

Their second relationship ended when Bonnie perished, though of course she came back later. Eventually they just parted as Jeremy, having discovered he was a hunter, wanted to be off slaying vampires more than he wanted to make out. Perhaps their lackluster relationship is for the best.

He survived eight seasons of Vampire Diaries staying flesh-and-blood the entire time. Mortal characters drop like flies in Mystic Falls, but he survived. In between there was some romance, but it was sparse. At the end of season 4, Rebekah convinces Matt to join her on a summer in Europe, getting hedonistic and forgetting about duty or vampire hunting. He jumps at the chance. And he might just survive that long. Silas and Amara, the ancient root of much of what bloomed in Mystic Falls, just made everything more complicated.

As viewers and most of the characters learned in season 4, Silas had been a powerful witch two millennia earlier. He tricked Qetsiyah into brewing a potion he used to render himself and Amara immortal, so that their love could last forever.

Alaric and Caroline

Because immortality imbalanced the forces of nature, the potion caused the later birth of mortal doppelgangers such as Stefan and Elena. The doubles' mortal lives expiring, generation after generation, kept things into balance. Another side effect was the creation of the Other Side, the limbo in which holds the souls of witches after they perish. Qetsiyah hoped to trap Silas there with her, away from Amara; if centuries of witches were trapped too, so be it.

Josette Laughlin racked up a pretty good human life before we first met her. Too bad her career path led her to the hospital in Mystic Falls. She and Alaric started striking sparks off each other as soon as they met. Jo was also a valuable ally as she knew about magic and vampires. They soon got horizontal and turned out to be a great couple.

Before long, Alaric put a bun in her oven — actually twin buns, following the coven tradition. Jo and Alaric were young, happy, in love and had everything to live for — so of course, the romance was doomed. After Jo left the coven, the Gemini eventually locked Kai up in a prison dimension.

Bonnie and Damon, unfortunately, got trapped their two and Kai used them to help escape. Stefan was the good guy, Damon his dark and dangerous mirror with bad boy attitude over a vicious inner core. Still bitter that Katherine had chosen Stefan, his sole goal in life was to make his brother miserable.

As he settled into Mystic Falls, the decency kept resurfacing. Elena and he became frenemies, then friends, partly because she was willing to call the petulant vampire on his crap. It was a very typical high school couple, but definitely wasn't built to last. Question 5 Who does Caroline first date in the series?


She's fiesty, a born leader, sometimes puts her foot in her mouth, but overall, is ambitious, kind, and a loyal friend. Honestly, she's a handful, but a real catch! That's probably why so many boys fall in love with her - although so many of her relationships take a turn for the worst, are really difficult, or just end horribly.

Poor Caroline, she deserved better! Question 6 Which Salvatore boyfriend did Katherine typically compel? Damon Stefan Clearly, in the Vampire Diaries, history really does repeat itself.

caroline and alaric dating games

The Salvatore brothers' journey as vampires all started when they met Katherine aka Katerina Petrova and fell in love with her. She also is the one who turned them into vampires Though both boys were in love with Katherine, one of them was less willing to bend to her demanding wishes, so she regularly compelled him.

The other was so consumed with love that he did anything she asked willingly. Question 7 Which lover did Katherine claim she truly loved? Damon Elijah Stefan Katherine was an evil character, but she still had feelings. At least, she claimed to have them. She played with Damon and Stefan Salvatore for years, changed their lives beyond repair by turning them into vampires, and broke both of their hearts. Always selfish, always looking out for her own survival and well being above all, but still capable of love.

At least, we think so.

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Katherine has had quite a few lovers, but there's only one that she claims to have really loved. Question 8 Who do Jeremy and Tyler fight over?

Vicki Bonnie Anna We love us some drama, and you know that the Vampire Diaries always delivers on drama. Elena isn't the only girl that two guys are after, because Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy, Elena's younger brother, are into the same girl during season one. Tyler notoriously treats her like trash, while Jeremy claims to really care about her and have her best interests at heart. Guess things get pretty weird and intense when you live in a small town like Mystic Falls!

Question 9 Which of Jeremy's girlfriends was a vampire when they met? Vicki Bonnie Anna Jeremy has had his fair share of girlfriends in the show, but his love stories never end very well. He keeps getting hurt time after time and getting into relationships that are doomed from the start.

Poor kid got swept up in a bunch of vampire drama that really had nothing to do with him - and because of it, he ended up dating a few super natural girls literally. No matter how much Elena tried to protect him, Jeremy still ended up with a vampire.

Question 10 Who kept on being haunted by an ex-girlfriend's ghost while he dated someone else? Matt Stefan Jeremy You know you're watching the Vampire Diaries when a boy starts to be haunted by the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, there are other vampires lurking around town with a nasty revenge plan and a thirst to kill. It's like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, but with a supernatural, bloody twist.

It's not safe for anyone in Mystic Falls - not even the unsuspecting or innocent humans. And boy, did this awkward situation put a strain on this guy's love life! Question 11 Where did Damon and Elena meet?

In the middle of the street At school At the Salvatore house At her house Damon and Elena have a tumultuous relationship to say the very least. Full of ups and downs, a little bit of disloyalty Damon did go after his brother's girl, after allbut epic nonetheless.

caroline and alaric dating games

They were challenged time after time by their friends, who thought the match was bad news, by external forces trying to tear them apart, or even by their turned off humanity switches and magical spells. Whether you're team Damon or Stefan, it does seem like they were meant to be. Question 12 Which boyfriend did vampire Caroline accidentally bite? Tyler Matt Alaric Oof, talk about a steamy make out sesh.

Imagine you're just minding your own business with your significant other in the woods, and they decide to bite a chunk out of your carotid artery. Sounds like a bit of a red flag, or even a deal breaker, but somehow this relationship persisted.

caroline and alaric dating games

Poor Caroline couldn't control her baby vampire urges, being totally new to the overwhelming desire to eat her own friends. Though this couple was cute, it was also a bit of a stressful mess. Question 13 Which boys did Caroline have overlapping relationships with? No, those who happens to be a real-name policy. Hp in the american actress who is caroline in real life, especially.

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caroline and alaric dating games

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