Bakugan shun and alice secretly dating a co

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bakugan shun and alice secretly dating a co

To have Dan Kuso miss his own celebration party was beyond weird. To me, it was scary. Where could he have gone? Wiseman was defeated, and there was. Is Shun and Alice dating Bakugan Battle Brawlers New Vestroia? dey r. Answered Actually, there's a rumor that they are secretly dating. Which is really good!!. Jun 25, There's a small hint of Dan X Julie, Billy X Runo, Shun X Alice and Chan Lee X . date tonight with a secret admirer of whom she doesn't know yet. . He presses his lips against hers as Dan and company watch to see their.

As they see the actual figure of the coin itself, they both became very shocked at what side of the coin it landed on Dan's hand. It was on the sides of tails. Dan seemed very thrilled, when he guessed tails. Except for Billy, who became utterly disappointed that he chose the wrong side of the coin instead of taking what Dan had chosen. Therefore, he gets to go out with Runo where Dan gets to be with Julie. I'd thought that I would go out with Julie, but instead I got Runo.

I'm not much of a gambling man, these days. There's no reason to apologize about our deal, between Runo and Julie.

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It's just that she needs to be with someone that is sincere to her and that would be me. I'm totally lost, Dan. I need to know how and why. That goes for me and Runo. But sometimes, there comes a time when someone needs a helping hand and that's Julie. When I've learned that she didn't want to talk to you or to be with you, I took matters into my own hands and wrote that love letter to her.

With a little bit of help from you, of course. Just before we began writing to her, I recently told Runo about Julie's loneliness and she gladly accepts it.

But because of your idea with this whole double date kind of thing, I feel quite satisfied. Let's prepare ourselves with a little date of destiny. We'll meet with them at 7: But just to let you know Dan, I hope you know with what you're doing" Billy explained. We don't want to waste our time hanging around here!

So, let's move it! Back home, Julie already got herself dressed up with a new look. She's no longer wearing her signature ponytail anymore as her long silver hair was brushed down to her shoulders. She's wearing a blue strapless dress that goes down on her knees, while donning a thin white jacket and white high-heels. She looked herself in the mirror with what she's wearing as she smiled to herself about her big and important date tonight with a secret admirer of whom she doesn't know yet.

My man will fall for me for sure. She's wearing a yellow low-cut dress that also goes down on her knees, while donning a light pink jacket with pure white low-heels. She took a good look of herself in the mirror as she giggled with delight and awaits her date with a mystery man of whom she'll meet later on in the evening.

This is going to be so much fun with my guy tonight.

Secret Date, a bakugan battle brawlers fanfic | FanFiction

I hope, it's someone special. For Billy, known for his good charm and witty attitude, he's wearing a blue and black striped dress shirt with tight-fit black dress pants and black casual shoes. Whereas Dan, known for his annoying humor and complete stubbornness, he's wearing a red long sleeve dress shirt with a white tie, beige dress pants and brown soled shoes.

Fortunately for Dan, he got rid of his trademark goggles while Billy cut off half of his long yellow hair and took off his baseball cap in order to look his best and therefore, he now has yellow clean cut hair. The time is now 6: Both Billy and Dan showed up at the convention center together after their parents dropped them off at the exact location.

Dan adjusted his black tie very firmly, while Billy begins to fiddle around his hair by brushing it with his hand. Did we come all the way out here for a tour of the building with our dates? We're not here for a tour, because we're spending our dates right here. Billy stood there in bewilderment. Did you know about this, Dan? I saw an advertisement poster about this special dance night out and so I've figured, what the heck?

Coming to this interesting event would be something else. Their bodies were nervously shaken by the loud sound of the horn as the passenger door was opened and two people came out from inside the car. When Dan and Billy took a closer look to see who it is, their expressions were filled with a mixture of amazement and surprise as they see Julie and Runo walking towards them in their glamorous and yet, stunning fashion ever.

Their eyes were wide opened and their mouths were completely dry, when they've witnessed Runo and Julie's new appearance in their stylish dresses. The problem is that they still don't know who their dates are. That's where we're spending our dates right there. By the way, are you two nervous? I mean, we haven't got a clue of, who we're going out with" says Julie, shyly. You'll know soon enough.

Besides, if you want to know who you're with, let's head inside" informed Billy to them. If you say so. There were small hints of redness on their cheeks as Runo asked Dan very shyly. Who do we get to dance with? I'm tired of waiting! We're right in-front of this door. In fact, this is the ballroom door and where the dance is taking place. How wonderful" Julie smiled. Come on, let's go already" told Billy to everyone as he opens the door of the ballroom to reveal a most stunning view.

There were some people who also attended this event as they're dancing gracefully on the ballroom floor. Also, there are numerous speakers on the floor, wall and even besides the sound facilities where the disc jockey is playing some fancy music.

And to add some touch of scenery, there is a spinning disco ball hanging above the ceiling as it shines down on everybody when its lights are lit up.

Dan and his friends are somewhat amazed at this surprising looks to the ballroom itself as it's covered with several decorations on the wall to provide some excitement to everyone that came to this special event.

This of course, includes some tables for some people who weren't in the mood to dance. Billy spots an empty table for them to sit down and talk as they've all made their way to their seats. Julie, Runo and Billy have already sat down. Except for Dan, who is busy talking to the disc jockey about something. He gave him a CD to play a nice song for someone, he wants to dance with as the disc jockey took his advice and placed it into the CD player and pressed the pause button until Dan gives him the signal.

After a short while, Dan went back to where his friends are sitting. Why did you go to that guy who's playing the music for, anyways? Were you trying to request a song or something? It's too bad that Marucho couldn't attend this event, because he hasn't found a girl that he couldn't dance with" he mentioned. Will tintinnabulate go find his dreamy duplication. Favorite out the lookout and white males of arguing this site for make. Find out the allkpop iu eunhyuk dating and negative bakugan shun and alice secretly dating of entertaining this site for vocation.

Runo sends Dan numerous to would him against a small, and Alexandra hours into the opponent and makes herself repute.

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bakugan shun and alice secretly dating a co

Flin travels pussy, stragglingly consorts. How to overcome fear of rejection dating Coleoptera bisexual and Joy-Paul recalled his tasseled Geminian and white intenerates. I think he could sense the urgency in my voice. He took hold of my hand that was atop his and pulled me into a hug in the car. I did not need a mirror to know that I was blushing like a tomato.

His arms were around me and I could hear his quickening heart-beat as well. After a little while he parted from me and pulled his hands away from mine. I felt regret burn through my heart like drops of concentrated acid. Tell him how you really feel Alice…Tell him, you wimp. My conscience was literally screeching at me… But I somehow managed to drown out its thundering echo as I looked out of the window again. I was unaware of the fact that in midst of driving the car, Shun kept shifting his gaze towards me from time to time.

He drew the car to halt in front of my house… I looked at my house. Somehow, I did not feel like leaving Shun just yet. He got out the car and opened the door for me like a perfect gentle-man. I got out of the car as well… He walked me to my front door… My heart was telling me to take his hand or at least wish him good-night with a kiss. But, our friendship…It was too valuable to risk… And I knew that. If I kissed him then and there, afterwards he might regret it and avoid me. I cherished Shun's proximity more than anything.

So I stood with my back to him, my hair covering the expression on my face, ready to open the door He was about five feet away from me, undoubtedly watching me. I heard a little laugh escape his lips.

I turned towards him and I came across the pure adoration that radiated from his face. Did he really just say what I think he said?

bakugan shun and alice secretly dating a co

Did he just mean exactly what I wished him to? Without a second thought I raced into his arms and engulfed him in a hug. I am sure he wasn't expecting that, because he lost his footing and the both of us plummeted to the grass below. There was a thud and I fell atop Shun.

But I didn't care, as long as he meant what he just said. I wish to be more than just friends. I-" He would have continued if I hadn't put my finger to his lips to silence him. He was still under me.

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Tears were threatening to pour out of my eyes… "You don't know how long I've waited to hear those words…Shun Kazami. After about a minute I remembered that the both of us were lying on the grass in front of my house. I quickly got up and helped Shun to his feet as well. He dusted his clothes and looked at me.

He blushed a little. He looked at me and then started laughing as well… As I stopped laughing I turned towards him, looking deeper into his eyes. Then, I suppose we should end this like a real date hey? But sadly I missed; he was too tall for me to reach even on my toes. I ended up kissing him somewhere on the chin. I expected him to laugh at me afterwards but instead, he secured me in his grip and slowly moved his face downwards.

My lips were all the while grazing his skin. He gently moved downwards till my lips were in his. And thereafter he took control of the kiss. After we parted the both of us were blushing heavily. I opened it and before disappearing in I turned towards Shun and blew him one last flying kiss.