Are zendaya and adam irigoyen dating

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are zendaya and adam irigoyen dating

Adam Irigoyen (born August 5, ) is an American actor, singer, rapper and dancer from in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up as Martin "Deuce" Martinez, long-time friend to CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue (Bella Thorne and Zendaya). Zendaya Coleman was born on September 1, , in California and she is now The star also dated Adam Irigoyen from to and she is rumored to. Zendaya Coleman and Adam Irigoyen photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

The couple worked together in a common project titled as Shake it up in the year It was said they had their affairs after completing this project. They were in relationship fromthe year up to But they got separated in the year due to unknown reasons.

Ideal Type She feels that her ideal man should have some interest in the field of entertainment. He should be able to guide her in every steps of her career.

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The man who loves to have great fun and care her to the core without any expectations. Her ideal man should be well matured to handle situations in a wise manner. Opinions on Marriage At present she has no idea about her marriage.

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She has not revealed anything related to her marriage. As of now she is looking for challenging roles to establish her talents to the fullest.

She feels that it is not the right time to think about her personal life. She has a lot of dreams about her career. So, now she has no big plans about her marriage and personal commitments in life.

are zendaya and adam irigoyen dating

She feels that marriage might become an obstacle in her career growth. Ideal Dating Situation She loves to date in a private places rather than public places. Always she feels to maintain a privacy in her personal life.

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She does not want the media to interrupt in her personal life. So she feels more comfortable to date in private places like sea shores, islands, car drives and so on.

At the time of dating she likes to have an endless conversation about what they like and dislike to know more about one another. Few of her fans were jealous about her boy friends but still they request her to concentrate in the career despite of various obstacles.

They wish her to achieve great success in this field by carrying out consistent hard work throughout the life time without any compromises.

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They wanted her to balance the profession and personal life in an optimum way for better living. The actress is also among the high rankers in the social media world, having over She also has a relatively high number of followers on other social media platforms.

are zendaya and adam irigoyen dating

Not many other celebrities can boast of these numbers. Over the years, Zendaya has been applauded by her ability to skilfully shut down hateful comments. Zendaya Coleman was born on the 1st of September to Claire and Samuel David Coleman, although her father later changed his name to Kazembe Ajuma just to identify with his African roots.

She is an only child to her parents. However, her father has five other children from his earlier marriage. She was raised in Emeryville, where her father grew up. Zendaya was only nineteen at the time of the announcement.

However, her parents were still in contact with each other as friends and as parents to the young star. Who Has She Dated? Zendaya is one celebrity who has succeeded in keeping her personal relationships private, however — considering her fame, it is understandable that the media still manages to find out tidbits about her relationships. With her many years in the industry, Zendaya has managed to keep her love life relatively simple and has been in one confirmed relationship that the public knows about.

Of course, there have also been rumours about other relationships. Get all the facts below.

are zendaya and adam irigoyen dating

Adam Irigoyen Adam and Zendaya: The two were together for several months before calling it quits on their relationship. Leo Howard Leo Howard: