Are phelous and obscurus lupa dating

Obscurus Lupa Phelous Dating, Information

are phelous and obscurus lupa dating

Answer: As far as Mosu knows, they're still dating. Woo! Is that something Phelous made/had commissioned himself, or are there people who sell those? a very bad day. allison pregler obscurus lupa thank you submission. Whenever I see Allison/Lupa mentioned here she usually get shit on, like in the Michaud thread, so I'm wondering what the general opinion. Movie Nights · Obscurus Lupa Presents · Baywatching · Manic Episodes Maggie can't decide between an internship with a dating app or EvilCo, Mel joins a.

Even if he does sweep Pumpkinweenie off of the table with his hands upon returning.

are phelous and obscurus lupa dating

In his review of TMNT: Coming Out of Their Shells, we have Phelous have a small meltdown moment when Splinter comes on stage to sing an out of left field song about Skipping Stones. Notice how Phelous does go on about this sudden break in pacing, but he allows more time to rant about how disrespectful the song is to Splinter's strong character and how the song makes him seem like the "lamest thing in the universe".

He then goes on to say, "That wasn't the image I had of him, I liked him as a kid!

are phelous and obscurus lupa dating

Doubly heartwarming if you notice that Phelan is mostly going through or setting up prop toys, and Splinter is the only character figure. Make that triple if you make the connection that the official Splinter action figure that he uses to compare with knock-offs in Bootleg Zones is probably the one from the home movie.

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We see the entirety of the home video in the unofficial Miraculous Merchanise Zone episode where he takes a look at the figures of the Turtles. We see that he was initially rendered speechless at the sight of all the figures he got and thanks his mother happily for the gift. Probably the most heartwarming moment in the LP is when they kissed in Part 5. They even kissed again in Part 8.

are phelous and obscurus lupa dating

After Allison was unjustly fired by Mike Michaud, Phelan resigned from the site in protest. Though Rob understood, Mike didn't and took down all his videos from the site. If he ever does really stop making movie reviews, then this is the perfect model for him to re-visit.

are phelous and obscurus lupa dating

Him letting Michael Myers stay for his Wrong Turn 2: Jill's Nancy Drew-style mystery plot is roundly mocked, especially when she takes her sugar daddy at his word when he says he hasn't murdered anyone, honest. In addition to Charmed frequently having Disney Death moments, she takes umbrage with the later seasons having anyone who isn't Shannen Dohertybeing easily able to come back as a ghost or a Whitelighter, rendering death itself practically meaningless within the show.

Duped Oancitizen into reviewing Hamlet the Vampire Slayer. I am nothing if not sad, creepy, and determined. Department of Redundancy Department: They didn't bury it deep enough.

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She also notes that the vampire-y looking fellow on the cover of Blood Red Moon is nowhere in the film. Movies Trailer Invited Maven of the Eventide on her Vampire Cop review for two seconds She says that the cover of Teen Sorcery, instead of making you think the movie will be better than it is, makes it look terrible in a different way. When acting as Radu from Subspecies in her "Radu Reviews" segments. First she speeds through the usual credits, then blares "Don't Stop Believin'" as the sisters lie bleeding, then finally plays the segue music from Clue before returning to the show.

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She mentions how the man on the cover of Vampire Assassin is not in the movie, nor is the scene depicted on the cover of 13 seconds. Obscurus Lupa rus Even has a catchphrase for it: In Magic Islandshe notes that the "buccaneer" heroes basically have the same goal as the "pirate" villains; the only difference seems to be if they want the treasure to spend or just for the adventure of getting it. Hack 's Reviewaverse Saga, complete with power-enhancing wrist device.