Anas rashid and deepika singh dating

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anas rashid and deepika singh dating

TV actor Deepika Singh's fiancé, director Rohit Goyal, refutes rumours that she's quitting their show. Rohit, who has directed Deepika and co-star Anas Rashid's When we began dating, my intentions were clear. I knew. Anas Rashid feels that marriage is a contract; also confesses that he Read: No dating clause: TV actors sign contracts promising they'll stay. Television's favourite jodi, Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh spill the beans on their evergreen pairing, and shenanigans on the sets.

I took the initiative to break the ice with her. She was very new and hence shivering on the sets; her nervousness was very visible. I went to her and held her hand. The lines made her laugh instantly and then she was cool.

It was a misunderstanding: Deepika Singh on slapping co-star Anas Rashid - Television News

I met him during the audition and thought, gosh! He is so handsome and nice. It was difficult for her given her shy nature. But that happens over time. So she took her own sweet time to warm up to me.

anas rashid and deepika singh dating

Yes, it was awkward for me. I am the type who has never even danced in the presence of her parents even though I am a trained dancer; I was that shy. Romancing on screen was something I had never imagined even in my wildest dream.

Deepika Singh will continue working, says husband

I was very nervous filming all those romantic scenes. So you can easily imagine how tough it was for me to romance on screen. So, what makes your on screen chemistry work?

anas rashid and deepika singh dating

We have immense faith on each other. I guess that makes our chemistry work. Anas and I are an interesting casting and the credit for that goes to the production house. I somehow feel we were destined to play these larger than life characters and we were also destined to have a great chemistry. Who is a better co-star among the two of you?

I think she is a better co-star. She is very amiable and dedicated. She makes working together so easy. I think success is always a team effort.

Anas has a huge role in that. So, the credit goes to both of us for being good and delivering the best. How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene?

It was a misunderstanding: Diya Aur Bati's actress Deepika Singh on slapping co-star Anas Rashid

I think all the time. How else do I calm my nerves! Whenever I feel uncomfortable, I just burst out laughing.

anas rashid and deepika singh dating

I end up laughing because we are not the people we portray on the screen. So we laugh at ourselves, for the way we act. Which one of you takes more re-takes? I never count my retakes. It depends; there are a few scenes that are done in just one take and then there are those that take too many retakes. December 2, 3: In the last episode it was shown that the protagonists Sandhya Deepika Singh and Sooraj Anas Rashid met a fateful death in a bomb blast as they were saving the country from the terrorists.

anas rashid and deepika singh dating

Deepika aka Sandhya became a household name and even an inspiration for all women out there due to the strong plot of the show that basically revolved around feminism. She played an IPS officer in the daily. Recently, we heard that Deepika and Anas are not on talking terms with each other.

anas rashid and deepika singh dating

And that makes us wonder if the audience will ever again get to see the popular jodi from Star Parivar on Indian television hereafter. To give you a background, during an intimate scene, Deepika felt that Anas touched her inappropriately. After a few minutes, Deepika even slapped Anas in front of the whole unit. This piece of news became the talk of the town. We heard that Anas had forgotten his cue and held Deepika from front instead of behind, soon she felt that he had touched her inappropriately.

Deepika raised an alarm but Anas defended himself and said that he did not do anything wrong and abused her.