2 and a half year age gap dating forums

What's the acceptable age difference in a relationship?

2 and a half year age gap dating forums

Don't mind having friends 1/2 years younger but for some reason when it comes . to large age gaps personally but I'm in a relationship with someone who's I know everyone has differing opinions on what the best age gap is but for those with a I have a 7 week old and a 2 and a half year old. a kid when you're ready and the relationships btw the kids will figure themselves out. Dating girl at least a 13 yrs old when two first names or other group event. 15 years older. Ideal age gap of opinions about dating a few years younger than me.

I've always wanted my kids close together, we actually tried for a while before i got pregnant. My older one loves his sister and has actually been better behaved since the baby. It's hard work but not that bad. Honestly, it wasn't all that bad. One of the biggest things for me was getting them to share a nap and once my daughter got on a schedule at approximately 4 months, that happened.

When she was really little, I made sure to make special one-on-one time for my son and that prevented a lot of jealousy. I also didn't let the fact that she was a newborn or baby a December baby at that!

We went to baby story time for my son who loved the interaction and playtime away from home. The beginning was far more stressful for me but that was because I'm awful at making reading any queues and putting them down frequently for naps, creating schedules and usually wait for them to develop. I'm also a doer so not being able to get as much done was hard but no made it work. For us, the benefits far outweighed the hard parts.

Now our plan was to have a third next year and have a 3.

Ideal age gap for a relationship?

They even enjoy the same things so I'm not being pulled in two differing directions. My 3rd is 5months and sometime I worry about their being too much or an age gap for her to have things in common with her sisters. Pregnancy was fine but I have easy pregnancies comparatively and after ds2 was born my oldest did great.

We read a lot of books to prepare him and he was very excited and happy with the baby. No neg feelings or resentment towards baby.

2 and a half year age gap dating forums

Scheduling was hard because my ds2 had colic and hated the car so we unfortunately had to adapt and not go out as much because my ds2 screamed so much but I just gave a lot of attention to ds1 while holding it baby wearing ds2 and he eventually outgrew it. Also when my ds2 was 6mo my ds1 was 3 and started part time preschool so he went to school 2 mornings a week And by that age my ds2 was on a better and set nap schedule.

As for playing together a lot depends on their personalities. My oldest is a bit difficult and would prefer to read alone for an hour vs playing with his brother who is bugging him so even at 2. But when they do play together is a joy to see.

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And they do love each other very much. So much is unknown personalities, complications, etc so just have a kid when you're ready and the relationships btw the kids will figure themselves out.

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I'm 43 definately not a couger and a there is a certain guy I have feelings for and his 26 17 yrs difference. When I first me him I didn't know how old he was until a work collegue told me, but before knowing this I was extremely attracted to him still am.

I've noticed him looking at me alot at work and then a few months ago, a friend of mine told him that I liked him with my permissionand his response to my friend was "Wow, Awesome". The next day he went into my friend and asked her how seriouse was it, and she told him its not a joke. My friend said to him do you want me to get her to ring you and he said yes.

2 and a half year age gap dating forums

So the next day I called him because I just had to get it out of my system. I asked him what he thought about what my friend told him as I didn't have the courage to tell him myself due to how old I am and he told me everything is a bit full on at the moment, that he is in an off and on relationship and still having issues with his ex he has two small children to her and it wasn't a good relationship apparentlyhe said he would have to clear up a few things before he started anything new.

I took that as a brush off So I said to him thats fine, at least its out in the open now. I wished him a good afternoon and told him I would see him around, he thanked me for the call.

2 and a half year age gap dating forums

Two weeks after that call he broke off the relationship with the on and off girlfriend. He only comes in once a week too work and the other day he looked into my office and just gazed at me! I have been picking up a number of signs that he may like me, so with that gaze I thought I would send him a text regarding the look he gave me and if there was something he wanted to say, and he responded saying he was confused about the look I was talking about and he said he hoped it wasn't maliciouse, anyway I replied to him no, it was kinda of a look that you maybe attraced to me dumb response from me anyway he didn't reply to it.